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[Current Mainland WebDrama 2019] The Legend of Hao Lan / Beauty Hao Lan 皓镧传

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I CANT BELIEVE YU ZHENG DID THIS TO ME. How can he promotes Legend of Haolan as NieYuanxWuJinYan reunion and then give them a bad ending?!! *TearsforDays*


So im guessing they postponed earlier in November because they had to cut some scenes to make the drama more historically accurated. Im assuming the true ending of this drama is after Haolan receives the golden ball from Lu Bu Wei, she went with him (hence, the boat scene) and her disappearance when her son came to visit her. I mean afterall no one really knows if LBW really poisoned himself or if the empress dowager is really locked in her palace. I

 dont know if you all recall but Lu Bu Wei bought that golden ball at the place where he first met Haolan. And he was stating the importance of that golden ball too. So im guessing that with Lu Bu Wei gifting that to Haolan, he is telling her that shes the most important to him. Guess thats why Haolan forgave and went with him in the end? Darn it Yu Zheng, shouldve just gave us the real ending. 


Theres so much discussion about Yingren-Haolan-LuBuWei love triangle. Personally, I would like to think Haolan never really stopped loving Lu Bu Wei (even after marriage and seeing him again after 8 yrs, she still looks/reacts to him however because shes now another persons wife so she restrained herself) btw heard they released an official MV for the LBWxHL using the main theme song “Moon Out”.  


But yeah, I agree with above posts how Haolan doesnt deserve LBW’s love. He stayed loyal to her and prioritized her until the very end but she backstabbed him. Her character was very inconsistent or another word, not well written. I cant really root for her in this drama for some reason. And also super agree with Lao Ai and Ying Zheng’s acting *cringeworthy* 


Time to go rewatch Yanxi because Haolan broke my heart LoL I need my happily ever after T.T

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