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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] The Way We Were 归去来

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On 6/12/2018 at 7:27 PM, angelangie said:

not many drama had catch my attention lately too be honestly....


and Luo Jin and Tiffany is not on my top of OTP list to be honest....

Erhhh I was hoping for another Princess Wei Young but mehhh

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Finally i m done with this drama. It took me longer than i thought. At least the last 10 episodes is rather interesting and focus on LJ and TY. 


I honestly started this for LJ. I think he has chemistry with both girls. His emotional parts are so well done. His last conversation with the ex-gf at the beach learning each other having moved on with their new partners is quite touching. And of course the few scenes with TY esp the one crying in bed behind TY in Cambodia.


Though the drama is not up to expectation, but kudos to the artistes' effort in picking up english. At least their english dialogue is quite natural with some chinese accent. I have seen some drama where they dubbed the english conversation. 


I dont think they address whether Cheng Ran forgives Xiao Qing. Can someone tell me whether i miss anything?

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