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[Current Drama 2018-2019] Encounter / Boyfriend, 남자친구 - Wed & Thu @ 21:30 KST

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Agree with all the others, never heard that rumor. I only read that SHK and PBG had considered working together but later turned down the first drama that was offered to the two of them - Temperature of Love in March of 2017. It’s cute how things work out, PBG would have been her last male lead pre marriage if they had done TOL but now he’s her first male lead post marriage. 


I don’t think personal friendships between SJK and PBG would be of any consequence to SHK refusing to work with him, she’s said Yoo Ah In is like a younger brother to her despite that both YAI and she have evinced a desire to work opposite each other. YAI said he wanted to be play the romantic lead opposite SHK during her fan meeting and she posted a picture on her personal Instagram with him post her marriage saying she wanted to work with him in the future. 


A lot has been said about the two evil mothers but after re-watching the 2nd episode , I think CSH’s dad is the bigger villain. It’s his personal political ambitions which have been the problem all along, the mother is merely someone who lends her support and facilitates things for him.He never acknowledges his daughter’s hardships and makes impersonal small talk about meals and her trips to Cuba, it really put me off when CSH apologized to him in the 2nd episode and he accepted her apology. What makes it worse is that CSH seems to be genuinely fond of her father!


On the topic of the ex husband, I hope the drama gives us more details about the divorce. Was it him or her who initiated the proceedings? Unlikely that it’s him because his mother is so controlling, even if he wanted to re-marry like CSH says in the 1st episode he couldn’t have done so without his mom’s permission and it looks like CSH is her first choice for daughter in law which is why she continues to cultivate their relationship by expecting CSH to turn up at family events. 


If it was CSH who wanted the divorce then she probably did care for her ex in her own way. Given that it was a marriage of convenience why would she expect him to remain faithful to her? A few dalliances on the side could surely be overlooked in a loveless marriage. 


Edit: what’s the age gap between the characters? He’a 29 , if she got married right after university that would be about 22-23 and  it doesn’t seem like they were married too long. CSH gets the hotel as alimony and made it a success in 4 years and conversation with her ex makes it seem like the hotel’s success is quite recent. She must be around 32-33?


@gumtaek hi! I had been checking the TVN Korean site and it was just about a week before the drama released, they had the older dramas and the new weekend drama posters as their bulletin banner. It seemed quite odd to me that Encounter was left out but I haven’t been regular with Twitter, so it’s great if they’ve been actively promoting the drama. 

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Afaik, SHK is very professional and she would never want her private life to meddle with her career. She said so herself. Also, correct me if I'm wrong but normally when she receives a drama offer, she'd consider the script, writer and the PD first before agreeing.


Well I'm glad that SHK and PBG accepted the offers as I can't imagine anyone else as CSH and KJH now. They're both perfect for their roles. :)






And regarding the promo, Idk if it's just me but I think tvN is doing quite a good job? But then I'm not familiar with how they promoted their dramas so I could be wrong here.

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Before Wednesday arrives I might as well spill my thoughts about the drama...hopefully this will help us appreciate the narrative.




Episode 1 starts with showing an image that we would associate with the classic Cinderella story: the plot device of a shoe (not a glass shoe  or slipper this time) but one of Cha Soo Hyun's heeled sandals that falls off as she sits on the ledge of the structure. 




I am sure all of us know fully well the classic Cinderella tale: "the rags to riches fate" of the heroine as she is found by the handsome prince by means of that glass shoe and who, by then, was in love with her and intended to marry her.


In the case of Boyfriend, the narrative is reversed. You have an "ice princess" in the person of Cha Soo Hyun who will be saved by commoner, Kim Jin Hyuk, from the trappings of wealth, power and overzealous ambition that gave her a miserable and fettered fate/existence to rightfully claim her personal happiness found in the "simple joys of everyday life". 


Cha Soo Hyun's heeled sandals could very the symbol of her fettered life. Her high heeled shoes limited her pace, and made her destination---El Malecon Beach via the Morro Cabana---an arduous task as evidenced by her bruise. Seeing it, Kim Jin Hyuk advised her to go barefoot instead (a metaphor for freedom), later offering to buy her a pair of flat, strapless sandals so she could walk with ease and comfort (again a symbol of freedom aside from going barefoot),




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@ahdrianaa JWS was the one who asked for a divorce. In the episode 1, CSH said that he had told her that he had fallen in love with a woman and wanted to be with her. So in her eyes, JWS never loved her and he cheated on her.

I won't disagree with you that CSH's father (CJH) is also responsible for her misery as his career got boosted through CSH. But notice that JWS's mother contacted CSH's mother and not directly CJH. We have two possibilities:

  • She can not directly ask the father, because he is a candidate for the president election. Her move would make her intention too obvious, hence she goes through the mother (JMO). Sure, the father could be using JMO in reality. She acts as the bad parent (the one who sold off her own daughter), while in reality he is the one who asked for this. But I don't think, it is like that... CJH didn't raise his voice, when JMO said such painful things...  
  • She contacted JMO because she knows that it was the mother who pushed for the arranged marriage in the first place. If so then, it means that the mother is the one with the upper hand in the marriage and even used her own husband for her own ambitions. This would explain why the father can't even stop his wife from hurting his daughter. If his wife was the ambitious and greedy one, then his career could have been pushed by her too. To me, the father's conversation with CSH showed more attention and concern. CSH seems to be close to her father than her own mother. 
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3 hours ago, dvrels said:

@anya77 i have been followed all the article about Boyfriend drama and SHK, also all of the comments in those articles but I've never read anything like that. What I read is that SHK likes the plot as the reason why she take this offer and SHK only make the comment abouy age gap on press conference. And as I know (correct me if I'm wrong), why these two being cast because the PD himself said he can't imagine other actor and actress to portray Kim Jin Hyuk and Cha Soo Hyun

 It's on Korea Portal but I don't know how reliable that site is. Anyway I didn't mean to cause any controversy but rather to express that I'm glad they both accepted. Yes I am sure any PD would want both of them. Both are mega stars in their own right who took breaks after huge rating hits 'DOTS' and "Love in the Moonlight'. So their comebacks would be eagerly anticipated and they hit the jackpot when they got both.  

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Thank you all for your analysis and insight of the drama.  i really enjoy reading all and i always forget to post as whenever i visited the page, i found new interesting post to read.  today  i find time to post the scene that i liked.  i will just paste from twitter where i randomly found.  i do not even knows some tweeter acct means they are clearly drama fan.




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16 hours ago, anya77 said:

Some have said that the role is very much like PBG's actual character but he apparently he turned down lots of roles before he finally accepted this one so there probably will be interesting developments which prompted him to take this. PBG has been called Nation's "Son-in-law" meaning that Korean mothers would pick him as their ideal son-in-law but clearly this won't be the case with Cha -Soo-Hyun's mother who is so ambitious that she wants her old son-in-law back. 

Actually he is the "nation's boyfriend" too :D

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Hello all, just want to share the small details Koreans and Chinese fans have noticed in ep 1-2. Director Park Shin Woo may be using these props to suggest the plot of the drama.


1) Just like this car,  CSH crashed into KJH quiet world.



2)  CSH intrusion not only breaks his camera's viewfinder but also (into) his life (i think this is why his age is similar to the camera)




3) Through the viewfinder, KJH saw the book ' The End of the World, Girlfriend'



4) CSH' heels

First and foremost, CSH' heels symbolizes her identity/status. Even though the heels hurt her feet, she never once thought of taking off the uncomfortable heels. After KJH proposed walking barefoot together, she finally picked up her courage to take off her heels. These pair of uncomfortable heels were held by KJH, so are they telling us that in the future, KJH will share/bear these 'uncomfortable' with CSH?





The watch on the left is in Korean time, while the right is Cuba's time. After sending drunk KJH home, CSH wanted to change the time to KST but did not do so in the end. On the 2nd day during the interview, she wears the watch with Cuba time. What is the meaning of Cuba good time for CSH? i think everyone knows .





6)Paintings-using colors, depicting their different characters.

CSH- before the struggle/rebel, a lonely shadow

KJH- the setting sun radiance, just like the sun, filled with strong colors.







7) Negative

Why use a magnifying glass to look at the negative? KJH says he would  'washed out' these pictures, it is a process of turning black and white negative into colored pictures. Is it a hint that he will turn CSH black and white life into colorful ones?





8)SwingsThe swings at KJH favourite playground, as we can see below, left swing is CSH and right is KJH. After CSH sent KJH home, we can see that the left swing is swinging= CSH heart is fluttering. While KJH is sitting on the swing with his female friend,the swings do not move.









10) Heels and soft toy

 For KJH, his most treasured possessions are camera and books. He puts everything that is connected to CHS on this important place. Heels beside his camera, the soft toy that CSH gave him, he replaced his books with it.





11) KJH magnifying glass+film negative=CSH watch




credit: dc and weibo

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more than 4 pictures have to be put under spoiler.
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Many articles came out today about this. This is just an excerpt.





@khxyThanks so much for the details you've shared about the drama! Appreciate these! Hope to read more of your posts! Would you know the Chinese netizens' pulse about the drama?


Boyfriend's ratings for the 2 episodes are really impressive considering it has a Wednesday-Thursday airing schedule. From what I have observed about the dramas that have been aired on these days, it's very difficult to obtain high ratings. It's easier for weekend dramas to get higher ratings for obvious reasons. This is the reason why it's big news in SK.

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