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[Upcoming Movie 2019] Innocent 결백 - Shin Hye-Sun, Bae Jong-Ok

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On 12/16/2018 at 3:09 AM, immorethant said:

So the film shooting was already started ? 

Thanks @immorethant . This and the other posts you found are by the cameraman, I think.


Since you're so hard at work doing all these web searches, let me add my tidbit too. Here,

He wishes he were 3cm taller and 10 years younger - LoL, he must be crushing on oori-baby badly - I hope she reads his post !


The location (as I have alluded to earlier on SHS thread p88 and p85) is 보령 (Bo-Ryong), in the 충청남도 (Choong-Chung-Nam-Do) province. Probable location where the heroine, Jung-In,-grew up and where her mom still lives. She probably came back from Seoul to the country-side after finding out her mom's a murder suspect.



Another shooting location was also disclosed some time back.

The poster says this is Sam-Jeon village (Samjeon-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul, South Korea) not too far from the tallest building in SK. Just for grins, here's the street view of the actual  location (서울 송파구 삼전로10길 13) on that IG post. :ph34r:B) LoL.


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53 minutes ago, Ni Wen said:



홍경, '결백' 출연 확정..신혜선 남동생 호흡 [공식입장]


From the Google translation, I understand that the brother of 신혜선 is casted :lol:

신혜선... that's about the only three Korean words I'm familiar with :P


Thank you @Ni Wen you are busy and I'm a step behind you all day! Good!



Let's give this rookie one more exposure. He's got good little bro visualz. :)


I updated the top page with couple cast member and role names, including this Hong Kyung fellow and his Jung-Soo role. He's a devoted son, in contrast to Jung-In, who left her house and mom long ago. :thumbsup:

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So this IG post from couple of days ago says the filming is going on near Bo-Ryeong (mentioned as location on top post page 1), in another village called Chung-Yang (청양).


The poster says "lots of celebrity cars, but too shy to ask for autographs." Says when asked, SHS wasn't around, but others like Park Chul-Min were there near the local hardware store.


That's all folks. @meechuttso relaying some fan anecdotes.


@kokkuri33 if you want to visit, you can visit nearby the 'Alps Village'

where you can catch small fish which they deep fry in a batter for you, eat chestnuts you roast yourself, and eat sweet potatoes baked in special ovens. Looks fun to do in cold weather.:ph34r:


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Dx5KbCkU8AE4zLd.jpg:largeHola Fans. Someone posted this from the set of "Innocent" to SHS fanclub. Bae Jong-Ok looks so happy here, and Shin Hye-Sun, I didn't recognize her at first as the actress - I thought someone had dug up her old middle school pics. Love it! And I don't know if this obvious group pic was taken at the beginning or the end of the shooting, but I hope they're wrapping it up! :w00t:

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Coffee trucks sent by Shin Hye Sun and 'Innocent' movie fans :kiss_wink:
*** Here is what written on the print-out canvas ***
믿고보는 배우 신혜선  
영화  [결백]
모든 배우, 스탭 여러분 응원합니다!
Support for trustful actress Shin Hye-Sun and all actors and staffs of 'Innocent' movie !
영화  [결백] 배우, 스탭분들 끝까지 힘내세요!  화아팅!
To actors and staffs of 'Innocent' movie, keep doing your best till the end !  Fighting !
From Bae Jong Ok fans.
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