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[Current Mainland Chinese Drama 2019] I Will Never Let You Go / Legend of Huo Buo 小女花不弃

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2 hours ago, vtxy said:

Yay okay I will PM you!!


Anyway, new short preview that's super sweet! :wub: It's just a few random scenes and the dialogue doesn't exactly match the scenes too so I don't think I'll add the spoiler tag.



@vtxy thank you thank you!


Yay! It looks like there will be more sweet moments between our OTP! :wub:


Folks, I think we'll need to load up on these sweet moments so we can get through the angst that we know is bound to happen soon.

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11 hours ago, Jrisa321 said:


I kinda saw this coming. I knew MRF was going to join the dark side and all, but I thought he was undercover. I can't believe he's blaming the Most Manor on Buqi after knowing everything she went through and how he was the one who brought her into the capital in the first place. I think MRF has already had a tragic background, and psychologically affect in a way where he is obsessed with the idea of wealth and how wealth is importance to survival. 

But I didn't see this coming since I thought MRF, despite his flaws was more compassionate. Anyways, what is the relationship between DFS and CY, I mean we know from the trailer previously that the Mysterious Man takes BQ to the well and DFS and CY chase after him. Is CY near where the wedding takes place?  Is a witnessing the wedding? Was he trying to come stop the wedding? Does DFS know that he has to sacrifice BQ, because it looks like he has genuine feelings for her, and from some of the other trailers DFS seems to know a bit about the Biluotian. Maybe DFS and CY formed a pact. Maybe that's why they faked CY's death too. Who knows.... I just am too impatient for the rest of episodes to come out. 


whoa i'm like super lost now...of course yaw know it's because i only tune in when MRF is on screen lmaoooo so i have no idea what is going on lol.


Oh is this what happens? Low-key not looking forward to any tragedy that befalls Mo Manor then (or anybody actually)...but I sorta feel that this is not unexpected in most dramas of this genre. That is, I'm talking about how bad things always happen to anyone who is against the main OTP in any way (so typical that there are webnovels that specifically face slap main OTPs haha). I will still tune in for Xing En scenes though :wub: because it's actually because of Xing En is why I like MRF and not vice versa lololol.

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