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Food and Tea Expo 2018

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so yesterday was the first day of the food and tea expo and some of you might know that last year i didn't go due to some personal reason and let's leave it like that, first of all the first company i am going to mention in this post is the Hokkaido milk that is from Japan its so smooth and creamy and has a very rich feeling, this place would be open on the third day as it's a buyer and trade expo on the 5rh floor. their milk and cream cheese is so soft and creamy with that hint of tartness, it's like your eating the finest cream with that small hint of lemon juice similar to that feeling! now about pictures and what the event hall looks like, i might not be able to take so much photo on my own as i am busy eating my way down to everything i am given right now so there might not be pictures to everything, but i did take some samples home to take pictures so those will be coming soon! eating my way through everything needs hours and as your reading this i am already on chocolate

this company is called Hokkaido Dairy who has a distribute in hong kong sold in log on / city super if your wondering where to buy it.

you use their cream cheese 


second my hometown snacks - finn's fine fudge / mary gray this company is from new zealand and they make the finest chocolate and yes this company also yes honey so this all my point of view and my own review so do not take things too deeply, this company has the finest chocolate fudge that i have ever eaten! sweet, soft and very tasty and i have to say their kiwifruit fudge and manuka honey fudge is a 100% awesome product! here are the links to their websites!

page: http://finnsfudge.co.nz

page: http://www.marygray.co.nz


new zealand manuka honey drop is a very soft gentle throat lozenges that contains menthol, eucalyptus and other natural ingredients which i find is very smoothing and relaxing! manuka honey is a very soft smoothing healing property that is good for our body and health.

their manuka honey drops has natural, ginger and echinacea a natural flower agency as well as lemon. i would recommend ginger and echinacea as it has a soft warming feeling and a relaxing taste to it. as every i said on the opening post i am eating everything on my own currently there are cups of different soup and noodle i need to get through within these hours so i'm going to keep things simple.

page: http://nzglobalfoods.co.nz


the next is the wonderful wagyu beef from japan,  first of all the meat i tasted was tender flank the back leg of their most famous black cow. first of all there are some people would not eat raw meat so some of you might already hear of blue rare that is similar to what i ate, which means not fully cooked and its raw, i had yuzu pepper on the first one and it brought out a very soft natural sweetness. the second i was given was roasted and very well roasted which was rare, that was lightly season with salt and it brought out the meats original sweetness.


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Currently I’ve eaten myself into a food coma so for that reason let’s continue with the review! Now about the main call I would recommend going to catalo and preorder all their upcoming green propolis products and other honey based goods as it’s mainly some good New Zealand products!


Then it’s the wonderful coppa maga ice cream that has no egg, gluten or sugar so the sweetness comes from natural flavours, now I would recommend pistachio and grapefruit bergamot ice cream, now everyone’s taste is different what I like is everyone choice to choose, if your wondering where are the pictures? I ate them and took a picture so I’ll upload them later! 

Naked noodles are also in the same wholesalers company so I would highly recommend the Thai coconut lemongrass as it’s flavour is bloat, yes not bold it’s bloated like a balloon and the lemongrass is strong so all I get is a delicious lemongrass broth mixed fish sauce and a light amount of coconut water! I’m loving it!

I finally found my beloved milk their wonderful strawberry jam company after waiting for a good five years and I have to say that company Kobe and they released a reward winning white wine which I would recommend trying as it has a crisp apple and lemon scent covered by a light delicious apple taste that has a soft dry finish, hint of lemon and dried green white grapes on the after taste. 

Almost forgot about the pickle vegetables I got from one of the Japanese company that has made a wonderful pickled miso and chilli based mackerel that is good, I have to be honest I might have the fish breed wrong! No clue but it’s good!!!

I think that’s all until I remember again...moon cakes!!? I’ll come back about that tomorrow!!


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I’m back after a day of sugar free food and I almost forgot about the moon cakes, now I must let you know that tomorrow is the last day of the food and tea expo although the tea and international food trade was over around three days ago, I am going to finish what I almost missed out and that is moon cake!


First of all Wing Wah moon cakes are on discount and at the same they released a new lava moon cake that is sold for a discount price! Next is the the new released frizzed ice mochi based moon cake that contains green tea and red bean, Japanese peaches and Japanese honey dew melons as I forgot the other green tea filling one... so I’m going to say sorry! I’m going to come back on that one!


Third one is my childhood favourite and that is Kee Wah moon cake that has released a soft salted egg yolk lava moon cake and the final one is from one of the most popular restaurant brand super star group is their famous white lotus paste with double salted egg yolk, this is a traditional moon cake that is best eaten when it’s lightly heated in the over for 90 seconds just slightly warm up for a soft delicious fresh baked out of the oven taste!

If I forgot anything I ate, I might have to go asking my agency on what I got... as I swallowed a little bit too much of food 


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