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[movie 2004] Someone Special 아는여자

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Jung Jae Young, Lee Na Young

Someone Special 아는여자

poster1.jpgCast Jung Jae-Young 정재영 + Lee Na-Young 이나영 Im Ha-Ryong 임하룡 Oh Seung-Hyun 오승현 Sun Woo 선우 Jang Young-Nam 장영남 Jung Gyu-Soo 정규수 Ryu Seung-Ryong 류승용 Im Seung-Dae 임승대 Jo Deok-Hyun 조덕현 Park Mi-Sook 박미숙 Kim Hye-Na 김혜나 Choi Il-Hwa 최일화 Ga Eul 가을 Jang Jin 장진 (cameo) Written and Directed by Jang Jin 장진 Cinematography Park Yong-Su 박용수 Editing Kim Sang-Beom 김상범 Kim Jae-Beom 김재범 Art Direction Kim Hyo-Shin 김효신 Shin Young-Jin 신영진 Lighting Park Se-Moon 박세문 Makeup Han Hye-Suk 한혜숙 Props Kim Young-Dae 김영대 Costume Design Lee So-Young 이소영 Music Park Geun-Tae 박근태 Sound Recording Lee Chung-Hwan 이충환 Stills Jeon Hye-Seon 전혜선 Produced by Ji Sang-Young 지상용 Production Company Film It Suda 필름있수다 Distribution Cinema Service 시네마 서비스 Running Time 107 Minutes poster2.jpghttp://www.iknowgirl.co.kr/ Release Date June 25, 2004 South Korea Box Office 838,000 admissions Reviews Koreanfilm.org poster.jpgPosters + Stills KoreaFilm | CINESeOUL | Cine21 | Daum | Naver | MaxMovie | Movist Wallpaper <click to enlarge> iknowgirl1024_4.gif iknowgirl1024_3.gif iknowgirl1024_1.gif iknowgirl1024_2.gif 11.gif 12.gif Trailer [YouTube (English subs)] mms://vod.cine21.com/cine21/multi/trailer/i-j/iknowgirl_500.asf mms://media1.maxmovie.com/movieinfo/image/av/Maxknowgirl_trailer.wmv mms://stream.cineseoul.com/hepk/hepk019185.wmv mms://nhnext.hvod.nefficient.co.kr/nhnext/movie/movieclip/trailers/T0001567_300.wmv [MegaUpload] [MediaFire] Music Video 사랑하잖아요 by Go Hyun-Wook mms://vod.cine21.com/cine21/ostmvideo/i-j/iknowgirl_mv.asf mms://media1.maxmovie.com/movieinfo/image/av/Maxiknowgirl_mv.wmv mms://stream.cineseoul.com/hmusic/hmusic019185.wmv mms://nhnext.hvod.nefficient.co.kr/nhnext/movie/movieclip/musicvideo/M0001664_300.wmv [MegaUpload] [MediaFire] Poster Shoot mms://vod.cine21.com/cine21/multi/trailer/k-l/knowgirl_making.asf mms://media1.maxmovie.com/movieinfo/image/av/Maxknowher_making.wmv [MegaUpload] [MediaFire] mms://media1.maxmovie.com/movieinfo/image/av/Maxknowgirl_poster_making.wmv [MegaUpload] [MediaFire] Making Of mms://stream.cineseoul.com/hmaking/hmaking019185.wmv Interviews + Presscon mms://stream.cineseoul.com/hhc/hhc000038.wmv Film2.0 mms://nhnext.hvod.nefficient.co.kr/nhnext/movie/movieclip/interview/20040611_interview_know_300.wmv [MegaUpload] [MediaFire] Movieweek http://movie.patzzi.com/asf/entertainment/...40615_girl1.wmv http://movie.patzzi.com/asf/entertainment/...40615_girl2.wmv MaxMovie mms://media1.maxmovie.com/av/anunyeoja_no1.wmv mms://media1.maxmovie.com/av/anunyeoja_no2.wmv OST ost.jpg<credit: daramji* @ Drama and Movies OSTs thread> Also via We Love Asian OSTs and Newsasia 01. ah neun yuh ja 아는 여자 - Daylight 데이라이트 <Piano Sheet> 02. mo reu jyo 모르죠 - Jo Young-Soo 조영수 03. sarang ha ja nah yo 사랑하잖아요 - Go Hyun-Wook 고현욱 04. dduh na jwuh 떠나줘 - Lee Kyul 이결 05. san chaek 산책 06. ma ji mak... 마지막... (End) 07. Bar 08. gi uk sok eu ro 기억 속으로 09. pil gi gong joo 필기공주 10. Baseball 11. ee byul 이별 12. yum tam 염탐 (Spy) 13. sun taek 선택 14. hwe sang 회상 15. bbal gan one-piece 빨간 원피스 16. geu ri oom 그리움 17. choo uk 추억 18. oon myung 운명 19. ha na bboon in geu nyuh 하나뿐인 그녀 20. seul peun oon myung 슬픈 운명 21. gil 길 Watch Streaming [YouTube] [Crunchyroll] [MySoju.com] Downloads Direct DL [cHinKy's mOviE sPoiLer] [Idols Unlimited] eMule - Single CD ed2k://|file|Someone.Special.DVDRip.DivX-TEXiO.avi|735397888|2F2FA4BD2AB4C1A58D9A6DFA0544D8C2| or ed2k://|file|Aneunyeoja.2004.DVDRip.XviD.AC3.2CH-JJH.avi|735258624|E8E48A068FA71A54A734A000B7327232| eMule - 2CD ed2k://|file|Someone.Special.CD1-CiMG.avi|734498816|59984CA092ED8C3CF1D2D3B0DFA3C727| ed2k://|file|Someone.Special.CD2-CiMG.avi|734746624|36A4D47C02F3B3A53B11B431C5B24C93| or ed2k://|file|Aneun.Yeoja.2004.DVDRip.XviD.AC3.5.1CH.CD1-WAF.avi|734595072|0CBC5206B550A65BFB48803D15453743| ed2k://|file|Aneun.Yeoja.2004.DVDRip.XviD.AC3.5.1CH.CD2-WAF.avi|734570496|7AF9C56EC1A1D1AEF805101D36CCB5DD| or ed2k://|file|Aneun.yeoja.2004.DVDRip.XviD.AC3.5.1CH.CD1-JUNO.avi|734451712|1A8D9DB5AE3B552E6160038D24600268| ed2k://|file|Aneun.yeoja.2004.DVDRip.XviD.AC3.5.1CH.CD2-JUNO.avi|734404608|8664E944B27A74E90E3FEF0542221FBC| DVD AsianDB (Limited Edition) | AsianDB | AsianDB | YesAsia | YesAsia | YesAsia (VCD) Sensasian | Sensasian | DVDAsian (Thai version) | Seoul Selection | HKFlix | HKFlix (Thai version) | HKFlix (VCD)

maingk7.jpgRelated links: http://www.hancinema.net/korean_movie_Someone_Special.php http://www.koreafilm.co.kr/movie/knowgirl/knowgirl_main.htm http://www.cine21.com/Movies/Mov_Movie/mov...ail.php?id=7954 http://movie.daum.net/moviedetail/moviedet...o?movieId=38774 http://movie.naver.com/movie/bi/mi/basic.nhn?code=37888 http://www.maxmovie.com/movie_info/detail....m_id=M000017938 http://www.cineseoul.com/movies/cinedata.h...DgqSri2CLo4arm8 http://www.movist.com/movies/movie.asp?mid=8547 http://asianmediawiki.com/Someone_Special http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0409696/ Forum Rules

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Smarter and quirkier than the typical Korean romantic comedy... making it one of the best of its genre (and one of my favorite films).

Well-acted, well-written. Perfect casting.

Truly a witty, charming and enjoyable film.


sisa.gif sisa_2.gif sisa_1.gif

The clever JANG Jin, the quirky LEE Na-young, the serious JUNG Jae-young... An uncommon comedy like "none of the above"...

Someone Special has been highly anticipated for no other reason that it is director JANG Jin's long-awaited follow-up to Guns & Talks (2001). And the first person he took in mind to realize this project was the inimitable actress and model LEE Na-young. Not so much for the pretty image she projects in her advertisements, but rather for her honest, forthright and at times quirky image. The unique onscreen situations that JANG Jin can create combined with LEE Na-young's unexpected and outlandish acting have made expectations for this film soar. Could this be the reason that, when conceiving this project, the director thought of her first?

The other partner that JANG Jin has chosen for this film is JUNG Jae-young. Perhaps this is no surprise -- after all, JUNG has starred in the director's previous films like Guns & Talks and No Comment, not to mention a large number of his plays. What is a surprise is that JUNG -- who has become well-known for playing tough, masculine men in No Blood No Tears and Silmido -- should take the lead role in a lighthearted comic love story. But as JANG Jin said, "It's no fun watching an actor who looks like he'd be good at melodrama play melodrama." True to his words, watching an actor like JUNG Jae-young make an unexpected transformation onscreen is far more interesting than seeing pretty boy actors star in romantic films, or easygoing actors star in comedies.

So the meeting of JANG Jin's uniquely clever screenplay, JUNG Jae-young's unexpectedly funny acting, and LEE Na-young's characteristically outlandish behavior in Someone Special has created one of this year's most effective synergies.


"DONG Chi-sung"

[Jung Jae-Young]

<Koreanfilm.org profile>

"Today I discovered three things that other people have, and I don't. I have no first love, no next year, and no bad mannerisms."

A man who is truly struggling with life... After being a star pitcher on his university baseball team, he hurt his shoulder, moved to the outfield, and was demoted to the minor leagues. Always struggling to understand love, he nonetheless is never able to find it. On top of all that, he visits the doctor after experiencing nosebleeds and is told that he has only three months to live. Nonetheless, he is about to come in contact with a woman who has been watching him from afar for 10 years, and who is about to change his life.

JUNG Jae-young: Known for his intense stare and tough image, JUNG Jae-young has impressed moviegoers with his portrayals of ruthless, violent men in such films as Silmido (2003) and No Blood No Tears (2001). With Someone Special, however, he transforms himself remarkably to portray a romantic lead who is both hurt and confused on the outside, while carrying a tender, serious side hidden within. He claims this will be his "first and last role as a romantic lead," but with the attention this role is likely to draw, he may be receiving many more offers in the future... Originally known for his work in the theatre, JUNG has worked with JANG Jin in all of his films to date, continuing one of Korean cinema's most productive actor-director collaborations.


2009 Mr. Kim's Island / Castaway on the Moon

2008 The Divine Weapon

2008 Public Enemy Returns

2007 Going by the Book

2007 My Son (cameo)

2006 Righteous Ties

2006 My Captain, Mr. Underground

2005 Wedding Campaign

2005 Murder, Take One (cameo)

2005 Welcome to Dongmakgol

2004 So Cute

2004 Someone Special

2003 Silmido

2002 No Comment

2002 Sympathy For Mr. Vengeance (cameo)

2002 No Blood No Tears

2001 Guns & Talks

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2000 Die Bad (cameo)

1999 The Spy

1998 The Quiet Family

1997 The Happenings

1997 Green Fish

1996 The Adventures of Mrs. Park


1999 Liar

1998 Magic Time

1995 Heotang


"HAN Yi-yeon"

[LEE Na-young]

<Koreanfilm.org profile>

"You never knew... How long and from how close I could feel your presence."

An unusual, "special" woman who for ten years has been in love with a somewhat ordinary, not very good-looking minor-league baseball player. In order to get close to him, she takes a part-time job as a bartender at a bar that he frequents, but her innocent nature prevents her from ever catching his eye. Her strong inner feelings make her come across as sometimes awkward and sometimes strange, but for someone who can see beneath her quirks, she is a woman that you can't help but love.

LEE Na-young: With her successful transformation into a comic actress in KIM Sung-soo's Please Teach Me English, LEE Na-young has firmly established herself as one of the Korean film industry's most visible up-and-coming stars. She is well known from countless local TV and print advertisements as a pretty, slender model with a fresh appearance. However, in films and TV dramas like Ruler of Your Own World she has successfully transformed her image to suit whatever role she is given, performing with effort and gusto. In Someone Special, LEE's unadorned style and warm, honest image suits her role to the extent that you would think it was written just for her.


2008 Dream

2006 Maundy Thursday

2004 Someone Special

2003 Please Teach Me English

2002 Who R U?

2001 Dream of a Warrior

[TV Dramas]

2004 Ireland

2002 Ruler of Your Own World

2001 Did We Really Love?

1999 Queen

Someone Special


No first love, and no next year...


Despite having dated a number of women, professional baseball player DONG Chi-sung has never had a first love. "I always think it's love, but sooner or later I find out it's not..." Sure enough, his latest girlfriend dumps him, and then on the same day, he goes to the doctor and finds out he has a malignant tumor, with only three months to live. It's September now, so he won't even live to see the new year. With his mind in a tailspin, he goes to a friend's bar to drink away his pain.

Not a heavy drinker by habit, Chi-sung passes out, and wakes up to find himself in a hotel room with the bartender, a rather quirky woman he's mostly ignored until now. "How did I get here?" he asks her in confusion, and she tells him she folded him up and carried him in a box. Then she starts telling him about how he acts when he's drunk, before leaving him alone in the hotel room. What a strange woman...


The next day he goes to baseball practice, completely unable to concentrate. Formerly a successful pitcher in university, he was moved to the outfield after a shoulder injury, and then demoted to the minor leagues. On his way home, he hears an oddly familiar story being told on a radio program devoted to "confessional love stories." Someone calling herself "Writing Princess" is talking about carrying a man in a box to a hotel room, and talking to him there. What kind of woman is this, anyway?

He never even knew I existed...


HAN Yi-yeon works part time in a bar and at a coffee shop, and listens to radio programs as a hobby. Ten years earlier, a young student in a baseball uniform moved into her neighborhood, and from that day on she has slowly fallen in love with him from afar. But she had never found the opportunity to talk to him, until the night when he came alone into the bar where she works. She is shocked to see him start crying, and then after just three drinks he passes out.


Without much choice she takes him to a nearby hotel and looks after him there. Seeing him sleep so peacefully, she just wants to stay together with him for as long as she can. But when he wakes up, all the words she wants to say get stuck in her throat, and all she can do is tell him that he's a well-behaved drunk. Frustrated and embarrassed, she leaves him there and goes back home. She decides to send a postcard -- or five -- to her favorite radio programs...

Bridging the 39 steps from his house to mine...


Although Chi-sung angrily confronts Yi-yeon about the "radio incident," it provides her with an opportunity. One radio station sends her a free mobile phone as a gift... Chi-sung has recently lost his, so she stops by his home to give it to him. Another radio station sends her free movie tickets, so she takes him along. While at the theater, Chi-sung runs into his old girlfriend and describes Yi-yeon as "just a woman I know."


Is that all?! Is there any way that she can become "someone special" to him?


CREDIT: text from DVDAsian | pics from Koreafilm.co.kr

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this is a sad and yet very funny film...

i love watchin' it because there was always something

that caught my attention....

but i thought that they both were very good in this film with the characters that they play...

what i really love was the movie that they went to watch that was funny.....^^

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Stranger and quirkier than the typical romantic comedy...which in my book, is a definite plus. Turns some overused melodramatic excesses on their collective ear, with hilarious results. Perfect casting

haha thanks melusine for this thread ..i love this movie !!~~~ one of the best romance comedy around .so quirky ..that it got me in stitches .~~ and so sweet toooo .~~ and sad at times .. i still remember how when i first saw it .last year ...i immediately fall in love with this script and cast ...and ..rewatch it immediately for the second time round .~~

this is probably one of the nicest films to watch...

has anyone else watched this?

perhaps we can talk!

..sure let talk about this movie ..i simply love that movie within movie plot ..it was reallllly sooooooooooo funnie .....making fun of the typical melodrama .hahahah ..the telephone pole or was it electricity pole ..the current flowing ........between them .~~ .....

when ...Chi-sung went to the marathon and got a prize hahahahha .i laugh so hard what he give .Yi-yeon~~but when she talk about how ...many steps from her house to his ......my eyes goes red ..~ .it was just so sweet ~

ah this man was looking around for what is love .even look up in the dictionary for what is the definition ~~ ..^^ ..

one of the best casting for romance ...hahah.~~ ..both leads did fit so well into their roles ...

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Always wanted to buy this movie. The only thing stopping me is that it has only Chinese subtitles.

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just download it on clubbox. naynay123 has it. and then download the subtitle. its free and easier :D

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Great thread melusine! ;) You sure put effort into the threads you make! :)

Someone Special is a quirky movie indeed! :) That part in the beginning of the movie where Chi Sung gets dumped by his girlfriend, and he yells, and curses at her, and pulls at grasses, and throws a pile of dried leaves at her... that was so funny! :lol:

Also when Yi Yeon "folds Chi Sung and puts him in a box". Lol! :D

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^ That scene was hilarious. :lol:

If you like witty, smart humor, endearing and quirky characters you should give this movie a try. Being well-written and well-acted, the movie is an absolute pleasure to watch. So if you happen upon this little gem, pick it up!

Btw, does anyone know the name of the song that plays during the end credits? I can't seem to find it on the soundtrack.

Anyway, thanks for starting the thread, melusine.

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That part in the beginning of the movie where Chi Sung gets dumped by his girlfriend, and he yells, and curses at her, and pulls at grasses, and throws a pile of dried leaves at her... that was so funny!

Whenever I remember that scene, I chuckle to myself. I swear it gets me every. single. time. Sometimes it randomly pops into my head while I'm on the bus and the other passengers look at me strangely while I try in vain to disguise my giggles as a cough and not look like a doofus laughing all by herself (which of course I am^^). I'm even smiling while I type this, I can't help it dammit! It's so funny how the scene starts out all idyllic then goes very very wrong. Beware the spurned lover...


-Yelling shibal (f#ck) at her over and over :lol:

-Making like he was gonna kick her then falling down :lol:

-Insulting the corduroy jacket she gave him :lol:

-Saying "You had to ask me out for this, you couldn't break up with me over the phone?!" :lol:

-Pulling up grass and gathering dried leaves then throwing them at her :lol:

-Going offscreen to get a bigger bundle of grass/leaves :lol:


...and behold Jung JaeYoung's brilliant talent for physical comedy --> ROTFLMAO!

And that movie-within-a-movie shirley mentioned, hilariously poking fun at Korean melodrama conventions: a fight scene just to make JJY's character look 'cool', LNY's character suddenly dies for no reason, the real protagonist is the electricity pole...BWAHAHAHA! Love the sarcasm.


Also, I'm rather partial to the film's absurdist comedic touches. Like YiYeon carrying ChiSung in a box...


The crushed soda cans stuck to his shoe soles that made it possible for her to hear his footsteps...


...the meddlesome policeman, the surreal conversation ChiSung has with the dead woman that leads to his epiphany, even the medical reasons (wrong X-ray! utterly incompetent yet unrepentant doctor! NOSE-PICKING! :lol: ) why he's experiencing all this drama in the first place.

I dunno how he does it, but for me Jang Jin-esque humor never grows stale. I mean, the guy took a basic tearjerker plotline and turned it on its head! ^_^

But the movie's not only good for some laughs, it's a bit more layered than that.

There is sadness as a thief repents and is forgiven of his crime, yet does it again because poverty and his love for family supersedes notions of right and wrong.

There is exhiliration when an outfielder throws the ball into the air, no longer caring about a game's arbitrary rules. Because when you're dying, what have you got to lose?


ChiSung has been diagnosed as terminally ill and given 3 months to live: Does he bear all that with equanimity and prepare to accept the inevitable? HELL NO! This of course is played for laughs, but beneath every joke is an undercurrent of rage. How can a man with an unfulfilling career and a disastrous love life face his impending death...when he hasn't really lived? Scarily versatile Jung JaeYoung plays ChiSung as a ticking time bomb--you totally feel his desperation and hopelessness. It's there in his every outburst, it's there when he asks every person he meets the definition of love (even bank robbers!), it's there when he simultaneously reaches out to YiYeon and takes her for granted.

Ahh, my darling Lee NaYoung. She may not have much range but she is perfect for this role (and not only because it was written with her in mind). She so effortlessly makes this weird girl endearing (much like Shim EunHa did in "Art Museum by the Zoo"). She makes our hearts ache that she's loved him from afar for so long, we wince when his cluelessness hurts her.

Many bland/forgettable/mediocre romcoms resort to formulaic contrivances to drive the story, but it's refreshing that this film chose to focus on characterization. At first we don't really know what YiYeon sees in moody, bad-tempered ChiSung (or why ChiSung would notice shy, stalkerish YiYeon) but little by little we start falling in love with the two of them--in both their ordinariness and oddness. Their characters are so well-developed that the way their relationship develops also becomes very believable and organic (again, kudos to Jang Jin). There is a genuine, uncloying sweetness in all their interactions (i.e. the fact that she's memorized how many steps there are between their homes; his explanation in the cinema what he meant by her being 'a woman he knows'). And at the end when ChiSung gets a new lease on life, snapping out of his self-absorption and realizing how much he wants to be with YiYeon, we grin and sigh happily as he fumblingly makes a sincere effort to get to know her. And as they walk towards a future together...their footsteps finally fall into sync.


"Someone Special" blends just the right mix of sentimentality and irony to come up with something very special indeed.

God I love this movie.

Btw, does anyone know the name of the song that plays during the end credits? I can't seem to find it on the soundtrack.

They should've included it in the OST, it's such a cute a song. Here ya go:

'Annyong' by Jang YoonJu http://daumbgm.nefficient.co.kr/mgbdamu/A0...33400016404.wma

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Movieweek article


Film2.0 article

Major Korean film magazine Movieweek polled to find out who Koreans regard as the ten greatest screen personas. [KOFIC]



10. Dong Chi-Sung 3%

<Someone Special> Jung Jae-Young



6. Han Yi-Yeon 6.5%

<Someone Special> Lee Na-Young

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QUOTE (yoonah @ Apr 16 2006, 02:30 PM)

QUOTE (midnight sun @ Sep 10 2006, 11:15 PM) Btw, does anyone know the name of the song that plays during the end credits? I can't seem to find it on the soundtrack.

They should've included it in the OST, it's such a cute a song. Here ya go:

'Annyong' by Jang YoonJu http://daumbgm.nefficient.co.kr/mgbdamu/A0...33400016404.wma

I'm sorry for asking you this, but might you have another link?

It's broken and I'm dying to have the song.

I've been googling my richard simmons off for "Jang YoonJu - Annyong" with no luck...

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