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Good For You cover (duet with Eric Nam)

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Hi everyone! 

My name is Chris (or Eun) and I used to upload to soompi and do collabs with fellow Soompiers a long long time ago. ( i went by nam202  but i lost my pw)

Most of my friends I had on the site are now doing real music and/or grew out of the site so didn't visit for so long. 

But here I am again! A veteran performer Soompier from like 6 years ago and just stopped in to say hello! 


I recently recorded Good For You by Eric Nam (I know, it's an old song)  so it'll be awesome if you check it out and reply what you think! 

My SoundCloud  is filled with other recordings too if you want to check out those too! 


Hope to hear from y'all soon! have a great one! 


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