September birthdays!   If your birthday is this month, as a community, we would like to wish you “Happy Birthday”   The gemstone for September is sapphire. While sapphire is mostly seen as a blue stone, it also comes in other colours such as pink yellow and green. Sapphire represented loyalty and trust.    So what dramas would you recommend based on those themes?   Drama recommendation:  @triplem who is a september baby (happy birthday triplem! ) recommends .   school 2013 - it was a really nice coming of age story & rebuilding of friendship between the male leads played by Lee Jong Suk & Kim Wo Bin. And it’s as if reel life translates into real life , the two actors are still very close & hang out often , even going on a vacation recently . As you may know KWB had nose cancer recently.      prison playbook - in my books this is the TOP drama of 2018 and should be on every one’s watch list . Beautiful friendship, love & support between the two male leads played by Jo Kyung Ho & Park Hae Soo. With a large ensemble cast , many moments where loyalty, trust & friendship were on display in a most unusual setting - Prison!    @staygold recommends   Avengers' club - It is unusual for women to form strong bonds when the friendship is new. This story brought 3 women from different backgrounds together. This friendship let them overcome abusive/indifferent husbands, financial problems, meaningless lives. They discover new relations apart from the central one. This drama is more special because I have rarely seen a well executed, non-cliched story involving middle aged women without making them pitiful!    A Gentleman's dignity - 4 men going through a major phase - their 40s. They are not really young anymore neither are they old enough. A younger man claiming to be the son of one these men shows up and their world turns 360 degrees! Through all their goof ups and successes their friendship remains constant and strong.   This is a Kim Eun Sook drama, so fair warning about 'cringe cute'! You will find sparks of good writing in between.      Song recommendation: this OST song "raise me up" by Lee Hong Gi (FT Island)  for the drama Switch perfectly captured the mood and as well themes of loyalty and trust.   Cultural trivia: cherry blossoms! we see them in so many dramas and they create the most beautiful romantic scenes. cherry blossoms bloom after winter and best time to see them is from march end to april. there are festivals and places to see. now doesn't this look like a spot that should be in a saeguk? maybe it was?  Period: April 7–8, 2018
Venue: Area of Fire Station, Hwagae-myeon, Hadong-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do
Description: Hwagae Cherry Blossom Festival is held around Hwagae Market, a traditional open-air market situated on the border between Hadong in Gyeongsangnam-do and Gurye in Jeollanam-do. In particular, the cherry blossom trees along the six kilometer road from the market to Ssanggyesa Temple are a fantastic sight to behold. It is believed that if a couple walks down this road holding hands, they will grow old together in an everlasting relationship. For this reason, the road is sometimes referred to the “wedding road” as well. read more:   Curious about anything that you watch in dramas and wonder why -- ask us and we will see if it can be answered in the next month's birthday wishes. If you watch lots of dramas or know a lot of kpop, raise your hand and you can help contribute to recommendations.   To see the list of birthdays by dates, check out: The feature beneath "who's online" (main page bottom) lets you see the members who are celebrating their birthdays that day. If you see your chingu's name here, don't forget to wish them happy birthday!
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