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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] Letting You Float Like A Dream 许你浮生若梦

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12 hours ago, BreezeC said:

@katthy I'm glad you enjoy the drama!!! You are point on with Lu Fu Sheng! I love this character soooo much that I still can't get over it lol

YEAH! I'm still SO into it too... so hard to let him go...  so so hard... it's almost like I felt after I finished Guardian... it was also hard for me to let Shen Wei go... well.. actually I think that I still didn't do it completely... LOL




12 hours ago, BreezeC said:

His love with TY is soooo unselfish and soooo sincere. I have started reading the novel and I loving LFS more and more... He is just too good to be true. He is like a devil with the heart of an angel... I need a LFS in my life...I will not wait like TY and throw myself at him (I know...In my dream, right? Lol)

exactly!!! couldn't have said it better... happy reading dear, and happy dreaming! ^^ (sometimes it's also enought and good to be able to dream...) ;)




12 hours ago, BreezeC said:

I don't know why...I love almost all of ZYL's characters but I don't know why LFS has such a lasting effect on me. Not even Shen Wei have this effect on me and I love SW!

eheheh... I can understand you perfectly!!!  You don't even know how many screen caps I've saved of him... ZYL's characters are really different but all so perfect... you can't help it but fall for them... agree! For me it'll be hard also let go Fusheng indeed!!! 

Here just few caps :P


























12 hours ago, BreezeC said:

I want to praise you for doing the translation in your own language. I tried translating something for 5 mins and I am exhausted already, I can't imagine doing it for an entire drama!!! 

oh thanks dear! actually we are three girls that are working on it so... we can split the work... but also the Viki subbing system is very simple so we manage to do it relatively quickly :D

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