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[Current Drama 2018-2019] Encounter / Boyfriend, 남자친구 - Wed & Thu @ 21:30 KST

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16 minutes ago, rckchvls said:

This episode i think is all about CSH showing his support for KJH. Though it started in last part of episode 9 i think when she drove all the way to sokcho. It's all about CSH's feelings for KJH..sacrifices, effort, and finally making a choice

I was watching @stroppyse clips and translations of the bed scene and realized that beautiful Saltnpaper "Take Me On" song now being sung by female vocalist?  Maybe signaling shift to SH following JH? Or maybe singer has been alternating and I just missed it ooops.

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8 hours ago, redbeanbuns said:

Awww,cute conversation on the bed there..why u have to restrain yourself KJH-shi..why u don't doing your business there :phew:



This might be a part of his restraint, he will try his best but he might not be able to ensure how far he could, upon external factors/obstacles.




8 hours ago, ahdrianaa said:


Borrowing JH’s words, take me with you. 


@NongpeeP I really hate WS right now, borrowing and tweaking words from Ray Charles; hit the road JWS and don’t you come back no more, no more , no more.

No joke, I am really hungry. I am going to go eat now.:sweatingbullets:



@ahdrianaa I camped on no-no to this ex-husband, he have been using what his mom did for his own selfish, did more for his self-willed, and will do more for his self-centered. 


7 hours ago, stroppyse said:

Wow, WS has some nerve on him. He's using the fact that the Cuba hotel had gone into crisis, and then been resolved by a new employee rather than by SH herself as reasons why the hotel is actually too much for SH to handle alone. And, he knows that it's his mother's plotting that put the Cuba hotel into crisis in the first place. That is just low, low, low.


Until now, I've been defending WS as being mislead, but redeemable. I guess he's really his mother's son after all. Willing to do anything, no matter how reprehensible, if he can get what he wants. This isn't love any more. This is obsession that doesn't respect any boundaries.


Sorry. Just getting around to watching the episode now, and got infuriated at the excuse that WS uses to force his way into becoming the co-CEO of Donghwa Hotel.


Also, given WS' night time visit to JH to warn him off, JH knows that WS is there because of himself and SH, so now JH is going to feel some responsibility for making things even tougher for SH. Ugh.


@stroppyse  This ex-husband has thoroughly considered to be an devil from head to toe. 

This worst behavior has not just taken when he was "A dog in manger" but he let bad things be in CSH's life during marriage, during divorce, and after divorce by his mom with his acknowledgement and intended to use all CSH's obligations to control CSH. 

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33 minutes ago, larrysouth said:

Sadly, I have been trapped in meetings all day and missed the live run with you all.  I least I can go through your posts and review the dialogue, Gifs, Screencaps, and most importantly your commentaries & reactions.  I will enjoy reading them at my leisure this evening.  Thank you all for doing this.  I know it is a lot of work on your part but it really makes watching Encounter such an amazing group event.


Last night my wife was making me crazy asking what happened.  I told her she had to wait until we watched it together later that evening.  Now she is texting me trying to find out what happened in today's episode.  I told her our OTP took another break.  I have not seen text cursing like that in a long, long time.


Thanks for adding your thoughts to this thread.  I've enjoyed reading them. 


Very naughty of you to tease your wife like that!  Can't imagine what your supper will be like tonight.  ;):lol:

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