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[Official Thread] Neo Hou Ming Hao 侯明昊

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Chinese name: Hou Ming Hao / 侯明昊

English name: Neo Hou
Birth Date: Aug 03, 1997

Nationality: Chinese

Height: 179 cm

Weight: 57kg
Occupation: Actor


TV Dramas: 


Cambrian Period / 寒武纪 (JianZhi / 捡子)

Rakshasa Street / 镇魂街 (Bai JingXuan / 白静轩)

Inference Notes / 推理笔记 (Mi KaKa / 米卡卡)



人不彪悍枉少年 / When We Were Young (Hua Biao/花彪)



The Monkey King: Land of Beauty / 西游记女儿国 (Tang Seng (young)/少年唐僧)

The Lost Tomb II / 盗墓笔记Ⅱ: 怒海潜沙 (吴邪 / Wu Xie)



Additional Links

Neo Hou MingHao's Weibo

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