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[Variety Show 2018] 집사부일체 ~ All The Butlers/Master In The House

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Just done ep 18 now @themarchioness this episode overflows my heart with so much warmth feeling.


The sad face those elders when they had to leave at last makes me cried. This "right now" is really electrifying some great and meaningful moment. 


And .. lol, he's really impatient. I keep telling the same thing, I love this episode.

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On 4/22/2018 at 8:01 PM, stargazer187 said:

I should call my watching buddies here and all the other people.. haha

@aegyoppa @themarchioness

Who else is watching this? :D come come... 


Jibsabu team always fills my weekend with fun and laughter. :lol:


I wondered wether episode 16 will have two parts or not, their vietnam episode seems unfinished yet from last week. And will they continue to meet their kext master?


Holaaaa!!! sorry for late reply hahaha u know the reason right :D


well, i haven't watch ep. 19 yet, will do tonight! 

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