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[Drama 2018-2019] Clean With Passion For Now, 일단 뜨겁게 청소하라

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17 minutes ago, cantbreathe said:


OMG! This umbrella scene is so sweet it makes me cry :bawling:. I love it, I love it, I love it!  How beautiful is it seeing him learn to trust and rely on OS? I love that she’s his comfort and strength against a world that has been so cruel to him. 


So she becomes his secretary as a stand-in one day and then his grandfather makes it more permanent when he sees how it is going? I can’t work out his grandfather yet. I don’t know if his grandfather is secretly soft inside and hopes SK becomes happy, or if grandfather is just disappointed in SK and needs him to become better to take over the company - in which case he only sees OS as a means to an end, and not a way to keep SK happy. 


I see the synopsis for season 7 is that SK will look for OS to confess his feelings, but I presume this doesn’t happen. I think that he sees OS with Choi and convinces himself that it’s better for her to be with someone normal, so he continues to keep her at a distance. That’s good though, it gives us a chance to see her naturally and gradually start to fall in love with him! I’m so excited by this OTP :love:Bring it on! 


Yes this scene is sweet! Our heroine is protecting him, can't wait to see this part tomorrow. I wonder if his grandfather is good or bad character too. I guess we need tomorrow episode to have more hint. Second male lead syndrome is starting!

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Another translation of the ep 8 preview



OS: In that short time, what could he have seen that he’s saying that he’ll watch over me. What watching over anyway?
SG: Let’s meet now.
SG: I think I might know where you’re living.
OS: Secretary for a day?
SG: Gil Oh Sol-sshi!
OS: Instead of Secretary Kwon, I’ll will be working for you, CEO, as your secretary for the day.
Father: Quit your job. Quit immediately!
OS: The reason that I am going to all this effort to continue working for this company is perhaps…?
Kwon: What do you think, Chairman?
Chairman: Okay. Try hurrying it through.
OS: No one can come here any more. Don’t worry.



Hmm, I find previews misleading anyway, but this preview makes me wonder. Who is the one telling OS that he'll protect her? I thought it might be SG since he then demands that CG meet him, so perhaps that meeting is out of concern for OS. Also, OS plays his secretary for a day. The bit with Secretary Kwon and the Chairman (SG's grandfather) makes me think that Secretary Kwon set that situation up to throw OS and SG together more seeing that SG is affected by OS? OS' father finally figures out what OS' job is, and as expected, is unhappy that his college educated daughter is a cleaner for a living. However, it seems that OS may have started to become aware of her own feelings for SG, so yay. And, then finally, it seems that SG is going to have a panic attack from which OS saves him.


So, the preceding paragraph is speculation because I still have to catch up with everyone else on this drama. I do rather like the OTP though and think they make a cute couple. OS is totally selling it as a young, feisty woman figuring out what she really wants from life. SG is a product of his upbringing, but seems to be emerging from his self-imposed cocoon with his exposure to OS. As for CG, *sigh*, he just breaks my heart a little at his futile crush.


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I thought of Choi Goon first because it was his motto - so to speak - to protect the girl he likes. But on the other hand Sun Kyul is very protective of Oh Sol since the beginning despite his initial negative response to her. :) So it could very well be Sun Kyul. But I agree my heart breakes for Choi Goon either way.

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@cantbreathe Your analysis of the grandfather was great. :star:

I also wonder whether the grandfather knows the identity of SK's father. Among all the men whom the mother has dated, there's this one man of whom she wants to keep his child. Is there anything special about him or she just thought it's fun to have a child? Will this detail be developed further?

Anyway, seeing the umbrella scene, I had butterflies in my stomach because of the sweetness. Suddenly, I think of a reason why OS should choose our CEO. In the relationship with SK, they are on the same level, you know, they have already shown off to each other their imperfect side, their embarrassing moment. Having someone relying on you makes you feel stronger (frankly said, the maternal instinct of a woman will kick in, making that woman want to stay by the side and protect that someone).


Meanwhile, CG now appears before her as a successful doctor, a good and understanding man, a perfect man who wants to protect her but at the same time can make her feel inferior. In my opinion, CG confessed at the wrong time. Telling her about his feeling right after she found out about his identity, he made things seemed less truthful. In her shoes, I would think "oh dear, why did he hide us about himself all the time? Would he lie about his feeling just like his job?". (Also inner me: "oh yes, you wish you were in her shoes." <_<)


However, today's episode had a lot of flashbacks, making it a little slow for my taste. And the final scene about their childhood, is that girl small OS? Can anyone confirm for me? The little girl did appear in early news as the young version of KYJ. But I don't want to believe that they are at the same age. I prefer the image of a late-twenty CEO with a 22-23 years old OS than a same-age-couple. :unsure:


Almost forgot about our savage Secretary Kwon. I love her sentence: "He is really clumsy about dating. He doesn't watch drama, does he?". It feels like she is speaking for us: boys and men out there, if you want to understand us, women, you should watch more drama, especially rom com like this one. :D 


Can't wait for tomorrow episode.>"<


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I hope they go up too! @emily00 


I don’t understand why the ratings are so low. This show really makes me laugh AND gives me the feels. 


OS making SK smile, intentionally or unintentionally, makes my heart flutter. Like, even the tiniest look gives me the feels because the leads have such good chemistry. 

And it is so funny too. It’s been a long time since I’ve actually laughed out loud, but I loved that scene in ep5 when SK sprays OS in the face with his antibacterial mist and yells about how he’s not in love.


KYJ is actually best for me when she’s in a comedy role, I think her facial expressions are perfect and she’s actually incredibly convincing as a tomboy even though she’s ridiculously pretty. In MDBTC she really shone in the first few episodes when she and PBG were both making fun of each other. 


So that concludes my sales pitch for CWPFN, haha. 

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@Jillia,  You're awesome! I agree about those types of negative comments which are also not constructive. Thank you for the clarification.

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Sending some love to you @Visually-wandering. Glad we’re watching another drama together. 


Ratings are decent if you ask me . Cable dramas doing 3 to 4% is pretty good . Also drama & OTP are getting good buzz :






Urggh , my heart is breaking for Dr choi . But having watch enough rom coms with love triangles, we must all accept the fate of the second lead :dissapointed_relieved:


By the way , I also like team leader Dong Hyun. He’s so cute #thirdleadsyndrome :D 



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As much as I like our OTP, I have to say that the second male lead looked so handsome.  I hate when a drama gives us so many second male leads that need to be a lead in a drama of their own.

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3 hours ago, emily00 said:

Waiting for the OST for this scene, he sounds like Huh Gak.


My first post in this thread. 

I am waiting impatiently for this OST track too. I wonder why it haven't been released. Hope it's very sooooooon. 


And can't wait for tonight! 

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