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[Drama 2017] Hospital Ship 병원선

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Annyeong Chingu,


I am watching MBC Award live on youtube  HS's team, Fighting!!


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Hello, it's been awhile since my last visit in forum.. Yesterday (30th Dec 2017) MBC held their drama awards. Some of our Hospital ship family members attended the celebration, such as HyunJae Couple, Kim Jae Geol, Nurse Yoo and the painter Choi Young Eun.. 


Some pictures of them on the red carpet (Ha Ji Won and AoA's Mina)




Ha Ji Won won the award for Female High Excellence Award for Miniseries





Rough translations for her winning speech (sorry if I made a mistake, it's been awhile since I'm doing translation)


Uee: The winner of MBC Drama Awards 2017 category Female High Excellence Award for Miniseries is...

Uee: Congratulations, Ha Ji Won from Hospital Ship

(HyunJae's hugged!)

MC: This is Ha Ji Won's first medical drama. In Hospital Ship she did a great job for bringing out her character, a surgeon Song Eun Jae and received many loves


MC: Please give some speech

Fans: We love you!!

HJW: Yes, thank you. Firstly, the time I spent while acting as a surgeon Song Eun Jae was a happy times for me. Rather than giving you an entertaining time, Hospital Ship was a drama that would make the viewers cried in every episode. That's why to me this drama is like a friend who was there when I was sad. We had spent 4 months in Geoje Island for shooting the drama while enduring the hot weather. It might be a short time, but there are many people who worked hard with us. PD, directors and writer, thank you very much. Thank you to my team. My best partner(s) Kang Min Hyuk and Lee Seo Won who are beside me. You guys are very great and I'm so thankful. Thank you to Mina and Jiwon who are in here too. Although they can't come but I'm also thankful to my great seniors that I respect. Moreover, big thanks to the viewers of Hospital Ship and I want to share this happiness with you and the rest of Hospital Ship family. Thank you to my agency families who always encourage me and cheering me up. My 1023 (her fanclub) Thank you so much. Mom, Dad I love you so much. I'll do my best to be an actress who can give warmth to your heart. Thank you.

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On 1/4/2018 at 11:27 AM, cslove said:

Is HS going to be screened in Taiwan? 

Taiwan teaser of  HS


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When you’re stuck at your workplace. No matter how much you want to spend the warm nights on the beach side, your work and #adulting responsibilities forbid you to leave your office and have fun. But who says you can’t look summer-ready in office-appropriate clothes? Hospital Ship couple Ha Ji-won and Kang Min-hyuk’s outfits will give you style inspo that you can use from Monday to Friday work and that in-between quick dates.

ha jiwon hospital ship fashion

kang minhyuk hospital ship fashion



FULL: https://ahjummamshies.com/2018/04/25/k-lookbook-summer-looks-from-k-drama-characters/

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