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[Drama 2017] Confession Couple / Go Back Spouses, 고백부부

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I just started this drama and I love all the cast. Btw, does anyone know the instrumental music playing in the background in this clip. I love it. I downloaded the ost disc 2 but seems like it’s not included or am I missing some songs? Help please!!

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On 3/27/2018 at 5:05 AM, yamiex said:

It's been awhile but GBC is always on my rewatch list... 
So as a result of rewatching, and hearing this song on my playlist, I came out with this.... 
If I am not wrong, this is one of the songs which Jang NaRa pens the lyric... 

Seems fitting as an inner OS for our Go Back Couple BanDo and JinJoo. Enjoy!


I love this GBC so much!  I only recently got to know about the show last June but got to watch it completely in July.  I still can't get over it!  It deserves so much more recognition.  I'm glad Nara got some awards but felt bad that Hojun wasn't recognized on some.  I see Nara got nominated on Apan.  The whole show GBC should have gotten some awards coz the story & writing & directing is great too!

@yamiexBTW, your music videos are SO GOOD and it's nice that you used Nara's song which makes it more special! :thumbsup:   I have seen your other video on youtube and I'm glad to see you're also here on the GBC thread.  Hope we could relive the show again through this thread even though it's been over a year since it aired.  

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Please do not quote videos! Thanks! :)
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Is it okay to make this thread a semi-HojuNara shipping thread?? :lol:  I'm a late shipper of their tandem.


On 11/19/2017 at 11:59 AM, peaceful52 said:

Somehow I want that JN and SJH end up in real life. They look so good together :wub: 


On 11/19/2017 at 8:59 PM, yamiex said:


Lol~! They do look good together... But if they are to become a couple, SJH has to do something... 
From what I heard of JNR, she's pretty much a hermit, only traveling to work and back home... 

Plus she has a really timid personality and some degree of anthropophobia as can be seen how she often looks uncomfortable in facing public and media. 


On 11/20/2017 at 5:11 AM, peaceful52 said:

But I think SHJ wouldn't do that. He just gets now attention for his acting and after that drama he will be really busy.

And the korean netizens are a bit scary. I somehow understand that JN doesn't like to be in public. After the scandal with Park Bo Gum, what just was rumors they literally bullied her. Even though she just wants to be recognized for her acting and not her private life.  So when they would be a couple, that would be not so beneficial for both of them? But I hope they can date and love who they want. Scary people :D


Waaahhh....I want them to be a real couple too.  But it maybe impossible especially both are really shy and no one will step forward.  But who knows...maybe one day if they meet again and get to know each other better....then maybe there is a chance. :)  But of course, I'll be happy with whoever they end up with. 




On 11/19/2017 at 4:05 PM, katakwasabi said:

I had to share this. First time i saw this interview of yunho and hojun. Such an old video. Haha. Their friendship warms my heart :)


I can hear Hojun's accent there.  He sounds different in his more recent interviews. :)



Waaahhh thanks for these pics (have to click on your posts to see it again though) 

On 11/19/2017 at 8:17 PM, supergal99 said:


Mmm.. The kiss... me like:wub:







What app or program did you use to make this gif?? @supergal99


On 11/20/2017 at 2:53 AM, ode2kdramas said:

@joonminfan @katakwasabi Thank you for all those Son Ho-jun videos. :wub:

Thanks to those videos I stumbled upon his appearance in Happy Together... and guess what @Kasmic, we were right about his eyes. Son Ho-jun himself thinks that his eyes are his most attractive feature.

Screenshots from the show:


I particularly like his eyes in this scene of the last episode



And this picture, a final one, just because.



Re-posting: sn0LSPo.jpg





On 11/20/2017 at 3:19 AM, Kasmic said:

@ode2kdramas YEs I love his eyes...it's not like Im shipping but Im tempted but who knows. When he looks at JJ it's truly as ballerina says..."it turns into hearts" :joy::wub:


and om squeeeee check out the post drama interviews... um I cant really makeout the content but at this stage those pics of him are literally tooo CUTE!!! :wub::wub: Fangirling WAY TOOOOOO MUCH HERE :joy:

Watch me flood this thread :tongue:


HYPER VENTILATING!!!! quick I need an oxygen tank



bled1-onion-head-emoticon.gif?1292862492 are we dead yet??? wait there's more....??



Sorry I'm a late SHJ Fangirl.  But thanks for those pics!  I agree his eyes are so beautiful! :relaxed: :love:  He looks so cute especially when he smiles!  His smile is one of his best features too! :D





Hope it will be okay if occasionally I will quote other people here.  I still cannot get over this show and I want to share my thoughts too! :) 

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Go back couple is currently airing on a tv channel in my country. Yay! I hope lots more can see how awesome of a drama GBC is~ B)

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On 11/6/2018 at 6:20 PM, supergal99 said:


:lol:Normally i juz use my phone if i download the whole episode. (It allows u to create Gif while watching the video:P ) If there are videos already available i will use online websites like imgflip. U can also use gyphy.:lol:

So u are watching for the first time or rewatching it hahaaa??

Very very nice drama which i always recommend to others.


But i wonder why it is only 12 episodes:grimace:


Thanks for the info!  I tried imgflip!






I had just watched it completely last July.  To be detailed....I learned about the show in late May.  I was on vacation in the Philippines when I saw this trailer of the show (dubbed in Tagalog):



And I've never been excited in watching a K-drama!!!  But of course I wasn't able to watch all the eps so around July is when I searched for subtitled episodes online.  I watched the subs then dubbed version again (waited for dubbed ep uploads everyday as it was still airing that time).


I know I still wish it was at least 14 eps!  I think that's probably one reason why I can't get over it because I always think that they could have shown more scenes.  But the show is really great.  They had the most important elements and acting was the best.  It's just that I wish they have tackled more or explored more scenes.




On 11/6/2018 at 7:08 PM, katakwasabi said:

Go back couple is currently airing on a tv channel in my country. Yay! I hope lots more can see how awesome of a drama GBC is~ B)



Oh my gosh!  That's so cool that it's still airing in different countries!  Is it subbed only or dubbed?  May I know what country?  It means you already watched it online even before it aired on your country.  I also hope GBC gets more worldwide recognition coz it is really a great show!  It's really a GEM as a lot of people has described it. :D 

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On 11/7/2018 at 3:48 AM, kyutrogue said:

Hope it will be okay if occasionally I will quote other people here.  I still cannot get over this show and I want to share my thoughts too! :)

Hey, sorry for the super late reply but I totally understand how you are feeling now! Last year, about this time, almost everyone on this thread was engrossed and super invested in this drama and these actors!
Glad to hear you enjoyed. The drama is indeed one of kind.  :heart:


@supergal99 Hello Stranger! :kiss_closed:

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Goback couple Japan DVD interview -full, ENG translation


"The Go Back couple: Jang Nara & Son Ho-jun," "I had a lot of fun filming."


A couple who wake up one morning before they get divorced and then go back to their hometown 18 years ago, and the DVD-BOX1&2 is a popular new love comedy duo, "Go Back" couple.An official interview with Jang Na-ra and Son Ho-jun has been delivered recently.


- How did you feel when you two performed together?


Hojun: It was a lot of fun.Ms. Nara accompanied me and gave me a lead, so it was a lot of fun to shoot.


Nara: I had a lot of fun, too.In particular, Mr. Hojun is a very hard worker, so he became a passionate filming location.I'm grateful that I'm really a leader on the ground, and I've been treated very well. - Please tell us about your impressions of each other.What was your first impression of Nara?


Hojun: At first, I was surprised to see how young he looked.Even though I was a senior, I was as cute and beautiful as my sister, so I was really excited...Before I start shooting (lol). Nara: Before you start shooting!?What surprised me was ...Mr. Hojun has a sculptured face and is handsome, isn't he?I was really surprised.My nose is also high and I feel like a foreigner.You must have been surprised to see that it is not in my family.I knew it was handsome, but I thought it was a lot more engraving than I saw on TV.And since both of us were shy and not the first person to talk to each other for a while, we were not a little embarrassed at first, but when we went ahead with the shooting, we found that our breath was perfect. - Ms. Nara is a very senior performer, isn't she?


Hojun: Yeah, that's right.It was a great honor to be with you at first,Then, when the shooting started, I thought, "Of course," but I learned a lot and took the lead.I am very grateful that I was able to take a good picture thanks to your leadership of what I am not good at.


I was surprised to be able to look beautiful and cute and look younger than me.Nara is often referred to as a "vampire" in articles on the Internet and so on.I confirmed that with this eye.


Nara: You're a really good guy.


Hojun: It was very strange at first (lol).


- Introduce a brief summary of your own characters.


Hojun: I think "Go Back" is a drama in which a 38-year-old couple comes back to realize that they have forgotten and that they love each other again, or that they have forgotten and have been living there.It is an interesting drama with moving tears and laughter.

The Choi band I played is a man who works for a pharmaceutical company and is a typical family head.He lived a hard life as the breadwinner for his family, but he returned to enjoy his youth when he was around 20 years old.


-What kind of character Ma Jin-ju played by Ms. Nara?


Nara: Ma Jin-ju is a 38-year-old, unassured character who has lost her youth and femininity after being tired of child rearing and marriage.She will return to her early twenties with a time slip and regain her confidence.Then, the role is to realize the importance of a forgotten family member, to reunite with the deceased mother, and to realize the meaning of love and family.


-Where did you find it attractive and decide to perform?


Hojun: I think Nara is the same, but the script was very interesting.I think it was big that I was worried about the continuation of the story as if I were reading a comic book.And the heartwarming episode of the family that was woven into the story was really good.


-Is Ms. Nara the same?


Nara: Yeah.


- Both of you were able to play a 38 year old couple and a 20 year old university student, so please let me know if you have any interesting episodes during the shooting.


Nara: I just laughed when everyone was there, so it's not a special episode...There was a scene where I went on a trip with a band's project, but I laughed heartily when I was eating yakiniku and performing at a banquet.What I showed in the drama was not acting, but actual reaction.It was like a real banquet, and I ate grilled meat so enthusiastically that I couldn't even get enough meat.All the performers seem to have returned to their childhood, and we enjoyed it very much.


- Do you have any episodes of your co-starring scenes?


Hojun: It was always taken by many people, so we had a lot of fun together.This movie is going back to the past, isn't it?The hairstyle and fashion in those days made me feel nostalgic, and I enjoyed it.For example, when someone puts a line of mesh in their hair, they lose and put more mesh in it.And then my hair grew more and more dry and funny (lol).That's where I enjoyed it.


- I think that in order to play the role of a married couple who have been married for 14 years, the sense of living and the breathing of both of them were also important.Have you been careful of each other in playing the role of a 14-year-old married couple?


Hojun: I didn't have anything in particular.I'm naturally a shy person, but Mr. Nara is also a shy person. But once the camera started rotating, this was something I had a great respect for, but Mr. Nara was able to take the lead in the beginning.Thanks to Nara's good leadership.


-Nara and Hojun are actually single, but in this movie we played the role of a married couple.Did you refer to anything?How did you describe the image of married couples?


Nara: I've divorced many times in dramas and have been married.I just got divorced (lol), so there was nothing particularly difficult about it, but I saw many Internet message boards about marriage and parenting.In particular, there are many scenes that fight against bands.I was able to express my feelings well because I read through the articles about my husband and wife.Also, Hojun was good at acting a hateful uncle, so I enjoyed it very much.


-Hojun took the lead in that area, so please tell me about the charms of each other's characters, the charms of the Choi band that you feel, and the charms of Ma Jin-ju that you feel.


Nara: In reality, the character band looks tough...He's such a nice person.After all, even though he is a man full of sincerity, he doesn't understand how to express his feelings, so he doesn't convey his feelings properly and often gets nervous, but I think he is a very charming and wonderful man.


-What is Jinju's charm?


Hojun: You got married because you liked bands because you couldn't help loving Jinju.I think that Jinju is a really lovely character.She lived with her husband's band and lived for him.And then there is this line in the drama:Borm likes Jew because of his line, "It's so funny."(Je-woo) is always expressing his feelings, but I think the same is true of Jin-ju.Always work hard at one thing.I think that's what makes it attractive.


-Have you had a hard time?I think the crying scene was tough, but if there were any difficult scenes, please let me know.


Hojun: I think I was still lucky (even though it's hard work, it wasn't as good as shooting in the middle of the winter), but I shot a scene where I went into the ocean in November.It was very cold then.I had a hard time with the weather and other factors, but I enjoyed the rest.


Nara: I don't think I had any particular difficulty.There were not many scenes around me.

But it was tough when the emotional scenes continued.If you keep crying, your face will become chubby, but it was the last part, so I think it was just the right thing to look tired.


Finally, please send a message to the Japanese audience who are looking forward to "go back" couples.


Nara: "The Go Back couple" is a drama that many people can relate to and talk about.I think you can enjoy laughing and crying easily.


Hojun: This movie is a very domestic drama.I think it's a good drama where the whole family, such as a son, a daughter, a mother, and a father, can be seen as being on good terms with each other, and you can realize again what you forgot about.




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