Welcome to The tollgate! - The GREAT BIG GRAND ENORMOUS HUGE poll about KDramas you've always wanted but never had before   we are more than halfway through on the drama highway for the year 2018. so how was the journey so far? chingus, here's your chance to nominate the dramas for these categories. now if you are a drama junkie, you may be able to nominate in lots of categories. kekeke... however, some of us have hardly time to watch one drama at a time.... no worries, you can even nominate in for just one award for one category. for example, category "the stuff behind", award #2. "did they have a budget cut? why can't they have better lighting?" -- my nominations would be pretty much all the cable dramas!  hahahaha...  So chingus, just name your choices for whatever categories and awards you like.
  we will take in your nominations till August 5th. afterwards, we will create a poll with your nominations and then have a vote. [EDIT] To clarify: right now we just want to know what KDramas you would nominate for a "prize". After nominations have ended at August 5th, the actual poll will be up and you can vote for your (or someone else's) answer [/EDIT]   Here are the categories:   villains: award # 1. the character you wanted to slap the most! how silly are they... award #2. the villain you are glad to see in jail or dead award #3. The villain that should've won in the end.   dramas: award #1. you know the plot makes no sense but keep watching anyway award #2. this drama is too brainy and requires many brain cells to process award #3. this drama is hahahahah drama! with scenes that kept you giggling... award #4. if only the drama wasn't that long, more would watch this (daily/weekend) award #5. the drama that is like a good meal and has a bit of everything -- sides, starters, main + salad and even dessert. (daily/weekend) award #6. avoid! beware! don't watch this drama. award #7. it started off well but ended stupidly award #8. The drama that is so bad, it's good     side characters: award #1. you wish you could hug them and give them their own show. who cares about the leads! award #2. everybody needs friends and family like these side characters award #3. sometimes villains are better than these annoying folks who raise your BP.   OTP and secondary OTPs: award #1. the OTP that made you swoon award #2. the OTP that made you laugh award #3. the OTP that you wanted to slap and secretly hoped they will break up because they are too silly for words. award #4. The OTP that was so bad, cringy just got a new meaning: this OTP. award #5. The OTP that lacked so much chemistry, you wondered if they even got paid     leads: award #1. you wish the character was real and you could meet him/her award #2. you are so glad that such a character doesn't exist in real life; well, no one you know anyway!   fan service award #1. scenes that made you giggle award #2. scenes that made you swoon award #3. this is why you watch dramas.   the stuff behind! award #1. where can I get that sofa? where the interiors and settings were more attractive than the story... award #2. did they have a budget cut? why can't they have better lighting? award #3. who edited this drama? so good! so awful! award #4. So much product placement, were they unable to pay wages? award #5. Wait... where did that chaebol's maseratti/lamborghini go? And now he's driving a normal sedan? award #6. I want that watch! where the clothes/accessories are too good that you don't even care if that character annoys you. award #7. the product placements that made you giggle and actually loved how it was weaved in.   Have any Qs? Just tag me or @CamelKnight. Have fun!