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[Drama 2018] Something In The Rain / Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food, 밥 잘 사주는 예쁜 누나

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Stroppyse you are rocking it!


The live recap is over! Here is the text preview and video preview:

JA – I don’t know how important timing is to man and woman
JH – We became a man and woman relationship
JH – You are pretty!
JH – I am crazy… to whom (how dare to whom)
JH – would you like to come to my place?
JA – by the way, do you think you and me are really okay?
JH – We didnt’ commit any crime
VO – You should always be careful with your body. When your body is trapped then you say a lot (not sure on this part)
VO – Jin-ah said she would come, but I can’t contact her
VO – Assistant manager Yoon, you didnt’ care about those things before
JA – I shouldnt’ have held your hand, what if I have those thoughts (regret)
JH – I am not going to leave you alone from now on


Jin-ah and Joon-hee confirmed how they each feel about each other by holding each others hands. They start to talk to each other over night and go on their own pitter-patter dates. The more Jin-ah refuses Gyu-min, his obsession grows bigger and bigger. He goes to the coffee shop to look for Jin-ah. On the other hand, Joon-hee is worried about Jon-ah because he couldn’t contact her. So Joon-hee follows Jin-ah on her business trip and they have a nice date by the sea …. and have their first kiss.


Live recap link: https://www.bah-doo.com/pretty-noona-buys-food-something-rain-live-recap-episode-3/

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 Live Recaps in entirety available at Bah+Doo DramaMilk.


Thanks V and O ...  and Thanks stroppyse! :wub:


Reads like a GREAT episode! and preview. YAY!  

This drama just so naturally bring on the warm fuzzies which touch the heart - in a convincingly, fluid way! :wub:



p/s: I just got reminded of another drama I like back then too: Please Marry Me (Kim Bum and Park Jin-hee) = that one was a great ride too! except this one is even more credible - JH's realistically 30 to her 34? ... in comparison to an angsty 24? yr old Kim Bum = the couple was TEN years apart there.





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Oh my god!! Tomorrow I'll die of love (again) :wub:.

How can they be so romantic and sweet and so natural and realistic at the same time?


Thank you so much for your translations @stroppyse @V. Thanks to you, we can enjoy the drama even more.

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I won't be posting more translations until later today, but here is a translation of the episode 4 preview.



JA: Don’t you know how important timing is in the relationship between a man and a woman?
JH: Are we in a “relationship between a man and a woman” now?
JH: I said that you’re pretty!
JH: I am crazy…over someone.
JH: Don’t you want to come over to my place?
JA: Will we really be okay?
SH: Did we commit a crime?
JA Mother: You have to be careful of your actions. If you’re caught out, then everyone will be talking. (me: This sounds to me like a warning in general from JA mother to JA that JA should act decorously t all times, rather than being any specific warning.)
KS: Jin Ah said she was going to come, but she’s not picking up her phone.
Man: Did Manager Yoon ever go to anything like that?
JA: I shouldn’t have held your hand. What if you change your mind, then what would I do?
JH: From now on, I definitely won’t ever leave you by yourself.



So, it seems that JA and JH are in the sweet first blush of their relationship in these week's episodes, when they're just concerned about each other and whether they like each other, and not as concerned with externalities yet. Since the angst and fury about this relationship is clearly going to hit, I think we should just enjoy this week's episodes for all they're worth, enough to last us for whatever else their story goes. Also, the kiss.... :wub:


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I will be patient on this one because it just seems like it will be worth the wait. I will check this one out raw and then wait until it is fully subbed on Netflix. 


I have to say though, it is refreshing to see another noona romance. I don't think I have enjoyed one like this since Witch's Romance. I really enjoy the chemistry between the leads and honestly their age difference is small.  Too small to even be an issue. I would think the fact that they are best friend's with their siblings would be the issue.


I really like the whole older woman/younger man story line, and I wish they would have more of these in k-dramas. Jin Ah's ex-boyfriend is so typical. Men of a certain age always feel entitled to young girls. They will be knocking on 40 trying to make it work with a 22 year-old.  Nah, this is much better. Let's keep looking forward to it.

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I'm looking forward to two moments of tomorrow episode:


1. The kiss, of course :wub::


2. THIS moment (he's JA's exboyfriend, isn't he???):


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Posted (edited)

JA finally ends it with GM with no room for misunderstandings.



JA: Where are you going?! My house?! You must really be crazy!
GM: It’s not that I’m crazy; it’s that I feel it’s unfair! It’s so unfair that I’m the only one who has come to be seen as trash that it’s driving me crazy! Let’s go meet your parents again, and tell them that there is no difference between you and me, so they should apologize to me!
JA: Yah!
GM: And, that bastard! That bastard who is your little brother’s friend, him! I’m going to make him kneel to me!
JA: Are you really this crazy a human being?!
GM: Then what about you?
JA: Were you such a loser?
GM: Then what about you? What’s so great about you anyway? Did you graduate from a better school than me? Or is your family better than mine?
(JA slaps him!)
JA: Really...you’re driving me to do things like this now. (meaning he’s pushing her to such extremes)

(Inside the club, JH leaves)
YE: I told her that we were here, but Manager Yoon hasn’t contacted me yet.
JH: Just leave her alone.

GM: I said I’m really going to kill myself.
JA: I said go ahead.
GM: You think I’m lying, don’t you?
JA: It is a lie. (pushes him with 1 finger. causing him to panic)
GM: You really! Have I become so easy for you? You're not holding me back from dying. Are you saying that even if I die, you won't have me?
JA: How much more certainty do I have to give you?
GM: This is all because of that bastard, isn’t it?
JA: Don’t go around saying “this bastard”, “that bastard”. He’s not someone who should be called that by you. It’s not because of anyone else. It’s because the foolish me who only had eyes for you, I’ve come to hate that me. Enough to give me shivers, I hate her. That’s all. Gyu Min, let’s not hate each other, and just separately live well. Hm? Farewell.  (JA turns and leaves)
GM: Yah! I definitely won’t give up! This! I’m going to turn this back to what it was! (JA stops for a second, but continues to walk on.)



It seems that JA's has taken JH's comments to heart that GM continues to keep trying things with her because she reacts to it and thus gives him hope. She's coldly, cleanly, without any room for any misunderstandings told GM that it's over. Though, GM continues to throw a tantrum that he won't let her go. It seems that he's finally understood what he has lost by not appreciating her when she was only focused on him. Too bad for him. But, good for JA. It really is time for her to move on.  Especially when JH is waiting for her, though he seems to be in a jealous snit still.  :)

Edited by stroppyse
changed some of the translation
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JH goes to find JA at the playground.



JA: You? Why did you come here?
JH: You had come by my place. Why did you come?
JA: Is that all that Kyung Sun said to you? if she was going to tell you, she should have told you all of it. Why did she only tell you that? I had gone to Kyung Sun’s place, but she wasn’t there, so I thought maybe she was at your place, and she was there.
JH: You’re saying you really came to meet my sister?
JA: Then who else would I go to meet?
JH: I’m asking if you hadn’t been coming to see me?
JA: Well, that is... okay. I went to see you. I was feeling apologetic. And, I wanted to thank you as well. But, having heard about “the way things are” and whatever else, I thought it was probably best that we hadn’t seen each other. Just think if I had heard those things in front of Kyung Sun. It would have been so embarrassing.
JH: What's so embarrassing? It's not as I said something wrong.
JA: Why did you just suddenly show up here and start harassing a person anyway?! Am I that easy for you? (meaning is she easy for him to make fun of and dismiss)
JH: That’s it exactly. Why did you let yourself look so easy that you were treated in that shabby way? Why would you be at the mercy of a human being who isn’t even worth it?!
JA: Who was at whose mercy?! You. You’re so funny. Really funny.
JH: You’ re not even laughing, so what are you saying is funny?
JA: Okay, let’s say that everything you said was right. You don’t have anything more to say, right? We’re done, right? (turns to leave)
JH: I still have something to say. What’s with the umbrella?
JA: I thought that perhaps it might rain, so I brought it just in case. So what?
JH: Apparently, you said that you were cleaning up your past, and throwing everything away. Was that this? Then give it to me, and I'll throw it away.
JA: Why would I throw this away? I just picked it up!


After the video clip ends:

JH: (smiling) You picked it up? I guess you really liked it.

(this leads to JA chasing JH while threatening him with the brolly. LOL)


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Posted (edited)

They go on a date without actually calling it a date. So much cuteness!



JH: Can’t you not go in?
JA: Where did you want to go?
JH: What did you just think about right now?
JA: I didn’t think about anything. (at JH’s look) What? What?
JH: Nothing. Let’s go out and play.
JA: Okay.

JH: Do you want anything to eat?
JA: No.
JH: Why not? Let’s at least drink some cola.
JA: It’s because I’m feeling sorry since I didn’t bring any money.
JH: If not for me, since you don’t have any cab fare, you won’t even be able to go home.
JA: Oh! You’ve caught me by the tail.
JH: I’ll have to use it well. (meaning since she’s at his mercy) I’m going to go buy some cola.
JA: In that case, some popcorn, too…?

(Cute how they both notice the couple making out…LOL)
JH: That one’s mine. (referring to the cola that JA is drinking)
JA: Huh? Oh! (putting it back down)

JH: They were really having fun.
JA: They probably didn't watch the movie.
JH: I think noona saw what I saw.
JA: I don’t think so.
JH: Aren’t you hungry?
JA: I am hungry.
JH: Then try saying “Please buy me something delicious to eat.” (me: he wants her to speak to him in polite speech. LOL)
JA: Do you want to die? (threatening with the brolly)
JH: Give me that.
JA: Well? Are you saying that you’re going to buy me some? Are you going to buy me some?


Edited by stroppyse
changed some of the translation
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Wow, The way JH dance with JA's co worker at the club is so sexy (I wanna see JA jealous seeing the way her man at the club). LOL and he gave a funny face when his buddy took over the dance.:D


@stroppyse, Thanks a million for the sub.

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Posted (edited)

More JA and JH cuteness and fun as JH sketches JA.



JH: The model is just not…

JA: When will you be done? This is too hard.
JH: There just aren't enough special points. How should I draw this?
JA: Don’t do it. Don’t do it already.
JH: But I’m done.
JA: Let me see. Let me see.
JH: Pay me for the drawing.
JA: I already said that I didn’t have any money, didn’t I?
JH: Does it have to be money?
JA: Then what? I really don’t have anything. Wait. I have something.
JH: What?
JA: Incomparable beauty?
JH: Ow. (gives her the sketch which he actually drew as a caricature. LOL)
JA: Do I look like this?
JH: Exactly like it. Yah, it’s totally like a photo, a photo. Isn’t it?
JA: You’re saying that my body looks like this?
JH: Yes. Noona is very small after all.
JA: Yah! It’s not this much, though.
JH: It is! Noona is small and cute.
JA: Chee... Cute? Whatever. I am so old, you.
JH: Well, that. Doesn’t that depend on the person who is seeing it?
JA: Well… That could be… But still, I'm past the age of being cute. Then again, until I was in my 20’s, I did hear that endlessly.
JH: Ehy, I knew noona back then, and it wasn’t quite like that.
JA: That’s right. You do know my past. If not, whatever. (slaps the sketch back at him, and stalks away)
JH: Thinking about it, I think it was like that after all. That’s right. You were the cutest.



LOL. I loved that JH has known JA for so long, that when JA brags about how everyone said she was cute, he could call her on it. But, what's even funnier is JA getting in a bit of a huff at JH bursting her cute balloon, then JH quickly changing his tune. This scene just makes me giggle as these two are in the flirty stage still.

Edited by stroppyse
changed some of the translation
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Posted (edited)

More of the date. So cute, how they just don't actually want to end the evening. This scene actually doesn't have much dialogue, and is just all about how much they enjoy their time together.



JA: I had better go in.
JH: What will you do when you go upstairs?
JA: Huh?
JH: Are you immediately going to sleep?
JA: Not immediately. Why? What else did you want to do?
JH: What would you like to do?
JA: Not sure. What would you like to do?
JH: Do you…want to do it together?

JA: Oh! Oh no! What do I do?
JH: No. No. No. No.
JA: Where do I go? Is this right?
JH: I'll go there, so just stay there. Yes.
JA: Okay.
JH: Follow me.

JA: Wait.

JH: We're here, right?


(Later on, JA hugs her sketch as she recalls their evening, while JH works on a real sketch of JA from a photo that he took of her with his phone. Awww...)


(An even bigger awwwwwww... JH waits in the morning tying up the lift at work, hoping to casually "catch" a glimpse of JA at her offices. I'm seriously squealing at the sweetness.)



Edited by stroppyse
changed some of the translation
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Finally it's her who did the first move.....takes his hand hahahaha

tomorrow it'll be very very ...hot & sweet.....for now

I think the 3rd OST is out and it's Racheal Y. who sings it !??!

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I haven’t had time to watch but I just saw the last scene and OMG all I can say is


squuuueeeeeee :wub::wub::wub:


I feel like an 18 year old school girl all over again watching this show!


and thanks @stroppyse as always for taking the time to add translations!

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Posted (edited)

More "some" action between JA and JH as they find excuses to see each other. Also, my apologies, but some of the dialogue such as the game development meeting that JH is in, I couldn't quite catch the dialogue. Since it's non-essential, I'm posting this before I entirely clean that up. It's just that since I'm squeezing these translations in when I can, I don't have a lot of time to go searching for audio, plus, it wasn't that essential a discussion since JH is just trying to find reasons to get himself out of the meeting. :)



JA: My little brother is my little brother, and is my friend's little brother really like my little brother… (gets a text) What kind of coffee is there here at the office?
YE: Yes?

JA: I'll be back later.
(JA leaves to go drink coffee with JH.)

JH: Hey, this is a work of art. It’s really delicious.
JA: Really. Oh, I just grabbed something randomly and brought it.
JH: This was grabbed randomly, but it’s like this? Perhaps it's because it's a nice day.
JA: That’s true.

BR: Who is it? Really? (complaining about the mess in the coffee area)


(JH work meeting)
Colleague:  These days, a game which is just all action with fighting and destroying is hard to sell.
SC: Then how about introducing some different items? In order to differentiate it, perhaps a picnic or a hammock?
Colleague: Picnic? Hammock?

Colleague 2: This is the same thing that you and Seo Joon Hee were talking about the other day, isn't it? 
Colleague 3: Oh, it does seem like that.
SC: Hey. (nudging JH)
Colleague: Are you feeling ill somewhere?
JH: I feel kind of nauseous right now, and my head is throbbing. And, I don't have any energy.
Team Leader: Here, eat this.
JH: Yes.
Team Leader: If you’re sick, you should go to the hospital.
JH: Yes. Then, I’ll go and be back.
SC: Didn’t he say earlier that he didn't have any energy?
Team Leader: That’s true.

JA: I could have just taken a taxi. You must be busy, so you didn’t come when you shouldn’t, did you?
JH: No. I completely finished everything I had to do, then left. I’m a good worker after all. My company can’t function without me.
JA: Ohh. Are you so great? I didn’t know that.  
JH: You’re saying you didn’t know? You really don’t know how to look men. (me: way of saying evaluate and know which are the good men)
JA: Ha! How can you be a man?
JH: Are you sneering at me? How could you slight me like that today?
JA: No, I wasn’t picking on you. You’re a man! You’re a man.
JH: What are you saying? What time do you finish later?
JA: I officially start working tomorrow, so I can leave anytime tonight. Why?
JH: I wanted to go pick you up.
JA: Really?! Why?! Do you want to?


Edited by stroppyse
changed some of the translation
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After coming in here and seeing the translations scenes I cracked and watch the episodes raw. The last time I watched a Noona romance that I really enjoyed and till this day still re watch some episodes was “I need romance 3”. However this one as completely won me over, I’m officially hooked.


ive been trying to find out about who got the license for this one. I’ve read a couple of places that DramaFever is still negotiating the licensing and other places that it’s netflix. It would be unfortunate if it was Netflix because they never advertise their Korean drama releases and for jcbt they only release them one the kdrama’s once it’s actually done. This drama will truly test my petience but I’m here for it lol 


Thank you @stroppyse for all the translations, I truly appreciate it !!! 

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Posted (edited)

JH picks JA up, takes her to dinner, but can't bring himself to actually say anything or make a move. Awww...



Store Owner: However, it seems that you’ve suddenly become much brighter. (meaning cheerful, upbeat)
JA: Is that so?
Store Owner: It feels as if I’m looking at a completely different person.
JA: Mmm.
Store Owner: Is it because of that friend who is waiting outside?
JA: I’ll be leaving first. Goodbye.  (runs outside to JH)

(JA and JH eat together.)
JH: Noona, you know… if…
JA: If?
JH: If maybe I…
JA: You what?
JH: Not me, but… perhaps, noona… I… If I ask you to buy me food every day, would you buy it for me?
JA: Did I ever not buy you food?! I’ll buy you food, enough to make your stomach burst!
JH: That’s for real, right?
JA: Of course.
JH: Okay then.

(scene from the teaser where JA and JH walk, while JH thinks about putting his arm around her shoulders)


Edited by stroppyse
changed some of the translation
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Posted (edited)

Last clip of this episode, I think. JH hiccups. :lol:



SY: The woman that Joon Hee-sshi was talking about, do you know who she is?
JA: How would I know that?
SY: She’s probably younger than us, right?
JA: We’re not that old ourselves anyway.
SY: Who is the one who would say that because of her age she didn’t even like getting up in the mornings?
JA: That is because I was too tired, so my condition wasn’t good.
SY: How great a woman must she be that she won't be won over by Seo Joon Hee? (noticing JA’s secretive smiles) But, why have you been smiling like that from a little while ago?
JA: Who me? No, I'm not.
SY: Anyway, there does seem to be someone. But, he hasn’t made that much headway with her, is that it? If I barge in right now, then I should be able to succeed with him. I had better quickly make progress with him. Passionately.

Friend: But why are you being like this? When a player like you is hesitating, it must mean that there is a reason.
JH: Just…just in case.
Friend: What’s that? Does that mean that you’re not certain?
JH: No. I am. I am, but…
SC: The girl isn’t sure?
JH: I haven’t asked her yet.
Friend: Oh.
SC: Are you a bundle of nervous? Why? Because you might be rejected?
JH: That’s why I said just in case.
Another friend: Does that girl know that you’re stressing out like this?
JH: Stress? What about me?
Another friend: Huh? You must really like her a lot. You’re dying. Just dying.
JH: Oh, whatever. Let’s talk about something else! Something else.
SY: Anyway, it means that you’re not for sure yet. Right?
(JH nods.)
JH: As yet, I think that it’s like…
(JA takes JH’s hand under the table, causing JH to hiccup.)



Yay! JA made the move to take JH's hand. His hiccups. ROFLOL.

Edited by stroppyse
changed some of the translation
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@stroppyse Thank you so much for finding time to translate all these scenes for us. You're officially or life-safer over here. As soon as the raw was up I caved and watched it, although I should finish an important paper instead. But well I've always been the most creative and productive with scientific writing when I had a K-Drama I craved for and watched at the same time. These little moments of K-Drama bliss are the best break for me.


This whole episode is so awesome. It really feels like I'm the fly on the wall that is spying on them flirting, teasing and falling in love. And it still feels so absolutely relatable, because none of the leads has a rich background or there is some kind of social divide bigger than the Indian Ocean between them. It's like you and me and I love that.


I really enjoyed all their encounters today but for me the last scene is the most impactful. Cause JA knew exactly he was talking about her and the way he talked about the one special woman and her colleague declared she's going to make a move on JH before it's to late, made her realize she must be brave and be the one with the first step this time around. So she bravely grabbed his hand underneath the table. And I loved his big, round eyes and the hiccups because of that bold move while she cooly drank her beer with the other hand so no one would suspect anything strange form her side.


I'm not sure whether you realized it but actually there were 2 different shots for the way they held hands. The first one was when she grabbed his.

http://i1326.photobucket.com/albums/u644/Lady_Fay/Pretty Noona who buys me food/vlcsnap-2018-04-06-22h43m11s823_zpsglkka0dv.png

As he wasn't expecting something like that to happen but was actually real nervous because everyone kept asking about the mysterious woman he had his hand on his knee to keep himself calm. The way her touch both electrified and calmed him at the same time (at least that's the impression I get after he was over the suprise) is really telling about what she means to him. And that's how the episode fades out. But just after the credits and right before the preview we do get another shot of them. And this one tells so much more, because while it still seems to be hidden underneath the table he is now fully participating in holding hands. The way he gently holds her hand and intervines his finger with hers just gives me the feels.

http://i1326.photobucket.com/albums/u644/Lady_Fay/Pretty Noona who buys me food/vlcsnap-2018-04-06-22h28m09s111_zpstf0xinbn.png

I really hope we will get this as our opening shot for tomorrow. Because otherwise it would be such a symoblic waste. This clearly shows that right now they just live in their own bubble hidden from the other's views. I guess all the while they will try to keep the conversation between the colleagues going for not alarming them what significant new progress their relationship just made. And I mean JH cannot take back the answer he gave before JA grabbed onto his hands. He cannot back of saying that right now they are not a couple yet, cause the moment he would do that everyone could figure out that he was talking about JA at this moment.


I'm really looking forward to tomorrow's show. But for tonight it's first going to be an all--nighter for achieving some significant progress with my paper first.


EDIT: Why can't I post any photobucket pics anymore? Sorry I don't know what's wrong so I scratch the pics.

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We’re really lucky to have you @stroppyse . I’m squealing just reading the translations. 

@Lady_Fay Great to be reading you here again. Loved what you wrote about them holding hands. It’s a very nice way to begin a relationship. No words needed cause they already know each other so well. 


Ratings continue to rise 


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