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Hwang Bo

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ex-Chakra member

Real name: Hwang Bo Hye Jung

Stage name: Hwang Bo

Family: parents, 1 brother

Height: 165cm (about 5'4")

Weight: 45kg (about 99lbs)

Blood type: A

Religion: Christian

Former member of: Chakra (rapper)

Education: SangBong Elementary --> JunNong Girls' Jr. High --> BaeSung High School --> SeoIll University, Performing Arts Major

Nicknames: "Bakkase" (the energy drink in the small brown bottle with a blue label) (Because when someone's tired, she makes them energized, like the drink), "General" (from some people in Xman. They call her that because she is a tomboy"

Childhood dream: Security guard, police officer, woman soldier, entertainer

Before debut: Rapper for the Bros., Tae-Kwon-Do

Hobbies: Listening to music, writing letters, taking photographs

Things she does well: Physical activities

Personality: Quick tempered, outgoing, tomboy

Habit: Plays around with her fingernails, talks fast

What she likes about herself: Tough and good(??)

Complex: Lower part of her body is skinny

First love: 2nd year of junior high, she had a crush on her Tae-Kwon-Do instructor. Real love...what kind of man...

Motto: "Think about it one more time."



Hwang Bo Vol.1 - Lady In Black

Release Date: March 3, 2007


01. Prologue

02. Alone

03. Shall we date?

04. Hurtful words

05. Chance

06. Winter

07. Does love change?

08. Sorry for tears

09. Bubbles

10. Ask for

11. It Girl

12. Sleeve

13. Goodbye

Credits: z-degrees.net and Edward's weekly ranking

The following YT CHANNELS are the ones I found to be the most substantial sources of HB's videos. Please visit and subscribe!

(Labels/Captions of channels are an OVERVIEW of its contents. It does not necessarily describe its totality.)

angeladean2396 || HB perfs, MVs, War of the Rose HB cut..

Chakraca || HB old vids, Chakra days, sitcom and show with Bi...

Estella: HB's Fansite || HB's Bday party, HB and Chakra MVs..

HWANGBO4ever || Hwangbo Xman cuts, New Xman

HWANGBOsub || IG supernova, olive, IG Philippines..

HWANGBU formerly Chakraca || HB and Bi "Rain" parody, Haja go!, Brain Battle, Star Survival...

HYEJUNGLOVER || Sang Sang plus with IG (eng subbed), Fort Boyard (bi), Happy shares company, star Arm wrestling..

kobatch122 || Chakra videos/perfs, hb mvs..

Lovehwangbo || Star Golden bell wheesung subbed, HB perfs...

my479m || Infinity girls, HB cuts on shows, FDTV, Nodaji...

nsd021879x || subbed Xman vids full episodes

note: search the channel fo the following HB xman appearances- 11, 13 (HB xman), 15, 24, 31, 40(pattaya), 42(dbsk), 44(chuseok special khj), 45, 46 (khj ghs), 47 (heechul), 48, 49, 62 (germany), 63,66 kkr, 67, 68 (china lovers in paris 1 kkr), 69(dbsk), 70 (lovers in paris 2 kkr),

Rainbowccy || HB interviews, IG, radio, perfs...

SANGCHU09 || HB MVs, music show appearances, Compassion, FDTV HB cuts

We got married channel || We got married eng sub ep 9-38, come to play wgm special..

yamarikaxryorika || HB subbed cuts on Xman..

*NODAJI* || vid sources: youku, 56.com, joon media<--this one works for me best (labeled 멀티로딩 last link) c/o imur ^_^

INFINITY GIRLS SEASON 1 - || Soompi thread- streaming/DL links.. alternative links besides youtube (yyouku etc.) cr art@music<3 of Soompi

Other ENGLISH SUBBED vids (not found on channels above)

SGB with MBLAQ cr cjkpopstuff1

strong heart 091201 cr thesixangels

cr joongbolove/DOxUKNOWYUNHO

Pocha HB cut eng subbed cr muishiessi

JIHWAZA cr xiaholic

andy and hwangbo jihwaza 061607 part 1

andy and hwangbo jihwaza 060907 part 2

7/21 jihwaza horror special pt1

7/28 jihwaza horror special part2

Loveletter7 s3 ep14 cr nina021879

Loveletter7 s3 ep15

Loveletter s2 DBSK cr MIckeysshi

cr. qtjena13

KBS Yashimanman -hb's life part 2

cr imei02 of YT

HB Goodbye for just a while (movie) cr smileysmell and iseuli *visit http://simplyhwangbo.blogspot.com/ for translated HB articles

cr smileysmell and iseuli of soompi

Come to Play hj, hb, hyori, haha, brian cr itstraus of yt

Infinity girls subbed

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KZ1KRpEwxlocr sjworldnet

with 2pm cr TIME2SUB, 2ONEDAY



Hwang Bo + 2AM + MBLAQ - English Game @ SGB 100206 cr moleqre

Hwang Bo + 2AM + MBLAQ - Song Game @ SGB 100206

Hwang Bo + 2AM + MBLAQ - Guess Group Name @ SGB 100206

cr sokiewa

e1 dream team 2003 cr baidu

e2 dream team

e3 dream team

e4 dream team

TVN E news 090827

CHINESE SUBBED vids full credits to BAIDU

Haja go cr patriciapaopao of baidu



xman #13 hb xman

StarkingEP15 070428

Chocolate HB cut

Nodaji ep 2 (mud ep)

part 1 don’t know the show’s name but Bi was there

part 2 don’t know the show’s name but Bi was there

Infinity challenge + muhan girls episode

Come to play with HB, Marco and Brian

IG 95

IG 96

IG 97 ( i think this one was the ep where HB danced r2song at the beach)

Game show with yr 2000 idols pt1 - Shinhwa, Fin k.l., Fly to the sky, Chakra, GOD, Shin Jung Hwan etc.

part 1 YT alternate cr kucinhtm

Game show with yr 2000 idols pt 2

Credit: Saltandpeppa


HB in Club Circle NY


Hwangbo 2009 Digital Single Released


and interview

2008 Get Hot Performances

Live Power Music


MNet Best of August



More performances

TV Shows

no subs

Mnet Top 100 Bodies

Infinity Girls credit to: my479m

More HB updates here, here

Magazine Scans



Marie Claire


with Marco


for Guerlain








Guess Love your body campaign


Info credit: infinityx

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I just recently found out she was part of Chakra o_o;

I thought she was an actress or something lol.

KyungRok & her look good on that last pic.

KyungRok is HOT.

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Official Threads must be in the K-MUSIC forum in order to be added to this list. and THEY MUST HAVE THEIR OWN SOLO ALBUM to be able to have their own official thread.

Just when did she release a solo album? :blink:

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it said on her cyworld that 24.2.2007 is her come back . is it her album??

i need more information . i dont understand korean

please help

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i really hope so....i've been waiting for her solo album for quite sometime....but the last i heard, she's a radio dj??...i really liked her in xman... wish she or yeh or lee jin would come back....

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omg finally hope its true this time! there is so many times that they said that and it came out to be false! i heard this sincejune last year but hope its true this time cant wait! hwaiting hwangbo!

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wowww i didnt kno hwangbo sings


she's a gasoo...she and ryeowon were in the group "CHAKRA"

i liked chakra...their songs were catchy tho they kinda died out...

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she's a gasoo...she and ryeowon were in the group "CHAKRA"

i liked chakra...their songs were catchy tho they kinda died out...

haha i wanted to say that too. she debuted as a singer. im glad shes coming back with some new music! i loved her in chakra and i miss seeing her on stage.

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oh wow! I can't wait for her comeback. Since the 24 is on a Saturday I wonder if her comeback going to be on the Music Core which mean live performance? I've been waiting forever and this day finally come. She look extra pretty in that recent picture.

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