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Smash-up writer's carnival

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@supergal99  @USAFarmgirl  @dotonly  @2handsintertwined   @ELY_397 - thank you so much for participating! :kiss_wink:had a blast reading your entries. unfortunately, while we have lots of views (thank you soompi chingus), our turnout has been too small to have another round. so we will close up this event at this time. but it has meant a lot to us organizers to have even a small group participate.  :wub: :heart:

thanks to @triplem and @Jillia for ideas and help behind the scenes.


and chingus -- if you have feedback or ideas for events, do get in touch and post in the events ideas discussion thread in the event section. or if you would like to have mini-events in the form of bets and polls in your drama thread, do tag me and will see what we can cook up. (check out the wacky bets and polls thread in the event section to get ideas)

till the next event!!

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Aw... so sad *wink* @Lmangla

My next female lead in "I am not a robot" -> Aji3  wanted to find her robot cutie -> NamShin3 (kbs new drama) hahaaa...:grimace:




Ok ok juz pulling yr leg ya... totally understand.. but wait a second... so what about our prizes?? 5 of us juz nice...heee...

Eh eh... why u running away? ...tsk...

:glasses: ok chill happy sunday (kst)

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