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[Mainland Chinese WebDrama 2018] The Love Knot: His Excellency's First Love 结爱·千岁大人的初恋

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On 6/9/2018 at 2:34 PM, zoeraindasher said:

Watching the you-know-what part of Ep 21 now. feels a bit awkward watching such a sexy scene with my dad in the same space. LOL.


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btw, Helan's exhausted and weak but he still has enough energy to perform? Wow, his stamina is enviable. He was sweating and cold.. and all of a sudden, he's not cold anymore? HAHAHAHAA.


Sickness or weakness flee aways once it come to that side for guys. 

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I'm not sure why I didn't jump on this drama when it started probably because my cup runneth over from already watching to many and falling behind on most of them.  Still this weekend I decided in having some time to myself to try it.  What an amazing surprise it's mixture of fantasy, romance and imagination made the first 10 episodes so rewarding to watch.  It's not just the great chemistry between the OTP which I might say is pretty dreamy!!   It's  also the relationships that surround this couple and their story that make it even more interesting...


Still there is a humanistic view that we are able to see within the writing and acting.  That somehow touches you in ways you didn't expect.  So moving seeing the way in which fear is turned into warmth and one that feels lost can through anothers caring and protecting can be found.  I guess I should thank Walt Disney for giving me stories as a child that moved my heart into accepting fantasy and even magic within romance.  Into believing anything is possible if only you believe and when you wish upon a star your dreams just might come true...


That's why this drama and it's love story are so tender and beautiful to watch.  Just the idea of someone waiting more than one lifetime in wanting for just another chance to love you once more.  Knowing it's so close you can taste it but never being able to hold onto it for long.  I don't know what's going to happen and forgive me I haven't read this threads posts yet but I will.  I just am one of those who loves to be surprised and so I will continue on and enjoy every episode until the end...


Most likely I won't be able to catch up with most of you but I just wanted to say.  I look forward to reading your comments while I am watching it along the way.   Hoping there is an amazing ending for all of us and a Happily Ever After too!!!:wub:

My very best to all of you:heart:



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@USAFarmgirl Glad that you also found this drama and liked it. I myself was pleasantly surprised that it turned out to be such a nice and engaging romantic fantasy story. I was doubtful at first, when the voice over at the beginning of each episode would tell the lore of the alien fox race. “So lame,” I thought. “Have they run out of interesting stories to tell? Aliens + Fox ... zzz “ But He Lan Da Ren soon me over with his earnest sincerity, the young actor and actress who played the younger versions were adorable, Xiao Ju and her interactions with the 2 guys were cute, and provided most of the laughs. Very memorable drama for me, short and sweet, and will certainly stay in my mind for a while ...

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@omiki Thank you so much for the encouraging words and thoughts...  You know it's those dramas that I often skip and sometimes go back to for what ever reasons.  Only to discover how amazing they are and how thankful I am that I went back...  Just look at what I almost missed...



While watching episode 12 I entered the ROMANTIC ZONE...:wub:


With these words that I will quote because they are worth remembering...



There are special moments in life...

That are unforgettable.

  Perhaps it's just a smile or a hug...

It could also be when your eyes meet.

But the moment comes so suddenly.

Just like an ordinary moment in life...

There's no way in knowing in advance. 

But when the time comes...

We'll know that everything is predestined."  (The Love Knot: His Excellency's First Love}


( Sealed with a kiss... That could be felt by all those within this Fox's story and by all of us who saw it too. )



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