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[Upcoming Drama 2019] My Daughter is the Kindest 세상에서 제일 예쁜 내 딸 - Sat & Sun @ 19:55 KST - Premieres on March 23rd

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Drama: My Daughter is the Kindest

Hangul: 세상에서 제일 예쁜 내 딸

Genre: family,  melodrama

Network: KBS2

Episodes: 100 (two consecutive episodes of 40 minutes each day) 

Director: Kim Jong-Chang ( War of Roses , Hateful But Once Again,  The Thorn Birds, Miss Mamma Mia)

Writer: Jo Jeong-seon (Father, I'll Take Care of You, My Heart Twinkle Twinkle, Goddess of Marriage, My Love, My Family, My too Perfect Sons)

Release Date: March 23, 2019-

Runtime: Saturday & Sunday 19:55 (Following drama My Only One)

Production Company:



Official site:


'My Daughter is the Kindest' is about a story of a mother and three daughters living in modern day Korean society. The drama conveys a message about the low fertility rate, divorce rate, and the problems of the younger generation who are avoiding marriage.


Park Son Ja (Kim Hae Sook) is an ordinary Korean mother who owns a small rice house, she has three daughters, a drunk husband, who resorts to alcohol, has a toxic mother-in-law and endless difficulties with money. But despite all the hardships, she does everything possible for the future of her children, so that they do not repeat her fate, and sends everyone to study at the university. “My kindest daughter in the world” is a series that raises not only the topic of mother-daughter relations, but also the topic of low birth rates in Korea, high divorce rates and unwillingness to start a family with the young generation.





Kim Hae Sook as Park Sun Ja

Yoo Sun as Kang Mi Sun (the first daughter of Park Son Ja)

Kim So Yeon as Kang Mi-ri (the second daughter of Park Sun ja)- Hansung Group marketing strategy manager

Hong Jong Hyun as Han Tae-ju (the youngest son of Hansung Group) not confirmed yet

Kang Ha Kyung as Kang Mi Hye (the youngest daugther of Park Sun Ja)

Choi Myung Gil as (Mi Ri`s biological mother)




Character descriptions





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According to a broadcasting company official on January 10, Kim So-yeon was cast as a protagonist in 'My Daughter is the Kindest' scheduled to be broadcasted in March 2019.


She will play the role of Kang Mi rae/ Kang Mi Ri, a Marketing Strategy Manager, at Hansung Group.






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[Orion's Daily Ramblings] Kim Hae-sook and Choi Myung-gil Offered Weekend Drama "My Daughter Is the Kindest"

byVasia Orion on 2018/11/27 at 17:38 PST

2018/11/27 | 481 views | Permalink


We got some exciting news gracing Korean portals, as actors Kim Hae-sook and Choi Myung-gil have been offered starring roles in upcoming KBS 2TV weekend drama "My Daughter Is the Kindest". There's really no way you can go wrong with these two, and I hope that they accept their offers soon.

The series is about mothers and daughters in modern day Korean society, and it will follow "My Only One" in March. The production has reached out to Kim Hae-sook for the role of a mother with three daughters, while Choi Myung-gil has been offered the role of the second daughter's biological mother. So we have a complex family here, and no doubt a lot of baggage to navigate.





Yoo-Sun was in the final stage of negotiation for the first daughter of Park Son Ja played by Kim Hae Sook.

I think she is confirmed by not but we have to see the official confirmation.






The same for Kim Hae Sook. At KBS Drama Awards, they announced (when she presented an award) that Kim Hae sook will play in the upcominng family drmaa the role of the mother with three daughters.




Actor Hong Jong Hyun received the offer as the protagonist of drama "My Daughter is the Kindest".  If he accept he will play theb youngest son of  Hansung Group owner as a marketing strategist. Though he hides his identity for three years, he is promoted to the position of a businessman/manager and overtook Kang Mi Rae`s  position, as the manager. 





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I was waiting for the confirmation of Kim So yeon from some time. I don`t know why it took so long for confirmation of the actors in this drama. I am sure in the upcoming days we`ll have a lot more confirmation for other cast.






It will be my second family drama, and I am not particularly thrilled that Soyeon chose a family drama again but it is better than not having offers at all. I had time to get used to the news. I like the four main female cast and I hope the writer will give them good stories. I will keep my expectation really low and let see how it will be.


I never watched a drama written by Jo Jeong seon, but I was looking for videos on You Tube, I read a little some threads of her dramas. From all her dramas I liked My too Perfect Sons and watched some scene with Yoo Sun and Lee Pil Mo. 

I was hoping that she will cast Lee Pil Mo again to be paired with Yoo Sun. Lee Pil Mo appeared in four dramas of writer Jo Jeong seon but it looks like he won`t be this time. (Congratulation on his upcoming marriage).


It looks like we`ll have a noona romance in this drama. I was  not expecting  that.  I hope the writer gives good stories.

We have an official confirmation that Hong Jong Hyun received the offer as the protagonist. I read some rumors that actors In Gyo-jin and Kim Jeong-heon(1987) have received the offers for other main characters. Other names from suporting cast: Kim Hye Ok,  Gil Yong Woo, Seo In Seok, Hong Yo-seob. Let see who will be cast in the end.

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1 hour ago, larus said:

We have an official confirmation that Hong Jong Hyun received the offer as the protagonist.

If he's in, I might start watching a weekend family drama again :D

The last one I watched was My Golden Life.

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3 hours ago, ktcjdrama said:

If he's in, I might start watching a weekend family drama again :D

The last one I watched was My Golden Life.


I am sure that some of us (like me) have a favorite actor or actress that can make us watch a 50 episodes drama. Others are lucky and they like the genre and watch regardless of the cast.

Unfortunatly, for me it`s not a "might watch" but a "must" so I have to pray really hard to Drama God to inspire the writer to gives us a good drama. I don`t want to suffer much watching it. I will look for frustrated gifs, just in case but I will remain cautiously optimistic. ;)


The theme is generous. There are so many problems that can be addressed through this drama: the women`s role in contemporary Korea, the working mothers, promotion opportunities for working women, avoiding marriage, infertility or divorce etc. I am sure the traditional values will collide with the modern life. If I can understand women like Park Son Ja (Kim Hae Sook) staying in marriage with a drunk husband, supporting a mother in law from hell for so long ( how I read in some source) just to provide a "stable" home for her daughters, I have other expectations for the daughters. If an abuse is happening, I want them to have a voice. Even if the mentalities did not changed much, I want all those things to be adressed and I want to see the mother looking for a better life too.  I am curious how the writer will develop the stories. I don`t want to see many soap opera tropes in this drama. And please, no terminal illness plot either. One more thing.... if they will give us romance, I want that but it has to be good. :P

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Actor Kim So-yeon is in the process of examining the drama 'My daughter is the most beautiful in the world'/ "My Daughter is the Kindest".

Management company Jwide Company said on January 11, "Kim So-yeon is receiving the proposal of 'My Daughter is the Kindest"

` My daughter is the kindest/My daughter, the most beautiful in the world, is a family drama that tells the stories of mother and daughter living in Korea. The intention was to show where the problems of the younger generation such as marriage and divorce are coming from.

Kim So-yeon was offered the role of Alpha Girl Kang Mi-ri, the second daughter of Mimi's rice house in the play and the head of marketing strategy at a large company. If Kim Soo-yeon accepts the offer, it will appear for eight months after SBS drama "Secret Mother".








Usually I am not surprised when a sure cast is just a positive reviewing soon after the news broke. Then, soon it is an official confirmation again. This time I am surprised. There were rumors that she is almost a done deal in early December but in January she is still considering? Maybe it is hard for the production to find a good Noona Donsaeng couple. If she won`t do the drama, it`s alright, but I want to know.





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Last day December 31 #KBS Weekend drama # MyDaughter is the Kindest # Audition


Audition for child actors




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I read an article on a blog, on Naver, about this drama. I like what the writer wanted to convey through this drama. The social system is still conservative and patriarchal and we`ll will see how women are facing difficulties now just like 20 years ago. We`ll see how a woman/ mother made sacrifices to give her daughters a better life, they are all educated women but they are still facing hardship.  The society in which the daughter came out has not changed anything. Women have received higher education these days but they are still expected to be housewives after marriage. Co-parenting after divorce, the status of working women, especially working mothers, are aspects of everyday life that I hope will be presented in this drama. The women are taking the spotlight here and we`ll see their stories. Mother –daughter`s relationship and everyday problems and how they rely and lean on each other is what I want to see. This family drama has potential to be a good drama, let see the execution.

Let`s hope next week we`ll have more news about the cast and maybe they will have the first script reading and  they start filming. It`s time.


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Finally we have the fist cast. Yoo Sun, Kim So yeon and Kim Ha Kyung will play sisters in KBS family drama.



Yoo Seon, Kim So-yeon and Kim Ha-kyung confirmed their casts in the three daughters of Kang Mi-sun, Kang Mi-ri, and Kang Mi-hye, respectively. The performance of these three sisters who are full of personality is already very excited.


KBS 2TV New weekly soap opera 'My Beautifulest Daughter in the World' (Screenplay, Directed by Kim Jong-Chang, Produced by JNJ Productions) is a story  that conveys comfort to mothers and daughters. It will stimulate deep sympathy by drawing the story of mother and daughter realistically.

The first daughter, Kang Mi-su, played by Yoo Sun, is a working mom running fast between her company and home.

Kim So-yeon of the second daughter 'Kang Mi Ri' transforms into a high-ability,

high-income capable alpha girl. She is always in love with work and love, and she is the owner of affection for the mother who has suffered for her (she does not spare money for her suffering mother).

The youngest daughter, 'Kang Mi-hye, played by newbie actress Kim Ha Kyung, was a promising new novelist once but now lives in an apartment complex in Kang's family. . (Google translate)



I wish there is a better translation.



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I think from this day, we`ll hear more news about this drama. I don`t know why they delayed so much the news but I hope everything is on schedules.


I like the sisters already. Maybe they are different in personality but I want to see them interact in the drama a lot.

From the short character description, only Mi Sun/ Mi Soo  (Yoo sun) seams to be married/ divorced and have a daughter. I like that she has a job and I think we`ll see her trying to balance work and family.


Mi Ri is the second sister and she is, clearly, a career woman. She is not married but if she is, I can see her delying having a child  because she established her career first, maybe she wants to get a promotion. When I read that Han Tae Ju, his junior colleague, will get the promotion over her, I felt so sorry for her. Kang Mi ri is a marketing strategy manager.  It is not very clear how it will be. Han Tae Ju will a junior in her team and he will get her job, or he will be promoted to a higher rank? Either way, it is bad. I am curious how things will go from there. It is complicated.


Mi Mye is the youngest sister. She was a promising novelist. Lovely. She is the only daughter who is staying more at home and maybe she will be helping her mother runing the rice house too. 


Kang sisters


I read a rumor that Jung Hye-Sung will be in the drama and I was curious is she will be the third sister. It looks that it was just a false rumor. But I am glad that Kim Ha Kyung took the role. I don`t know her but if she got the part I think she fits the role.

Soyeon and Yoo Sun have a close relationship in real life. This will be their third cooperation. They are already like sisters. :D






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I did not paid attention to the whole articles lately but It seems that there is another director for this drama. In early articles it was said that PD Park Man Young ( Manhole , The Virtual Bride, All About Marriage) will direct but now it says that this drama will be directed by PD Kim Jong-Chang ( War of Roses , Hateful But Once Again,  The Thorn Birds, Miss Mamma Mia). So there was some turmoil in the production after all.

The writer is the same Jo Jeong Seon.

And the title is little different from the first news. We`ll see how it will be final name of this drama. 



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