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[Official Thread] Song Wei Long 宋威龙

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Chinese name: 宋威龙 / Song WeiLong

English name: Song WeiLong
Birth Date: March 25, 1999

Nationality: Chinese

Height: 185 cm

Weight: 65kg
Occupation: Actor


TV Dramas: 


半妖倾城 Ⅱ / Demon Girl II (Ying Long)



我与你的光年距离 / Long for You (Gu ShiYi)



凤囚凰 / Untouchable Lovers (Rong Zhi)



彼岸花 / Beautiful Reborn Flower (Lin HePing)

资深少女的初恋 / Find Yourself (Yuan Song)



Additional Links

Song WeiLong's Weibo

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I have my eyes next on this guy after CFY and LHR.  I cannot believe he is only 19 y.o.  but he had already done so many projects. 

 i am watching him in "Untouchable Lovers". And for a rookie main historical role, he is kinda ok.  He is still stiff and expressionless in some places, but I will give him a go as there is always place for improvement since he is only 19 and when he filmed this, he was only 17.  I cannot believe he was only 17 when he filmed.this coz his looks are so adult like and his delivery of dialogues are also so matured.  So from now on I will follow his upcoming projects and if I like any of his previous ones, I may give a try.  :wub::love:

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