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Who reall had the BEST song ever as solo artists?

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For me, I think it's Taeyeon solo and I love her first song as solo (I  feat. Verbal Jint) is the best song ever~~. Her powerful voice is so so amazing!!!!

This is Taeyeon MV! LET'S check it out!


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Gain, with no doubt <3 Her albums are all so good, and Irreversible is one of my favorite musics of all time: 


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My first drama was years ago, watching Iris. I was stuck in a VA hospital, and chanced upon a new service called Viki. When I saw the drama, I was impressed with the production level, I thought it would have been equivalent to foreign dramas I remember in the 90's. But the one song I remember was Baek Ji Yung's fantastic "Don't Forget Me" song. It was so good that a few years later I was invited to a Karaoke in LA at the Brass Monkey in the Korean district on Wilshire. I actually went to sing the song, but I had created English lyrics to the song so I wouldn't muddle the iconic renditioon that Ji Yung presented. So what I had done was to take the lyrics and create them in English, not just a literal translation, but a translation that matched the cadence of Ji Yung's soulful contribution.


(An aside, would that be considered cultural appropriation? If so, let me know.)


I still sounded like a 55 year old goofy male, but it went over so well that I had my next two drinks bought by some very nice ladies. All was good. :)

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