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❤Park Shin Hye 박신혜 ❤ Upcoming Movie The Call start shooting on 2019 .

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K-Drama Couch: Brilliant Writing Keeps Us Hook With “A Promise To The Gods” & “Memories Of The Alhambra”




Nearing the last strides of the stories, the first batch of 2019 Korean Dramas has set an engaging tone to start the year right.

Continuously dominating numbers and online presences, the current roster of 2019 Korean Dramas has been parading a variety of stories with progressive plot and thrilling twists. Hence, it has provided a balanced following that can cover preferences of the fan bases.

The thrilling pursuits in Memories of the Alhambra, God’s Quiz Reboot and Children of Nobody have given us mini cardiac arrests on their impressive cliff-hangers.


Here’s our K-Drama weekly roundup from airing dramas covering December 31, 2018 to January 6, 2019.


Memories Of The Alhambra (Sat-Sun/tvN)

Memories of the Alhambra

(Screencapture from tvN)

Each episode of Memories of the Alhambra since premiere week is a thrilling ride. After receiving sporadic blows owing to the crazy world he lives in, Jin Woo (Hyun Bin) finally decides to stop his selfless sacrifice, ultimately giving the villain a dose of his dangerous fictional reality. Together with Hee Joo (Park Shin Hye), the two embark to accomplish an impossible goal in the riveting last two weeks of finding Se Joo.


Memories of the Alhambra Recaps: Ep11 & Ep12



(skipped unrelated.....) 



source : HelloKpop

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Appreciation posts for our Shinhye and her only Oppa, the very talented guitar man Park Shinwon :) I'm not sure if I've seen it before but these 2 shots are fresh to me. Last time i heard about him, he's studying in Europe. I hope he's doing great. No mention of him during Hawaii trip so I guess, he's busy in school. :blink: It would be fantastic if we could see a latest picture of Park siblings. ;);) 





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Costos de producción estimados para el segundo semestre de 2018 dramas


tvN Sr. Sunshine: 43b
tvN Memorias de la Alhambra: 20b  
tvN Encuentro: 16b
JTBC Vida: 10.6 mil millones de won
JTBC Mi identificación es Gangnam Beauty: 8b
OCN Voz 2: 8b
tvN 100 Días Mi Príncipe: 8b
JTBC The Beauty Inside: 8b
JTBC Castillo del cielo: 7.5b

cr:  @ OH_mes

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Park Shin Hye y Hyun Bin se unen para llevar a cabo la última misión de "Memorias de la Alhambra"



Park Shin Hye y Hyun Bin se unen para llevar a cabo la última misión de "Memorias de la Alhambra"

13 de enero de 2019
por U. Kim 

En el próximo episodio de "Memorias de la Alhambra" de SBS, Yoo Jin Woo ( Hyun Bin ) y Jung Hee Joo ( Park Shin Hye ) se lanzarán por la ciudad en busca de Jung Se Joo ( Chanyeol de EXO ). 


En el episodio 13, Hee Joo descubrió cómo resolver la misión final después de su encuentro con Emma. Tendrían que encontrar el 'artículo especial del maestro: llave dorada', que fue creado por Se Joo como una réplica exacta de la llave del cielo, y entregársela a Emma.


Las imágenes fijas del nuevo episodio muestran a Hee Joo y Jin Woo buscando desesperadamente a Se Joo. Ahora saben cómo usar la llave de oro, pero Jin Woo, el usuario más fuerte del juego en el nivel 95, no cumple con el nivel mínimo requerido para usarlo, que es el nivel 100. Los próximos episodios revelarán si Jin Woo lo hará con éxito. sobrevive en la peligrosa ciudad y alcanza el nivel 100. Los espectadores también descubrirán lo que sucederá cuando Emma ponga su mano derecha en la llave dorada.




El episodio 14 saldrá al aire el 13 de enero a las 9 pm KST. ¿Cuáles son tus teorías sobre los eventos que se desarrollarán?


Fuente ( 1 )






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Park Shin Hye, Jeon Jong Seo, And More In Character Teasers For Upcoming Thriller Film

Park Shin Hye, Jeon Jong Seo, And More In Character Teasers For Upcoming Thriller Film

Jan 13, 2019
by D. S.kim

Upcoming thriller film “Call” has signaled the start of something new with character teasers!

The film will tell the story about two women living at different times who connect through a mysterious phone call. Park Shin Hye will take the role of Seo Yeon, a woman who lives in the present, and Jeon Jong Seo will play the role of Young Sook, a woman who lives in the past.

The movie previously gave viewers a sneak peek at its intense atmosphere and tension with concept teasers. On January 14, it added on to the suspense by revealing character teasers for its four female leads.

In the teasers, both Park Shin Hye and Jeon Jong Seo are looking straight ahead with worried looks. However, Jeon Jong Seo clutches her chest with her hand as if she is holding on to a secret.




Park Shin Hye revealed, “[I chose this film because of] my high expectations for our director, and because the change in Seo Yeon’s emotions as she goes through chaotic situations that change every minute was appealing to me. I hope to show you different sides of me through my character.”

Jeon Jong Seo added, “I’m looking forward to the film as it’s a chance for me to work together with great seniors and staff. With my character, I will do my best to show a new side of me to viewers.”


Kim Sung Ryung, who will play the mother of Seo Yeon, gives viewers a glimpse of her strong maternal love with determination on her face. Lastly, Lee El, who will play the mother of Young Sook, shows that she will add on to the intensity of the film with a cold look.


Kim Sung Ryung commented, “I feel highly excited to show my strong maternal love through my character who struggles through a lot by herself in a thriller.”



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