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Lee Dong Wook 이동욱 Global Fans at Soompi |Current Drama - Touch Your Heart [tvN Feb 6th]

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Preview ep 12

cr: stroppyse


Writer: I wish that my project’s leading lady would be Oh Yoon Seo.
Yang: Will Yoon Seo-shi come to work today?
JR: Since she started working as a legal secretary because she wanted to experience a change of jobs, wouldn’t she continue to do legal work?
Mgr: The people at your law firm are really going to be surprised.
Reporters: Was the reporter role…? How was she…?
Mgr: Especially, Lawyer Kwon Jung Rok.
SW: I don’t need anything else. The place by your side is enough.
Choi: I who is like this rose, with a woman like you who could enfold me like a flower vase. How nice would that be?
Mgr: There is absolutely no way they can be dating.
JS: Oh no!
Agency CEO: You know something! You know something, don’t you?!
Mgr: I probably don’t?
Mgr: This is rude to ask, but for Yoon Seo’s sake, I wish you would break up with her.
JR: Is my liking Oh Jin Shim-shi causing troubles for her?




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23 hours ago, braunau said:

Ep 12




Hi braunau, thanks for sharing these captures from EP12. The dates just keep coming for the couple! I love their chemistry onscreen - it's so natural.  :lol:

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Ep 12


Hard sub

YS: Let me borrow this jacket and a hat. Wearing this and covering my face with hat will do
JR: Ok
YS: Oh? Is it a lipstick?
JR: No. It's a lipbalm. My lips are usually dry so I have to apply this
YS: My lips is dry too
JR: Really? Then you can put this
(YS give him a kiss)
YS: Oh you right. Now that I have apply it (by your lips) it has become moist

Owner 1: Here you go
YS: Thank you. We'll eat it well
JR: It's delicious
YS: You right
(They are buying potatoes)
YS: We'll buy this
YS: Strawberry. Strawberry
YS: It smells really good
JR: It smells delicious
(They are looking for utensils) 
YS: Should we buy this?


JR: We've done a lot of shopping today
YS: We did get a lot of things, right? It's been a long time since I visit traditional market, I'm really happy.
JR: Then, shall we go home now?
YS: No. We haven't buy the ingredients for dinner
JR: We've eat some stir fried chicken, fish cake and eat this bread. What kind of food do you want to eat more?
YS: All of these are snacks, we have to rice. Ah, do you like chicken stew?
JR: Yes
YS: Alright, let's buy a chicken. Hello. Please give us one chicken. We are going to cook chicken stew
Owner 2: Okay. Wait. I think I have seen you before
YS: I don't think so
Owner 2: No, I'm sure I have seen you 
JR: Do you mean me? I have heard that I look alike an actor
Owner 2: I don't understand what you are talking about but I have seen her before. Ah, that's right. Last time you have bought a chicken from my shop on credit right?
YS: Absolutely not
Owner 2 : *calling for her friends* Come here now quickly. Look at that young woman, we have seen her before, haven't we?
Owner 3 : You are right. I think I have seen her 
JR: Here is you money for the chicken. Thank you and see you later

And... there was an advertising of YS for chicken lol


cr: alleram95


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Preview ep 13(cr:stroppyse)


Hae Young (lawfirm secretary): She seems a lot happier than when she was working at our law firm.
CEO: These days, you’re like a person who is crazy with work. (meaning all JR does is work) It looks good.
Man: We’ll start shooting.
YS: I’m ready.
Dan: Darling, how do I look today?
CEO: Perhaps, are the two of you…? You can’t fool my eyes.
Woman: Where is Kwon Jung Rok? I said where is Kwon Jung Rok?!
CEO: You’re saying that you’ll take charge of Park Se Myung’s appeal?
Reporters: They have proof that Park Se Myung is the real culprit, so why are you saying that it’s wrong?
JR: I’m afraid. Because I think I’m not going to have the ability to be anyone’s lawyer any more.
Man: Well done!
Mgr: Are you perhaps being like this because you’re thinking of that person?
YS: He’s probably doing fine, isn’t he?


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19 hours ago, lianee said:

Lee Dong Wook has been spotted filming in park.






Hi lianee, thanks for sharing this. Here's the viewership ratings from last week. :lol: In cable dramas, 1%-5% of viewer’s ratings are a standard win. Keep in mind that shows from major broadcasting networks tend to receive higher Nielsen ratings than the ones from cable networks because not as many have access to cable channels. That’s why, viewership ratings are calculated slightly different for cable network dramas. :P








Drama viewership ratings for the week of Mar. 11-17, 2019








Wednesday, Mar. 13      
What’s Wrong Mr. Poong-sang 37 KBS 17.6%
What’s Wrong Mr. Poong-sang 38 KBS 20.4%
Spring Must Be Coming 25 MBC 2.8%
Spring Must Be Coming 26 MBC 3.2%
Big Issue 5 SBS 3.7%
Big Issue 6 SBS 4.5%
Possessed 3 OCN 2.2%
Reach of Sincerity 11 tvN 3.8%
Thursday, Mar. 14      
What’s Wrong Mr. Poong-sang 39 KBS 20.5%
What’s Wrong Mr. Poong-sang 40 KBS 22.7%
Spring Must Be Coming 27 MBC 2.0%
Spring Must Be Coming 28 MBC 2.2%
Big Issue 7 SBS 3.7%
Big Issue 8 SBS 4.0%
Possessed 4 OCN 2.3%
Reach of Sincerity 12 tvN 3.7%




(skipped unrelated.....)



LINK here : http://www.dramabeans.com/2019/03/drama-viewership-ratings-for-the-week-of-mar-11-17-2019/

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*** They're so sweet. :P I find them a genuinely cute couple. Even in these BTS stills  they're showing great chemistry and teamwork. :lol:





Yoo In Na And Lee Dong Wook Adorably Practice Their Lines Together On Set Of “Touch Your Heart”




Yoo In Na and Lee Dong Wook are perfect co-stars as they help each other out behind the scenes of “Touch Your Heart.”


“Touch Your Heart” is about the romance between top actress Oh Jin Shim (played by Yoo In Na) and perfectionist lawyer Kwon Jung Rok (played by Lee Dong Wook).


In the released stills, the two actors practice their lines together, heads bent over their scripts. They help each other out, with Yoo In Na checking the next line on Lee Dong Wook’s script and Lee Dong Wook perched on her desk, discussing their next scene. The director grins while Lee Dong Wook jokes around with Yoo In Na and lies down on a table. In other stills where they film their home date scene, they cozily sit alongside each other and practice together.








Recently, the adorable couple broke up, as Kwon Jung Rok realized their relationship could become an obstacle to Oh Jin Shim’s comeback. He prepared an intimate send-off and broke up with her, barely able to hold his tears back.


“Touch Your Heart” airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 9:30 p.m. KST.


If you haven’t already, check out the latest episode below!




Watch Now




Source (1) / soompi news





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