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[Drama 2018-2019] Top Star Yoo Baek 톱스타 유백이

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@RobinM lol YB may seem all swaggy and arrogant but he is still a shy boy with little experience in the romance department. (I would like to think) but yeah, a bed scene will be too early in this drama, given how KS reacted to the garden kiss.


@triplem I applaud your dedication. 3 am??? What was up with the underwear in the box anyway?

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@joonminfan  I’m only this dedicated for this drama . There were two bra scenes 

1. He was showing her around his apartment & in his room Nam Joo had made a romantic set up complete with sexy lingerie. Lol! So YB was so embarrassed but our gal was quite tickled. look out for the scene after when she watched one of his movies :D 



2. The second one she was washing her clothes including her bra & was wondering where to hang it . So she saw the heater , and put it there . Lol! 


Even  watching without subs , you can tell YB is pretty sweet  . He is trying hard to woo her after she head butted him in the park at the beginning of the eps . She walked off but he chased after her and said to give him 23 hours or something for him to prove his  sincerity and that’s how she ended up agreeing to hop back into the car .


Then he took her to Seoul & his place. She was so impressed & it felt like a fairy tale . He cooked for her , and then followed by that shower scene . After that she showered etc , she ate. During that scene he told her not to keep pursing her lips etc , cause she doesn’t know how men think. ( he’s trying hard to have some self control especially after that hot shower moment) She didn’t quite get it of course . (He’s so into her by the way he smiles at her expressions)


 Later they went clothes shopping . After that they met her idol ( who serenaded them ) and she was over the moon. Completely in Fan girl mode .But in the midst of that , she was also admiring him the way he was looking at her .  As we read a waitress posted on her SNS that YB was there with a girl . That tipped the paparazzi off.  At dinner he finally asked her how she felt for him because he said he really likes her . She was not sure how to answer but in my mind , the feelings are there. But just as she was going to say something, the call from DC came in about halmoni .


Then of course , YB wanted to take her there but the whole paparazzi thing followed. The last few minutes broke my heart . Not so much for KS but for YB . For her , she can always go back to her country life & she’s surrounded by people who love her . For YB , it’s never going to be easy falling in love & finding that one person who sees through you.  He doesn’t usually trust anyone ( i mean his Long house password is a good example). His life is always going to be scrutinised & I wonder if he is willing to drag KS into this .

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Wanted to be a little productive while watching the raw video of Ep 6, so here is the song list for that episode :D




Song Daekwan - Sunny Day
(Madol and his Dad sang together when drunk)


Edith Piaf - Non je ne regrette rien
(Madol's Mom and Dad dancing)


Shin Seunghoon - Don't Make Me Cry
(the doctor played it on radio)


Jo Deok Bae - My Old Story
(Madol reminiscing about him and KS in front of the store)


Ahn Jae Wook - Yesterday
(doctor and teacher on the hill)


Jeon Young Rok - My Love Crybaby

(during the surprise event prepared by YB for KS)

OST Part 1 - Dong Woo Suk (Dingo) - Everything at that Moment (?)
(KS running to the door)


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So I guess I’m gonna start the episode laughing and end it crying. I know subs are out but coz it’s the holidays, no time for it yet. Can’t wait!

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Hi, I'm not sure if this was posted before but does anyone have an idea what the hourglass stands for? I'm feeling it's supposed to signify Yoo Baek opening up to the world/people but the sort of fantasy vibes threw me off (in a good way), is all. Hehe

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@triplem I think I'm just gonna keep re-watching the shower scene this week. So much tension! I know it's way too early for any hot bed scene, but it seems at least like there will be one in this show, right ? Otherwise why tease us viewers with the lingerie and shower and yeah. They are just being unfair otherwise. 

@RobinM I'm going to try and stay positive. I am pretty sure they will find a way to make it work for them both. It's just I know it will be a struggle and I also don't want that struggle to last long. Let's hope we get more lovey dovey before just the last half of the last episode.

@joonminfan yes you will go from laughing to crying this episode. The head butt at the beginning was so funny. I had to laugh into my shirt so no one in the office would hear me :rolleyes: same with the lingerie scene. Oh and no worries about the subs this week. I think we are all super busy with the Holidays. I know I am! It's past midnight here and I just got home ooops. At least staying busy keeps my mind off the Top Star Angst :P

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11 hours ago, skyrangerzi said:

Wanted to be a little productive while watching the raw video of Ep 6, so here is the song list for that episode :D



  Reveal hidden contents


Thanks so much for this ! :heart:. I am now waiting for subs . Hopefully in the next couple of days . I keep myself sane by watching the subbed episode mid week:D


10 hours ago, butwhatever said:

Hi, I'm not sure if this was posted before but does anyone have an idea what the hourglass stands for? I'm feeling it's supposed to signify Yoo Baek opening up to the world/people but the sort of fantasy vibes threw me off (in a good way), is all. Hehe

I think it also signifies his life as he was pretty much at the end of his rope in eps 1. Despite all his success , he was anxious and had difficulty sleeping. He was prickly & cranky. He was driven to do this because of his mum . He was suffering from burnt out but he kept pushing himself .But then to see her being cheated of all that he gave her, made him lose his marbles . It became meaningless . So the exile in the island , is helping him to find himself. Kind of like giving him back his life .

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After Grandma is better I suspect Ma Dol is going to double down his efforts now that It looks like Top Star is gone but she is not the same blithe girl. She knows there is so much she doesn't know and what it’s like to want to see and experience different people and surroundings not even talking just about YB. 

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8 hours ago, triplem said:

@joonminfan  I’m only this dedicated for this drama


*whisper* triplem...hahaha.. now i know why u are so so dedicated to your Top(less) star heeee...


:w00t: ops sorray i m taking a long time to finish him ..ah..ah ..i mean the episodes:glasses: (juz done with ep. 2:grimace:)

Ok chill happy watching chingus!

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Wahhhh @supergal99 so good to see you here . You know me too well ! It’s his luxurious abs that led me to check this out in the first place . Wink wink


BTS with mr paparazzi ( the actor is a joker ) 



Nice to see our leads hanging out BTS

His comments must be funny , seeing that KJS commented as well . 

Looks like they will be filming right through the hols


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Where is the hospital? They obviously don’t have one on the island so she went to Seoul?   

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1 minute ago, RobinM said:

Where is the hospital? They obviously don’t have one on the island so she went to Seoul?   


Most probably. I’m still doing the translation so when I get to that part I’ll see if they mention it. I was just thinking though: YB may not be able to get to the hospital at all to visit Grandma and accompany KS, since the paparazzi will be all over him until this blows over. So it means the angsty separation will start already? :bawling:

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Well we have seen Stars and chaebols hilariously and cleverly elude the poop fly Korean pap’s before when they need to to.Maybe he will too. But he will play the honorable one and stay away/be warned away by MD from having a relationship with her for her protection, happiness ETC.  


I think ultimately KS will have to make her own choice to risk it or not and go after him or not.

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31 minutes ago, triplem said:

Wahhhh @supergal99 so good to see you here . You know me too well ! It’s his luxurious abs that led me to check this out in the first place . Wink wink


:lol: episode 1 already making me "nosebleed" hahaaa... *wink~~*


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35 minutes ago, RobinM said:

Well we have seen Stars and chaebols hilariously and cleverly elude the poop fly Korean pap’s before when they need to to.Maybe he will too. But he will play the honorable one and stay away/be warned away by MD from having a relationship with her for her protection, happiness ETC.  


I think ultimately KS will have to make her own choice to risk it or not and go after him or not.


I like that! I think that YB has made his intentions really clear, but KS has not replied him yet. If they really extended the drama to 12 eps, does it mean they are going to extend and milk the angst for all it’s worth? :bawling:


@triplem @supergal99 if this continues till the drama ends, we will probably end up needing medical checks from irregular heartbeats and blood transfusions from the nosebleeds. :joy:

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2 hours ago, joonminfan said:

if this continues till the drama ends, we will probably end up needing medical checks from irregular heartbeats and blood transfusions from the nosebleeds. :joy:

oh definitely... @supergal99 you might need some blood transfusion....future episode:






SO the gif above and below is from KJS' agency's Naver page. Check it out. Some lovely pics and gifs from the drama and BTS



gahhh he adores her



And my heart broke here


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35 minutes ago, triplem said:

oh definitely... @supergal99 you might need some blood transfusion....future episode:


*pound pound pound~~* ooiyoo triplem u making my heart beat irregular... tsk :unsure::P

38 minutes ago, triplem said:

SO the gif above and below is from KJS' agency's Naver page. Check it out. Some lovely pics and gifs from the drama and BTS


Oh my.. spoiler for me ya? Ok tks so much heeee...

The 101 kdrama troupe -> fireworks confession :




hahaaaa @joonminfan  - talk about irregular heartbeats:lol: - uri Top Star really deserves the 2018 Best fan service award::tounge_xd:



Cr all to KJS's agency

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Ep 6

Outside the Motel

KS: Let’s go in.

MD: Seriously…

YB watches them from a distance, looking sad. He walks away from the motel, then takes out his phone to call NJ.

NJ: What? Hey, hey, be reasonable. How can I prepare so much in two hours? (suddenly remembers how he caused Sunny’s “death”) Take this (my punch) take this! Go and die, YB! (Sunny lies broken on the floor) Hey, if I manage to accomplish all that for you, can I have a “Forgiveness” free pass? No matter what mistake I make the next time, you must forgive me unconditionally. “Forgiveness” free pass.

YB: (message) Received. Then go and prepare everything well for me.

NJ (hangs up) Yes!

CEO: What happened? What is it?

NJ: Hyung, 2 years ago, when I set out to seduce A-lister Miss S, didn’t I prepare a surprise for her? YB actually asked me to go and prepare something similar for him, also known as the Prince on the White Horse surprise.

CEO: What?

NJ (on the phone): Hi, Mr Yoo, please use the highest quality fireworks, as spectacular as possible! Oh, and flowers! Lay out all the flowers on the ground. Yes, lay them all out. Yes. Oh, no no no, you don’t have to worry about the budget. YB is really rich anyway.


YB is in the garden, pacing around nervously. He takes deep breaths to calm himself down, and practises several poses.


NJ (on the phone): There is no white horse? But I said the theme is the Prince on the White Horse, Mr Kim. Ok OK, it’s a pity though. But the car must be white. White. You get it?


KS arrives at the garden in the white car. YB spots her arriving, breathes deeply to calm himself and turns around to face the scenery.


NJ: Hyung, didn’t you tell me to take care of YB? I’m killing two birds with one stone – taking care of YB, and getting a “Forgiveness” free pass. You get it?

CEO: I got it


Back at the garden, YB turns around and faces KS

KS: Top… Top Star-ssi?

KS walks towards YB.

KS: What’s all this?

YB snaps his fingers, and the fireworks show starts. KS looks really amazed at the beautiful show, while YB smiles at her.

YB holds KS by her shoulders, then leans in closer and closer to her face. KS closes her eyes, and YB smiles to see her reaction, thinking that she’s giving him consent.

YB: (message) Received.

YB kisses KS. Suddenly, KS’s eyes open wide, and pushes YB away.

KS: Oh my oh my, what are you doing?

YB: Confessing.

KS: I’m not talking about that. Ki… Kiss… Why did you kiss me?

YB: What do you mean why? I already confessed, the flowers and scenery are so beautiful, and the atmosphere was really good. When I leaned in you closed your eyes, so I took it as a signal that I got permission to kiss you. I received (your message).

KS: When did I do that? I was just surprised by you, so I closed my eyes.

YB: Alright, I admit I was a little impatient. But, didn’t you like it?

KS: The kiss?

YB: No, not the kiss. I meant the confession. Why do you keep bringing up the kiss? Was it so memorable?

KS: No, I don’t like it. I hate it!

YB: What? Do you mean the kiss or the confession?

KS: The kiss! No, no, it was the confession. I hated both of them!

YB: Then do you want to confirm which one it was?

KS: What? (YB starts walking closer to her) What do you want?

YB: What? (tenderly holds KS’s face in his hands) Looking at me… makes your heart flutter, makes you nervous, doesn’t it?

Both of them stare at each other for a while.

KS (pushing YB away): Absolutely not! Absolutely not!

YB: Do you think this makes sense? Ah alright. OKS, you may be a bit of a country bumpkin, so you wouldn’t know, but my confession in itself is a miracle for you! If it were some other woman, she would faint with delight at such a romantic setting!

KS: So that’s why I say, why would you confess to a country bumpkin like me? Go and find a sophisticated woman from Seoul to confess to!

YB: Yeah, you’re right! I should have done that!

KS: That’s right! So let’s just end this here. I guess this is the conclusion for your confession!

KS rears back and head-butts YB, causing him to fall over onto the ground. She stalks off indignantly.

YB: OKS! Where are you going? OKS, wait a minute! Don’t go! You’ll regret it! (looks around at the flowers) What? What went wrong? Seriously! (holds his forehead in pain)


KS (walking angrily away from the park): What? What is this? Seriously! (stops in her tracks when she recalls the kiss, then shakes her head and slaps her own face)

YB arrives beside her in the white car, and alights.

YB: OKS, get in the car.

KS: Ah, it’s alright.

YB: I asked you to get in the car first.

KS: I said I don’t want to.

YB: OKS, my confession to you was made in all sincerity, but I also didn’t expect the ending to be so ridiculous. If I made you unhappy, I apologise. (KS looks at him) Let’s do this then. (YB starts turning back the time on his watch)

KS: What? What is this?

YB: Now the time on my watch has been turned back 24 hours. I have not confessed to you yet. After 24 hours, at this time, I hope the ending will be different. (KS looks at YB, obviously softening) What I mean is, give me one more day.

KS doesn’t say no, so YB walks to the passenger door, and opens it for her. (Gosh, the look on YB’s face is so raw and vulnerable! I would have jumped straight into his car!!!) KS relents and gets in. After YB closes the door, he sighs in relief, smiles and gets into the driver’s seat.


YB drives onto the ship that will take them back to Seoul.

KS: But, where are we going?

YB: Seoul!

KS: What? What did you say?

KS: Why are we going to Seoul in the middle of the night? Why are you bringing me to Seoul all of a sudden?

YB: Isn’t it my right to use these 24 hours any way I want? I want to be in the place which gives me the most advantage.

KS: What?

YB: If we are in my area, then you will understand better what kind of man I am. Then, your thinking will change. Then, the ending will also change. However, why didn’t you tell me that it’s so easy to get to Seoul from Daejik Island? Could it be, that deep in your heart, you don’t want me to leave the island?

KS: This is my first time here. I didn’t know this before. But then again, everyone will be worried if I just go to Seoul without telling them. How can I contact MD Oppa and Grandma?

YB: You don’t need to worry about that. I’ve left a note for CMD-ssi.

Flashback to MD finding the note on KS’s room door, which reads: You are a true gentleman. Thank you!

KS: What? When?

YB: As for Grandma, you can give her a call now. (takes out his handphone and passes it to KS) You can call using this.

KS (turns the handphone around in her hands): But this… this... how do you use this? (She holds the phone the wrong way to her ear, then attempts to speak to it through the mouthpiece.)

MD Mum (on the phone with KS): Yes KS… Yes… Yes yes… Yes??? Yes… Yeeeeesssssssss… Yeeesss… Yes… (this was all spoken with different intonations, and hangs up. The phone rings again, and it’s MD’s dad) Hello?

MD dad: Yes? Yes. Yeeeesssssssss… Yes. Yes! (hangs up and returns the handphone to the shopkeeper) I’ve finished using it Mr Park. Why don’t you switch it off? I don’t know how. This is the newest model. (Steps out and sees MD running around looking for KS) MD! Alan Delon!

MD: Dad! Dad!

MD Dad: What were you doing over there?

MD: I’m looking for KS.

MD dad: KS? She already went to Seoul with Mr Top Star.

MD: Seoul?

MD dad: Yeah, to take a look at Seoul, and also to visit DC. Didn’t you know? (MD sighs) Didn’t you go for a match-making session? Why are you looking for KS instead?

MD: Dad, I think I messed up the match-making.

MD dad: What?

MD: Dad, do you want to have a drink with me?



MD opens a bottle of soju and starts to pour a glass for Dad.

MD dad: Ah, we have not drank together for a long time.

MD (pulls the bottle away): Dad, didn’t you quit drinking?

MD dad: Ah, just fill up the glass, fill it up.

MD (pours dad a drink): Just this much then.

MD dad: Seriously.

MD: Dad, I’m sorry. (downs his glass before his dad does)

MD dad: Tell me about it now. What did you not like about your match-making partner? Your mum was really sure that you will like her.

MD: She looks really nice, but I have other…

MD dad: Do you… like KS?

MD: Dad, how did you know?

MD dad: You were supposed to be matchmade, but brought KS along instead. Anyone would understand.

MD: Yea, it’s true. I like KS.

MD dad: I say, you didn’t commit any crime. You’re a man, why do you look so down?

MD: I like KS very much, so I came back this time to marry her, but I’m feeling indecisive.

MD dad: A healthy young man liking a pretty young lady, what is there to be indecisive about? I will have a good talk with KS, so don’t worry.

MD: Dad, we can’t do that yet. I have to confess to KS first.

MD dad: What? You have not confessed yet? A man must make up his mind, and take action immediately!

MD: I know that! But KS treats me as her real Oppa. If I tell her suddenly: I see you as a woman, let’s get married, she will think of me as a beast!

MD dad: Of course (you are/he is) a beast! Whoever covets the KS whom we treat like a real daughter is a dirty beast!

MD: Dad! I’m your son!

MD dad: Silly fella! Stop hesitating! Once you get hold of the helm of the ship, you must ride the waves and go straight ahead without fear, until you reach your destination. If you keep hesitating, what happens if someone else takes KS away?

MD: Of course that won’t do!

MD dad: That’s what I mean! Before someone else comes along… Gosh, does that mean that KS likes Mr Top Star, so she went with him to Seoul?

MD: What are you talking about? KS will never like someone so ungentlemanly.

MD dad: Even if she does, our son is someone who roams around the Bermuda Triangle like it’s his backyard, so how can he lose in a love triangle?

MD: You said it! Strong winds and high waves will always be on the side of the most capable ship captain!

MD dad: A real man must go full speed ahead! So tonight I must drink. Come, this toast is for my son’s love! Ahead!

MD (clinking glasses): Ahead!


MD and dad, drunk, walk along the streets and sing at the top of their voices.



YB is driving, and KS, sitting beside him, yawns loudly. She stops when YB glares at her.

YB: Name – Yoo Baek. Age – 34. Place of birth – Seoul. Height – 182 cm. Weight – 72 kg. A man with a perfect body. Knows how to speak 3 languages - Hangul, English, German. Even his brain is sexy.

KS: What are you doing?

YB: If you want to get to know me better, you should at least know these basic information. Pay attention now. Blood type – AB. Health condition – perfect. Family – dad passed away when I was in middle school, mum… mum is still alive but we don’t keep in contact. (KS doesn’t know how to respond to that) Debuted at 17 years old through Sirius (name of his idol group), got into show business at 20. Became well-known due to a few dramas, and got the nicknames of “Nation’s Melo-Man”, “Kiss Master” etc. Ah, “Kiss Master”, you should understand why now.

KS: What are you talking about? Understand what? Seriously.

YB: Achieved Best Actor Award at the Blue Dragon Film Awards 8 years ago, after that, got involved in commercials, dramas, and movies. If you look here, YB. If you look there, YB. It got to the point where I got sick seeing my own face everywhere. “Ninja Again” was my first foray into Hollywood. Korean actors… (looks over at KS and sees that she has fallen asleep.) Are you sleeping now? (Sighs and pulls off to the side of the road)

YB turns off the car engine and smiles to see KS sleeping so soundly. He quietly removes his tuxedo jacket and covers KS with it. He then reclines the passenger seat and then looks at KS for a while. Smiling, he taps KS’s forehead.

YB: This is really a weapon; it can render someone immobile. If I were to kiss you now, you would use your forehead to knock me again, right?

YB gazes at KS’s lips, then pulls himself away with considerable effort, shaking his head.


NJ is meeting with his female co-star AR. She’s wearing a mask because she just had Botox, and her lips are super swollen, scaring NJ. Just then, YB calls.

NJ: Oh, my friend YB!


NJ: How was the Prince on the White Horse surprise?

YB: I’m on the way to Seoul. Buy some ingredients and bring them to my house.

NJ: Ah, such an important guest. Ok, don’t worry, Just trust me. Yes, I understand. (hangs up) YB this fella cannot achieve anything without me. I have to go now. I’ll contact you again.

NJ makes his escape as AR screams after him for a kiss.



MD’s mum speaks over the PA system, saying that since her husband is not around, she has prepared a song she has liked since she was young – “Non Je Ne Regrette Rien” by Edith Piaf. MD’s dad rushes back to the house, upset that she has taken over the mic. Back at the house, MD’s mum is dancing away and MD’s dad scoffs at her. When MD greets his mum, she goes after him, wanting to berate him for the failed match-making session. But MD’s dad stops her by dancing with her and twirling her out of the way every time she reaches out to hit MD. MD eats the breakfast laid out for him, eyes filling with tears.


MD goes to KS’s house, and sees Grandma eating alone, with a bowl of porridge and two side dishes, instead of the spread she used to cook. He fibs how he hasn’t eaten yet because he wants to have breakfast with her, and she immediately goes to cook for him. MD looks sadly at what Grandma was eating all by herself.

Grandma lays out a feast for MD, and smiles happily to see MD eating well.


At the school, Grandma #1 and #2 have joined DM for lessons. Teacher is happy to have them in his class, but Grandma #1 and #2 are not. When Teacher says he has always wished for DM to have more classmates, Grandma #2 tells him that it can be done – if Teacher were to get married and have 10 children. Grandma #1 happily suggests Doc, and Teacher just smiles and changes the subject – he wants to check their homework. Just then, Grandma #2 starts complaining about a stomachache and it’s obviously faked so that she can get out of school. Concerned, Teacher brings her to Doc, but not before instructing DM to continue with his homework, stopping DM in his tracks to skip lessons.


At the clinic, Doc examines Grandma #2 and doesn’t find anything wrong with her, but Grandma #2 keeps complaining of pain. Teacher says that it seems like she cannot have lessons today, and Doc suggests for him to teach them at the clinic, but Teacher declines. He tells Grandma #2 to rest well and leaves. Doc is visibly upset, and goes to play a song on the radio. The song seems to be familiar to Teacher, because he runs to the playground and starts spinning around on the horizontal bars. DM watches from the steps, amazed at his Teacher’s ability.


YB drives the car to his home’s carpark, and KS is still sound asleep. He smiles at her, then taps her shoulder.

YB: Wake up.

KS: Oh my. Where… where is this place?

YB: You were sleeping so soundly. It seems like you really trust me.

KS: Aren’t you tired? You have been driving through the night.

YB: When I’m really busy, it’s nothing to go without sleep for a few nights. The amount of sleep I got on the island is equal to the amount of sleep I get in Seoul in 1 or 2 months.

KS: Oh my, you can’t even get proper rest. How do you live?

YB: Then let me show you the house of the man who has obtained it through living his life this way. Alight.

KS realises that his tuxedo jacket is covering her, and throws it back at him.


At YB’s door, he is keying in a REALLY long password.

KS: Gosh, why is it so difficult just to enter your house?

YB: If I leave the door open like you do back on the island, everything will be stolen.

KS: The way it looks now, it seems like you have hidden a lot of treasure inside.

Finally the door opens, and YB gestures KS in. KS’s eyes open wide in amazement.

KS: Oh my oh my oh my! No wonder you needed such a good security system! Is this a home or a palace? Oh my oh my oh my… (YB smiles happily, convinced that he has impressed her) Ah, where is the toilet by the way? Ah… I’ve been holding it in for too long, now it feels like my bladder is going to explode…

YB: Stop. (Points to the toilet). Over there. There.

KS: Ok ok (rushes to the toilet)

YB: What are you doing? Come on out.

NJ: Surprise.

YB: Are you playing with me? Next time if you want to hide, keep your shoes first. Go away quickly.

NJ: How surprised do you think I must be? YB, you are not the type to plan surprises just to seduce a woman. Just now, the woman who was saying “Oh my oh my”. Is that her? Oh my, your preferences are really unique. (imitating KS and hitting YB) Oh my oh my oh my oh my…

YB (pushes NJ’s hands away): So noisy. What trouble have you caused? Tell me quickly, then get out.

NJ: Sunny… I spoilt her. Sorry, Chinggu!

YB: What?

NJ: Forgiveness free pass.

YB: Argh, seriously. (message) Received. Now, go away.

NJ: Really? You really forgive me?

YB: Go away quickly.

KS (coming out of toilet): Top Star-ssi, that…

NJ: Miss “Oh my”, you must be surprised. Hello, I’m YB’s friend…

YB: Hey aren’t you leaving yet?


YB: Aren’t you leaving?

KS: Oh my, you are the one on TV. Oh my oh my oh my oh my, you are even better looking in person.

NJ: Looks like you have great taste. Miss “Oh my” you are very pretty too.

KS: Oh my, I’m not pretty. Oh my, seriously. But, I’m not “Oh my”, I’m OKS.

NJ: KS-ssi. Gosh, your name is as pretty as your face. I’m pleased to meet you. (sticks out his right hand for her to shake)

KS wipes her right hand on her dress and shakes his hand. NJ spots her wearing YB’s bracelet and is shocked.

YB: You don’t have a TV at home. How did you know him?

KS: I saw it in the motel yesterday.

NJ: Motel…?

YB: No, it’s not like that. Get out quickly, get out. (pushes NJ out)

NJ: KS-ssi, see you next time!

KS: Yes, thank you, good bye!

NJ (to YB): I prepared a secret. Look forward to it!

YB: Please just go.

KS: Top Star-ssi, that.. that… toilet. How do you flush it? I didn’t see a button for flushing it. (YB sighs and collapses onto the back of the sofa in defeat) There wasn’t one originally?


In the toilet, YB shows KS how to flush the toilet.

YB: Like this.

KS: Oh my oh my oh my…

YB: Did you just ask the man who confessed to you for help to flush the toilet?

KS: But I can’t not flush it. If you need to use it and open the cover…

YB: Stop. Come on out. Let me show you around.

As KS leaves the toilet, she spots the hourglass, now with all its sand in the top half.

KS: That’s really weird. Is it spoilt?


YB shows KS around his house, gesturing towards his many awards and posters. KS stops in front of one, and YB smiles in pride. The words on the poster read: Handsome, right? Rich, right? Popular, right? How can you dislike a person like me? The really rude Yoo Joon Sung / Yoo Baek. (is Yoo Joon Sung YB’s real name? I wonder) YB is obviously very proud of that poster, but KS just scoffs at it.

KS: What is this?


YB brings KS to his bedroom.

YB: And this, is the Top Star’s bedroom.

KS spots the rose petals, towel swans arrangement on YB’s bed, along with a partially open gift box.

KS: Oh my, how did you do that? (YB spots the swans and mess them up, flinging the towels onto the floor)

YB: I didn’t do that.

KS reaches out to the gift box and pulls out a lacy bra.

KS; Wow, it’s so pretty!

YB snatches it from her and stuffs it into his vest to hide it, but it just looks wrong. KS stares at him, and YB pulls the bra out of his vest and stuffs it into his pocket instead. Next, KS pulls out a pair of underwear.

KS: There’s one more here.

YB snatches that away and stuffs it into his vest. He then hides both bra and underwear behind his back.

YB: Don’t misunderstand. NJ was the one who did this. He is a pervert and his mind is filled with dirty thoughts.

KS: Ah, I see. I won’t misunderstand. What is there to be misunderstood?

KS starts throwing the rose petals into the air and YB goes and sweep those on the floor as well.

KS: These are pretty…

YB (places the bra and underwear back in the box and picks up the box): Come on outside.


In the living room, YB tosses the box into the trash bin.

KS: Why did you throw it away? Seriously. If you want to throw it, throw it to me. These are like for a princess, so pretty!

YB: What? Are you saying you want to wear these?

KS: It’s such a pity to throw them away. It’s not nice to reject someone’s sincere gift.

YB: You didn’t care for the sincerity behind the surprise I prepared for you, and you’re saying this now?

KS: What? It’s ok to receive these as a gift.

YB: Gosh, I should have gotten you underwear when I confessed to you. It’s up to you.

KS (smiles at YB while his back is turned, and picks up the bra): But I think this size is a little small.

YB: Don’t lie.

KS: Gosh.

YB: You’re hungry right? Let me go and change, then I’ll cook something for you. Why don’t you take the time to study and understand me better?

KS: Study?

YB: You can always think of it as me trying to show off my charm. (switches on his movie “Ninja Again” for KS) There. (walks off to his bedroom)

KS: What is that?


YB’s agency

CEO and DC are eating jajangmyeon. NJ arrives.

NJ: Hyung… big news big news! I just met YB’s woman.

CEO: What? YB is back in Seoul? What should I do? He said he will not let me off easy.

NJ: Calm down, don’t worry.  YB is now enamoured by this woman. He will not care about the trouble we created. He even forgave me for spoiling Sunny.

CEO: Really? Ah… But, you said he brought a woman? Who is it? A celebrity?

NJ: No, a commoner. She’s very unique. She reminds me of Brooke Shields from Blue Lagoon, and also of a soup restaurant ahjumma.

CEO: What are you talking about?

NJ: I’m not sure. It’s just really hard to say. I can’t really put it into words. Her name is Oh… Oh… Oh… What?

DC: Could it be Oh Kang Soon?

NJ: OKS! Do you know her?

DC: She’s the grand-daughter of the host family that YB was staying with. KS Noona is in Seoul? Wow, I haven’t seen her for so long. I should go over and say hi.

NJ: Hey! YB asked me to prepare some ingredients. They must have had a nice meal, and the atmosphere must be really good. Why go over and interrupt?

DC: KS Noona and YB Hyung, how is that possible?

NJ: Why isn’t it possible? Then why did YB ask me to prepare the surprise?

DC: What? You mean the surprise was for KS Noona? No it can’t be.

NJ: Why not? Anyhow, my sixth sense tells me, there’s something going on between those two. YB even let her wear his bracelet.

CEO: What? That one of a kind bracelet which he treats like a treasure? This won’t do. He’s supposed to be doing self-reflection now. It would not be good if news of a romance comes out.


KS watches YB in his movie. After YB defeats the enemies, he walks up to a girl who was tied up.

Ninja YB: My dear, are you alright?

Ninja YB kisses the girl, while KS watches. She’s obviously getting all hot and bothered by the kiss, and quickly turns off the movie.

KS: What is this?


YB is cooking for KS. (Everything looks so good. Oppa, I want to eat your food too!)

YB: Have you finished the movie already?

KS: Ya, I finished it.

YB: How was it?

KS: Now I know you can kiss everyone and anyone.

YB: Are you jealous?

KS: What are you talking about? Seriously. Why would I be jealous? Seriously. Anyway, can I take a shower?

YB almost drops the salad dressing in shock.

YB: What?

KS: I want to wash my face, and then my hair. I didn’t wash it yesterday, and it’s so uncomfortable. My hair is so oily, you can fill two bottles with it.

YB: Stop. I got it. Go and wash up.



KS walks into the bathroom and cannot figure out how to use the shower.

KS: Gosh, there’s no basin. How inconvenient! How do I wash my hair? (starts turning the knobs but no water comes out) What? How come there’s no water? (calls out to YB) Top Star-ssi! Has the water supply been cut? (turns the knob some more) What’s wrong with this? Seriously.

Just then, YB comes in to help.

YB: What’s the matter? There is no water? (he turns one of the knobs and the water comes out of the big shower, wetting them both)

KS: Oh my oh my!

YB quickly turns the water off and both of them are wiping water off their faces.

YB: Are you alright?

And then, the tense moment. YB and KS stare at each other, and YB drops the shower head. He leans in closer and closer to KS, wanting to kiss her. KS doesn’t move away either, and closes her eyes slowly. However, YB pulls back at the last minute.

YB: I will get some clothes for you.

YB walks out, and KS, left alone, clutches at her chest. We can hear her heartbeat as she recalls YB kissing her in the garden.

KS: Oh my, what am I thinking about now?

YB has changed out of his wet clothes, and brings a striped shirt and pair of trousers to KS. He passes by the box of underwear, and gingerly pokes it back in the box. He brings everything to the bathroom. KS is trying to warm herself up when YB speaks to her from outside the door.

YB: I brought you a change of clothes. And underwear.


KS opens the door partially and grabs the clothes. She opens the box and smiles at the underwear.

KS: Oh my, so pretty!


After showering, KS washes the bra she was wearing in the sink.

KS: How am I supposed to dry this?

She spots a heater on the floor.

KS: What is this? Is it a fan?

She lays her bra on the heater.

KS: Ah. Just nice, I can let it dry here.



MD is helping Grandma to hang up the laundry. As he chats to Grandma, he drags YB’s tshirts on the muddy ground, soiling them before hanging them up to dry. Grandma comments on how the house feels empty without KS and YB around, and wonders why KS went with YB to Seoul, worried that she may burden him. MD reassures her that KS went to visit DC. Grandma thanks MD and his parents for looking after her and KS and apologises for the burden. MD then tells her how he should become her grandson-in-law, so she won’t feel burdened if he helps with the chores. Grandma laughs, then asks if he really doesn’t like his match-making partner. MD tells her that KS is way better than that girl, and Grandma smilingly agrees that KS is the best. Just then, MD’s dad yells at him to collect some parcels that YB has sent over to the island. MD goes begrudgingly. MD arrives at the minimart and opens one of the boxes to find a figurine of YB’s movie character Ninja, and he picks it up to hit and curse at it. MD then looks up at the minimart signboard, which is supposed to read “Oh Family Minimart”, and recalls what happened three years ago.

KS: Here you go. You must be careful on the way.

MD: Gosh, when Oppa first left, you were crying so hard. Now you’re not sad anymore?

KS: Gosh, why wouldn’t I be sad? I feel sad every time you leave.

MD: Oh gosh. Ah, I keep wanting to repair the signboard, but I keep forgetting. (The first three characters on the signboard means “Oh Family”, but because the first character has fallen off, the remaining two characters on their own means “To leave”)

KS: That’s right. I guess the name of the minimart has changed to “Leaving”, that’s why Oppa is always leaving home. Shall we change it to “Coming Home”? Then you won’t leave.

MD: You don’t wish for me to leave? Then I won’t go out to sea. Let’s get married then.

KS: Gosh, you are starting this again! Go off quickly!

MD: Alright. Before I come back, please become prettier, you ugly girl.

KS: Oppa, remember to shave, don’t be like Im Ku Jung! (sorry if I got the name wrong, but according to the Chinese subs, this is the name of a Robin Hood-like man in the Joseon period) Wear a hat and don’t hurt your skin! Have your meals on time! Be careful!

MD (turns back to KS): My wife! Wait for me!


Back in the present, MD has tears in his eyes.

MD: I shouldn’t have left that time.

MD repairs the signboard, and now the second character, instead of the first, is missing. I’m not sure if this has changed the meaning to “Coming Home”. He brings the parcels to KS’s house.


Meanwhile, Doc is taking a stroll and passes by the horizontal bars, thinking of how distant Teacher has been. She tears up and walks away, not noticing that Teacher is behind her, looking very sad himself. Doc stumbles along the path leading to the Out of Bounds area, not noticing that the sign is gone.



YB has prepared food for KS and is waiting for her while having a drink.  

KS: Oh wow. I didn’t know you can cook so well.

YB: I can do everything well, except to seduce a tacky woman like you.

KS: Seems like you managed to seduce a lot of women using this method. Really a lot.

YB: No, it’s not that I set out purposefully to seduce them. Because they will come near me voluntarily.

KS: Yeah, yeah, it’s like that. So you are really happy about it? (starts pouting and pursing up her lips while muttering to herself, causing YB to stare at her lips)

YB: You, stop pouting.

KS: But why?

YB: Nothing. What would you understand about a man’s patience?

KS: Seriously. It’s my mouth, so why can’t I move it? (starts moving her lips in all sorts of ways, and YB stuffs a piece of melon in her mouth to stop her)

YB: Stop.

KS; Oh my. Oh my! This is so delicious! What is this?

YB: Melon

KS takes another bite of the melon, enjoying her food very much, and YB smiles happily to see her eating well. (Guys, this! This smile! This is the smile that had my insides all curled up!)


At a clothes store

YB walks in with KS behind him, and she mirrors his actions of sticking his hands in his pockets and looking around. YB starts looking through the clothes, and the fashion designer (FD) runs up to them.

FD: Oh my oh my! YB! I heard that you have been doing self-reflection lately. Is it going well? (spots KS) Hello! (To YB) Who is this? Could it be…?

YB: Don’t misunderstand. I’m not like the person in shallow dramas who turn country bumpkins into princesses. I’m definitely not here for that. Don’t think of going overboard with her. Find her something lady-like and easy to move around in. That mouth… (goes and closes FD’s mouth) Keep it shut. And keep it shut from now on.


KS walks out in a pretty pink dress and beige coat, but she’s not used to wearing heels. Although the clothes are simple, YB thinks she looks very pretty.

FD: How is it? I picked something simple.

YB: It’s… not bad. (To FD) Thank you! (Guides KS out by the shoulder) Let’s go!


FD: See you, Yoo Baek! What is this what is this? Oh my. Is she the owner of the cake according to the news? Oh, I’m speechless. Seriously.



Doc is wandering around the Out of Bounds area, not knowing where she is. She spots a strange man with long grey hair and when moving closer, steps on a branch, alerting him to her presence. He turns around, and whatever she sees scares her so badly that she runs away, leaving her scarf on the ground. Doc bumps into Teacher while escaping and yelling for help, and upon seeing him, jumps into his arms and hides her face in his shirt with relief. But he pushes her away when he realises how close she is, and she gets upset with him and runs off. Teacher touches the makeup that Doc left behind on his shirt, and stares after her.



YB is driving KS in his red sports car.

KS: Gosh, the clothes are too expensive. I feel a little burdened.

YB: You’re really strange. Didn’t you immediately put on the underwear that NJ gave you?

KS: Well… anyway… thank you. But this bracelet is not a debt mortgage on the pot right? It’s for me?

YB: That is really expensive, why would I give it to you? Take good care of it until I give you the money for the pot.

KS: Then, give me 5000 won and take this back.

YB: Isn’t it just 5000 won? Why are you pressing me for it? Wow, you’re so petty.

KS: Gosh, it’s not like that. Ah, whatever. (spots something out of the window) Oh my oh my oh my, is that the legendary 63 Building? Can we go there and take a look?

YB: We can’t. If I go there, I will sure;y get mobbed. And if we get our photos taken by the reporters, your identity and information will be revealed.

KS: So that’s to say, you can’t go anywhere with a lot of people?

YB: It’s been like that since I debuted. So for me, Yeojek Island is a lot more comfortable.

KS: Don’t you feel inconvenienced or depressed living like this?

YB: I’m used to it.

KS: If you can’t do what you want, then you can only stay at home? What do you do then?

YB: Fall in love… (KS scoffs) absolutely no time for that. I practise singing, memorise scripts, film dramas, exercise and build my body, movies, commercials, posters, plus all the interviews. I’m really busy.

KS: Gosh, I feel tired and bored just listening to you. Gosh.

YB (looking at his watch and see that it’s 5 pm): There are still 5 hours left. Think about it carefully.


YB and KS are alone in a café. KS is looking around her.

KS: Anyway, what do we do in a place like this?

YB: Shh. I can make your normal tacky days turn into a fantasy. This is your Christmas present, OKS.

The stage curtains open, revealing KS’s favourite singer, Cheon Young Rok Oppa. YB smiles, and KS rubs her eyes in disbelief. CYR salutes them in greeting, and KS covers her mouth in shock.

KS: Oh my oh my oh my! What should I do? CYR Oppa! CYR Oppa!

YB: Calm down, OKS. Calm down.

CYR: I heard today, that fan has come.

KS: That’s me that’s me! Oppa! That’s me!

CYR: Presenting the following song to that fan of mine.



Your beautiful eyes are filled with tears

What is it that caused you to be sad and made you cry

Don’t cry in front of me

My heart hurts when I see you cry

Use my love to comfort your sorrow

Use my hand to wipe away your tears

My love for you will never change

Your sorrow is my sorrow

Let’s go through it together

Let’s smile from now on and take a look at me

I feel comforted to see you smile

Let’s forget the past sorrow

Let’s dream our dreams together

Let’s dream our dreams together.


(Throughout this song, YB looks at KS lovingly. You can tell how much he adores her. And KS is also starting to feel something for YB too. You can tell from the tender way she looks at him. Meanwhile, a nosy café worker takes a picture of YB and KS and posts it on social media)



MD brings YB’s parcels to KS’s house and calls for Grandma, but she doesn’t respond. When MD goes into the kitchen to look for her, he is horrified to see that she has fainted. He holds her up, and yells for his dad. MD carries Grandma to Dad’s boat, with Doc following behind. She yells that she has contacted the professors at Kang-Il Hospital and asks them to be careful.



CYR signs an album for KS.

CYR: Done.

KS: OK. YR Oppa, you are so good-looking. I’ve always said I want to marry YR Oppa.

CYR: YB is right. You are really something of a fan.

KS: That something... what does it mean? (I think the way KS says “something” sounds like “penis”, so the whole conversation is really funny.)

CYR: It means… cute and dorky kind of fan.

KS (screams in happiness): Oh my oh my oh my! That something something something fan. It’s so wonderful.


In YB’s car, KS cannot stop smiling.

KS: I say, my life’s dream was achieved so easily. Top Star-ssi, you are really great! Really great!

YB: Gosh, there isn’t much time left. I think I made a mistake.

KS: What?

YB: You should have been enamoured by me, but you were enamoured by YR Oppa instead.

KS: Thank you.

YB: OKS, from now on, don’t smile like that in front of other men. I will get jealous.


The reporter sees the social media update by the waitress, and waits outside the building where the café is. He sees YB’s car driving out, and goes after it.


YB and KS are in a restaurant overlooking the city.

KS: Wow, the night scenery in Seoul is so beautiful. (she looks around and spots a big TV screen with YB’s picture and a message that says “Welcome to the world of fantasy”. She looks back at YB while he pours her some red wine. When YB looks up, she is caught staring at him, and she quickly looks down to avoid his gaze. Embarrassed, she picks up her water glass and drinks from it.)


Hordes of reporters have arrived at the building where YB and KS are.


YB: How was it today?

KS: It feels like I have arrived in another world. Yesterday I was still on the island, but now, sitting under the skies of Seoul, it feels so amazing. I feel like I’m in a fantasy.

YB (looks at his watch. It’s 10 pm): It’s been 24 hours. Are you ready to give me your answer? (KS hesitates) OKS, I like you. How about you?

KS smiles but doesn’t answer him. YB just looks at her expectantly. Just then, YB’s phone rings.

KS: Oh, your phone is ringing. (The call is from DC, and YB picks up reluctantly.)

YB: Oh, DC ah.

DC: Hyung-nim, is KS Noona with you?

YB: Yes. Why?

DC: MD Hyung called and said that her Grandma has fainted and is now at Kang-Il Hospital.

YB: What? Her Grandma?


YB and KS run out of the restaurant to the lift lobby. As they get into one elevator, the reporters come out of another and spot them. They start taking pictures of YB and KS, and YB stands in front of KS, trying to shield her from the reporters. The elevator door closes, and the reporters are stuck outside.


In the elevator, KS is paralysed with shock and worry.

KS: Grandma.

YB: Don’t worry, I will bring you to the hospital in a while. (picks up a call from CEO) Oh, Hyung.

CEO: Are you with that woman at S Tower? All the reporters are gathered at the front entrance now.

YB: What? Hyung, get DC to come here and look for me. (presses all the lift buttons from 1st to 5th floor) The reporters are all here. Let’s hide for a while until DC gets here.

YB and KS alight on the 5th floor and try to find a place to hide. As they rush down the stairs, YB offers his hand to KS and KS takes it. They get to the third floor hand in hand, but hear some reporters coming up the stairs, so YB decides to hide on the third floor. They find an office pantry to hide in.

KS (breaking down): Grandma! What should my Grandma do?

Reporter: We can’t search every place here. Let’s just wait at the entrance. Let’s go!

Just then, YB receives a message from DC saying that he has arrived at the front entrance.

YB: OKS, listen to me carefully. I really want to bring you there myself, but I can’t. After we leave this place, I will take the elevator down, and you take the emergency staircase and go straight to the entrance to find DC. Understand? Grandma will be alright (wiping her tears away) so don’t worry so much. OK? (KS nods in reply) Let’s go.

YB leads KS out by her hand to the emergency staircase, and KS gives YB’s hand one last shake, then lets go and leaves. YB is still holding out his hand to her, but can only watch her walking away from him. The expression on his face is too unbearably sad.

As KS runs past a mirrored wall, she catches her reflection on the mirror. As she pauses to take a look at herself, the clock stops ticking and the chime strikes. (I think they are trying to tell us that KS is Cinderella, and now that it’s midnight, the fantasy must stop.)


The reporters are milling around in the lift lobby, and when one of the elevators open, YB is inside, with his sunglasses covering his eyes. He steps out, and all the reporters rush at him, taking photos and asking questions about the “woman”. The reporters’ attention is all on YB, and no one notices KS running out behind them to the entrance, but YB catches sight of her. Although his eyes are covered, you can tell that he’s very sad about having to let KS go to the hospital without him. As KS runs past, she also turns to look at him. She jumps into DC’s car, but is still looking back at YB as the car drives off. KS cries in the car. When the car passes by the TV screen with YB’s picture, KS looks up. Then, the image of YB on the TV screens turn off one by one as the car carries KS to the hospital. KS’s time in the world of fantasy has come to an end.


End of Ep 6. No preview for Ep 7.

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19 hours ago, butwhatever said:

Hi, I'm not sure if this was posted before but does anyone have an idea what the hourglass stands for? I'm feeling it's supposed to signify Yoo Baek opening up to the world/people but the sort of fantasy vibes threw me off (in a good way), is all. Hehe


Since time stopped in the hourglass, I'll hate to think that this could signify a break from the harsh reality for Yoo Baek with the people he met and the experience he got on the island, and that eventually he would have to say goodbye to this wonderful dream and go back to his world. 



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