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[Current Drama 2018-2019] Move Over, Fate /Get Out of the Way, Fate, 비켜라 운명아 - Mon-Fri @ 20:25 KST

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Ep 77 Preview: http://program.kbs.co.kr/1tv/drama/mylife/pc/board.html?smenu=9725de&bbs_loc=T2018-0557-01-871110,read,,78,789007

Blurb: 시우(강태성)는 3차 경연 패배를 인정하지 못하는 수희(김혜리) 앞에서 쓰러져 병원으로 이송된다. 순자(이종남)는 허청산(강신일) 변호사에게 전화해 방철상(권혁호)이 함께 떠나자고 했다는 사실을 이야기하는데...

Translation: As SH is unable to accept the 3rd context defeat, SU faints in front of her and is transported to the hospital.  SJ calls Lawyer Heo and tells him that BCS had asked her to leave with him.


Now I really feel bad for SU.  Nothing is going right for the guy! .... Looks like CS will be hot on the trail of BCS when he tries to escape.

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what was the document that the lawyer handed over to Ms. Choi ?  Looks like SU needs something and his mother is planning on being involved with something medical.  Bone marrow or blood donation?



The subs are out.  The document that the lawyer handed over was the birth records of SU which puts Ms. Choi in the vicinity of the child that got abducted.  SU has liver problems and it has hardened and the doctors are looking to treat it using stem cell technology.  Getting a liver would be difficult and Ms. choi wanted to donate her liver for her child.  Is she trying to tell the doctor not to put him on a database for liver transplant?  Probaby @sava2sava might be on the right track.  IS SU really step sibling to NJ ?  How come nobody has done any DNA analysis with SU ?  I know that Ms. Choi raised a ruckus during grandpa's funeral.  After that we did not hear anything.  They could check NJ and SU blood work and if they were step brothers, the DNA would show that and NJ could be a donor to SU.  

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