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[OFFICIAL] Yang Se Jong ​​​​​​​and Shin Hye Sun (JongSun couple/꽁설 Ggong Seol/GWJ♥WSR)

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I have caved in and gave in to my shipper heart, and voila! A thread just for Yang Se Jong and Shin Hye Sun shippers of 3017. :wub: 


I've said this before and I will say it again ~ I am just so in love with this cute couple! I just could not get enough of them, and their on-screen chemistry (and maybe also off-screen?) has been through the roof. :heart:


Feel free to post about your thoughts, favorite moments, basically about anything YSJ & SHS! 





I will be posting more, but you are more than welcome to add anything about these two :wub:


*It's my first time to do something like this, so bear with me. :sweatingbullets:

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@anjuliet..thank you..thank you.. I will be among the first to embrace this thread..


I will learn how to insert media soon so that I can post all the pics of the OTP that I have saved..hehehe




BTW, the community in IG seemed to agree to call them THE CRESCENDO COUPLE...:love:

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Well this feels just like a house-warming party I got invited to. You're a first time renter here, @anjuliet , so don't be nervous. The place is a bit threadbare for now, but you know all your new friends from the neighborhood are here to welcome you with various furnishings and photos for your walls.:w00t::rolleyes:


By the way, is this your street address?   3017 W Ggong-Seol Place, Dramaland ? :wub:


For your housewarming I brought you a time capsule pic of our newly-wed Ggong-Seol couple out in real life, that's right, at the awards ceremony last May. If you missed it, not to worry - they will be cleaning up at the year-end ceremonies again in a few months, just wait. :phew:





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@inna75 @meechuttso Thank you so much for your posts and for your warm welcome. :wub: 


Omg, thank you for posting that awards evening bit! :wub::wub::wub: Who would've thought that they'd be working together a few months later, eh?


Hahaha, love my new address! 3017 W Ggong-Seol Place, Dramaland...  :love::love::love: 


I really do not have any clue about anything regarding to having a shipper thread, feels like it's like a lame attempt (on my part). I am willing to learn and will try to do my best, though. :D 


Here is a couple of my own favorite screenshots. I have a lot more saved on my laptop, and I'm not even near halfway done with finding other ones, either.





*Image hosting place having a tantrum and would only allow me to post thumbnails, but who cares? I know you all remember this bit (among many others).


Oh my heart! I'm holding myself back from screaming in delight as I don't want to wake up the neighbors and be reported for noise pollution at nearly half-past 11 at night, hahaha!





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I’m so in love with this two that I should start getting help for being a stalker lol 

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