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13 hours ago, joowonie said:

How do you know they are not close? They’ve been friends for more than 8yrs, DL even mentioned in an interview that they give each other gifts for their respective birthdays. He even mentioned that their dads are close. They have a very good friendship, ofc in every fandom there are bad apples but it would help if fans don’t act soo posesssive over their favs & act like they know what’s right for them or who is right for them!!!


Hi there... my first time to visit this thread. I usually visit and ship Korean celebrities but since I watched AOL with DL and YZ in it. I just can't get over it. It has been filmed years ago and yet I keep on following them and their future dramas. Also my first time to be in love in fantasy Chinese drama. That's so nice that they gifted each other on their birthdays...And good to hear that they have good relationship and even their dads are close. So that means they are just really good friends and nothing more. But their BTS and interviews since I can't understand a bit, it seems they could be more than that if they are willing to push it harder. Just rooting so much for these couple. 


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