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[Current Drama 2018-2019] Encounter / Boyfriend, 남자친구 - Wed & Thu @ 21:30 KST

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4 hours ago, twtwb said:


Encounter - Episode 1


I like the first episode.


The episode is beautiful from many perspectives. The scenery is nice and so are the cinematography and its colours. The two main actors are beautiful and so is their acting (more on this below). And the same can be said about the first encounter and following interactions between the two main characters, Cha Soo Huyn and Kim Jin Hyuk.


The script of the first episode is good. It is well thought and mature. It shows the potential for a heartfelt, meaningful and challenging journey of the two main characters towards their happiness. I like the dialogues between Cha Soo Huyn and Kim Jin Hyuk, between Cha Soo Huyn and her secretary, and even between Cha Soo Huyn and her former husband. The introduction of the main characters and their encounter was done very smoothly. The music was in sync with the atmosphere. The pace of the first episode is just nice. It is not too fast, and it should not be too fast given the story, setting, style and atmosphere. But it is not too slow, as there are already developments in the feelings of the two main characters, which might take a few episodes for other dramas. Putting the lines, developments, scenery, actors, music, colors all together gives me a very warm and romantic feeling.


The actors did a very good job. It is only the first episode and Song Hye Kyo already showed us a wide range of emotions. She was vulnerable yet competent and strong. She was very lonely, but has not given up hope.  She was realistic but romantic. She might be afraid of new things but also eager to learn new things. And while she was very mature given her background and what she has been through, there was a bit youthful shyness in her interaction with Kim Jin Huyk. 


Park Bo Gum was also able to demonstrate a lot of layers. He was young but mature. He was positive and romantic but reasonable. He was curious but respectful. He was nice but not over the top. He was playful but honest and sincere.


Both actors are very good at acting with their eyes. Of course, since it was just the first encounter, it would not be reasonable to expect the actors to show deep feelings and emotions to each other (yet). But certainly, I could feel that there was something between the two main characters. Just look into their eyes when they saw and talked to each other, their smile when they danced with each other, their gestures when they walked together, I believe you would feel the same thing. 


These are the things I like about the first episode.


I appreciate the efforts of the whole crew in creating this meaningful, beautiful, romantic and subtle episode. And I hope you do, too.


-twtwb-  (Image credit: owner)

Well said dear , i love that, thank you !

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Watched ep 1! 


Somehow I think Bogum looks so pure and beautiful, it's difficult to find someone who can match his charisma. 


He always looks so positive, I'm looking forward to him performing sad scenes. 


His aura is like a monk. Or a priest. 


SHK is so beautiful as always. She is older than me, but always looks younger. While I'm ageing everyday. I'm so angry at myself but still love her so much :sweatingbullets:

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hi onion head







“Encounter” breaks ratings record for tvN

Updated : November 29 2018

“Encounter” seems to be the best thing that has happened to tvN this year, as the show has broken the cable channel’s previous ratings record.

The pilot episode of the much-anticipated romance drama starring Song Hye-kyo and Park Bo-gum came out on top in Wednesday night’s ratings battle, scoring a viewership rating of 9.4 percent, according to the TV audience measurement service TNmS.

To put things in perspective, “Encounter” debuted with a higher rating than the pilot episode of “Mr. Sunshine” which garnered a rating of 8.5 percent.






The show also beat SBS’ historical fantasy series “The Last Empress,” which aired at a similar time slot Wednesday night.

Prior to airing, “Encounter” drew attention for its star-studded cast and exotic filming location in Cuba.

During a press event last week, actor Park said, “Old and modern art coexist in the country, which came across as refreshing and exotic. As the country is full of music and dance, I think it made me feel more upbeat.”

By Yim Hyun-su (hyunsu@heraldcorp.com)


[Ratings] "Encounter" Overwhelms From the Start








According to Nielsen Korea, which has returned to delivering ratings after a hiatus following the KT fire, the new tvN drama "Encounter" rated 8.683%.

It was the highest viewing rate among three dramas aired on the day. The Song Hye-kyo and Park Bo-gum pairing received much attention even before its first broadcast, and the attention proved fruitful.




Meanwhile, SBS drama "The Last Empress" rated 5.7% and 7.9%, MBC "Red Moon, Blue Sun" rated 3.8% and 4.7% while KBS 2TV drama "Feel Good To Die" rated 2.4% and 3.5%.






Source : /news.nate.com/view/2...



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A great first episode! We can definitely understand how CSH has been living all this time: she was just a tool for her father who used her beauty and popularity in order to push his career. I guess that her marriage was a marriage of convenience too. Even after getting divorced, she is still living under the rules of her ex-mother-in-law who tells her what to wear and where she needs to be present. Even the media dictate her life... she is not able to leave the car in order to eat some ramyun. Based on the preview, we discover that her nickname is the ice princess as she appears distant and cold. Notice that her ex-mother-in-law forced her to wear a blue dress which contributes to make people think that her nickname is deserved. However, in Cuba she wears a red dress, the exact opposite indicating that she is capable to be passionate. She caught the main lead's attention while wearing this dress.

To conclude, I sense that since she has been living in a golden cage, she has never been able to show any feelings. 


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I'm also very interested in her lipstick colours, especially the one she is wearing with the red dress. Waiting for some information to drop about it... 

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The Cuba Episode was enchanting, it definitely was like magic. I wish we could have stayed there longer. The first Encounter was magical in every sense be it from the scenery, the glimpses of Jinhyuk’s everyday life in Cuba with locals and his fateful meeting with Soohyun, of reactions of fans, the hype after the airing of the episode and the rating. 


I’m like Jinhyuk waiting for the next episode



As for the reaction of netizens, it wasn’s shocking at all. Since I had followed the news since the beginning, at first everyone’s reaction was negative it wasn’t until fans of both PBG and SHK came forward to comment that we saw a change in the comments. So it’s completely normal to read about those netizens’ reaction since they don’t like either or both leads. 

As for general drama fans (knetizens and international kdrama viewers) who are not happy with the pace of Boyfriend or the story, my guess is that nowadays kdramas are fast-paced with a kissing scene in ep1-2, getting together and breaking up or a having a bed scene by ep7. It doesn’t give you time to digest it like good old days and everything happens so fast. I don’t know if the story of Boyfriend/Encounter will be spectacular since the weakest link in this production is the writer but what I’ve sensed from the early synopsis till now is that Boyfriend is nostalgic, it will give you every step of having a cush on someone to falling in love and being in love, we will see their yearning, sadness and happiness. The heart fluttering experience of watching their love story is why I’m here. Let’s hope for the best.


Lots of love to you 




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4 hours ago, angel4 said:

U can go to this link http://fastdrama.se/encounter

 Thank you so much but I actually want the SRT , the soft subs only without the video ^^;;  anyone know? 


edit :


Found the SRT files! if anyone also like me, like to download HD videos on torrent and sync it with ENG SRT, here you go!




The torrent videos I download from Korean website so you must know how to read Hangul then you can navigate the web ^^;; it's https://torrentwal.net/ 

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Hi everyone I'm new member here.

Seriously first episode really lovely, i mean the second you watch it, you'll understand how and why Cha Soo Hyun being like she is now. No wonder the memory of Cuba really enchanted to her. And how Park Bo Gum portrait Kim Jin Hyuk really well. Seriously the sunset view in El Malecon Beach really beautiful and I like the old hotel garden very beautiful. If I have to choose my fav scene in first episode i will go for the scene where CSH ask for KJH's money, the way KJH answer with smile really melt me (hahaha) and the second was when KJH find out who is CSH and the moment he got the called from Donghwa Hotel. Can't wait for tonight episode, seeing the still cut, looks like Cha Soo Hyun will be so surprised seeing KJH as one of her staff. Can't wait their interaction after they know about each other background


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