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[Current Drama 2018-2019] Encounter / Boyfriend, 남자친구 - Wed & Thu @ 21:30 KST

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4 hours ago, ihyw said:

I was watching @stroppyse clips and translations of the bed scene and realized that beautiful Saltnpaper "Take Me On" song now being sung by female vocalist?  Maybe signaling shift to SH following JH? Or maybe singer has been alternating and I just missed it ooops.

Yeah... I downloaded the ost and there are 2versions. Both are good!!!

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7 minutes ago, stroppyse said:


Natch. I want his big bad mama to be smacked along with him. :D


:lol:  If mama smacks sonny boy, I wonder who we can get to smack bid bad mama. :D

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41 minutes ago, stroppyse said:

The power play that her ex-MIL instigated so that SH would be seen to still be obedient despite the divorce, and thereby reaffirming her position yet again, even in this issue, especially since Chairwoman Kim is planning on kicking SH to the curb afterward is just a mean and nasty ploy to belittle SH and her family. Of course, no one but Chairwoman Kim and WS fully appreciate that. And, though WS is aware of his mother's plans, especially since his mother specifically told him that while she would never accept SH as her DIL again, that she still wanted SH to be seeing bowing before her will, WS does nothing to try to protect SH. Rather, he's still hoping for the best that when he finally wins SH over again (can we say he is so delusional now?), that his mother will accept her again.


Anyway, on SH's side, she is being encouraged to be conciliatory to her MIL this once, for the sake of the hotel, for the sake of her father's career. And, of course the memorial day for WS' father

@stroppyse If SH play her cards right she could get out of alot of the agreements of her divorce and get money out of it.. To really embarass the Ex-MIL and WS is to take her new man with her to such function for all to see as they appear of the front headlines of the paper.. Her divorce agreenment said she must attend it didn't say she couldn't attend with someone.. This would put the evil lady in her place thinking she still runs things and wanting the world to know she controls SH and family.. 




She thinks she's going to control Dad with the election by offering him the presidency if SH gives up her share of the hotel business.. She's in for a rude awakening because once she realizes thats not happening she'll try and detroy the party that he represent but he already has a back up plan.. SH mom might stroke out when she learns it's her husband also whom turned his back on the president position which is why she never became the first lady all for his daughter happiness..

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3 hours ago, thesunset said:

Episode 12: Netizen’s Reaction

7. [+107
This couple is so touching. They could only fall for each other because they are that way! Seriously, there's no exit in this drama!


Source: melohwa.blogspot.com


We're in trouble, two more weeks and there's absolutely no exit from this Encounter. 




@ahdrianaa will be so much fun talking bout this drama over soju and snack :rolleyes:.. i wrote next week, it should be next 2 week, right after the last episode :tears::tears:

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52 minutes ago, nubianlegalmind said:

Sorry for cutting your post, but this, this right here is what struck me the most in episode 11.


Since episode 1, all we have heard from Evil Mammy and the Wanna-be evil mammy is that had it not been for them, CSH's father wouldn't be the head of his party. Had it not been for them, CSH wouldn't have been able to enter such a prestigious family, but now we know that this was their doing. I believe JWS saw CSH in a magazine, or on television and became somewhat of a fanboy of her. Then the arrangement began. His family threw money at her family to get their kids to marry. However, CSH's father had reservations about it. 


The uncle said that he HAD TO MAKE PROMISES TO HER FATHER. He had to convince them that CSH would be protected and cared for. The uncle was upset that JWS did not do what was promised. So, in essence, that divorce contract is technically invalid. The promise or contract made before marriage was broken by JWS, so this idea that CSH owes that family anything is preposterous! Moreover, now that JWS has entered the hotel business and has made himself co-CEO with these new shares, the other shareholders will care nothing about his Taeyeoung affiliation, especially if it goes against that bottom line. Now, his evil mammy can't sabotage the hotel, because her son has attached himself to it. JWS really is dumb. Stick to what you are good at. Clearly this isn't it. In fact, what does he do? All we see him doing is professionally stalking his ex-wife.

I think in the first place , TG doesn't want to sabotage the hotel but to reclaim the hotel again since it was always said by WS to DC that it is the face of their business and it prospered already.                                    Seeing the conversation of MIL and XH in episode 12, they don't connive with what purpose they have. WS needs to be in the hotel because of his unilateral feeling with SH. He clearly stated that he needed the hotel to be with SH always.  MIL needs the hotel because she just wants it back because it prospered already and not in the bankrupt status. She clearly emphasized that she would never allow SH in their house again. Inviting to house because of FIL DA is just to test the tide between them and, SH.                              

I agree he just needs to move on.          One thing for sure the Battle is now ON since Jang Biseo is the one who attends the event.  Brace up KJH and CSH. Our grape and peach. 

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Finally figured out how to check ratings!


Episode 12- 9.6 seoul 




Episode 12 - 7.6 rest of Korea 



@gumtaek  I was checking Seoul ratings :sweatingbullets:

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