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[Current Drama 2018-2019] Encounter / Boyfriend, 남자친구 - Wed & Thu @ 21:30 KST

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5 minutes ago, rosiepeonie188 said:

Someone in this forum asked about JinSoo relationship timeline, how long have they been together. Well luckily our writer and PD-nim were aware about this

I wanted to check the timeline for the rings.. thanks for posting this

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10 hours ago, gumtaek said:

If you have the acumen and access to Korean SNS and sites, searches about the drama would help even on non- airing days to increase buzz for Boyfriend.



If anyone can suggest on how to go about it, it would be much appreciated!


I camp both in Naver and Soompi.:D


Thanks for the exciting prediction @rosiepeonie188!


Thank you gumtaek.


I believe you posted links on some searches for Naver for encounter, pbg, shk before? Can you post it again please.


I was trying to compose replies for the discussion but I stumbled on your post and think it takes precedence. :D

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Ok folks what do you all think about another bed scene this time with another make out session? Pervy mode: ON :lol:

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