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[Current Japanese Drama 2018] Repeat: 10 Months Which Changes Fate, Ripito: Unmei wo Kaeru 10kagetsu, リピート 運命を変える10ヶ月, Thursdays

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Repeat: Unmei wo Kaeru 10kagetsu





Ayumi Shinozaki (Shihori Kanjiya) is 33-years-old and works as a librarian. Keisuke Mori (Kanata Hongo) is 23-years-old. He wanted to become a cameraman, but had to give up on that goal. Taro Tendo (Gori) is 40-years-old and divorced. He holds regrets about his son.

One day, Ayumi Shinozaki receives a phone call. A man’s voice states "one hour later, an earthquake will occur." One hour later, an earthquake actually takes place. The caller introduces himself to Ayumi Shinozaki as Kazama. He tells her she can go back in time to 10 months ago and change what she wishes. 8 people including Ayumi Shinozaki, Keisuke Mori and Taro Tendo participate, but they face something they did not expect. Under the difficult situation, Ayumi Shinozaki and Keisuke Mori develop feelings for each other.


Shihori Kanjiya

Kanata Hongo


  1. Based on the novel "Repeat" by Kurumi Inui (published October, 2004 by Bungeishunju).


Source: asianwiki

official site:  http://www.ytv.co.jp/repeat/



Soft subs on d-addicts:



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 Currently watching... I realize Kanata Hongo stars in this drama.

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I just watched the first 2 eps w/subs last night and I'm dying to what happens next. 


Why are the travelers slowly being killed off?  It can't be that they have messed up the timelines to the point that they all die. I could understand the first death but now that Tuzka and her husband are dead something is very wrong.

 I'm really enjoying this drama.

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Yay! A thread for this drama.

I must admit I started watching because of Kanata Hongo,  but the storyline is something new for me. And I like dramas that keeps you wondering what would happen next! Plus I like how most of the "repeaters" have this real reason on why they choose to go back in time.

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