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[Current Weekend Drama 2017] You Are Too Much 당신은 너무합니다 Second teaser update PG 1

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3 hours ago, maribella said:

I just watched the final episode RAW. What was that???:o:unsure::blink:

I must apologise to those who like the ending, this is beyond kumbaya! 

the grandmother died at peace with the world after being the nastiest mil around

KS became a priest, someone predicted this outcome

The wife of the brother - snitchy, backstabbing and biggest opportunist is happily married to the brother

HJ got the company Mama left him - the only deserving character

CEO Park working as a waiter to pay off the money he stole - he was imprisoned? Not long enough

YJN on a plane to Hollywood, after all the sleazy cheap stunts she pulled for 45 episodes

All because of wonderful saintly HD, the family had a picnic in a warm close knit family setting, (hope the mosquitoes and other bugs ate them.) she turned the vicious family to a model of a family.

No one seemed to have been charged or punished for killing the mother.

Oh yes HD's family  was .... what the... I don't care.

And the obligatory time jump. Thank goodness I did not watch all.

Edit: accidentally tapped the video posted and caught the old lady's funeral, oh my lord HD makes me nauseous. Ok she is so understanding, so forgiving ......:crazy:

Bye eeveryone, until the next drama


Tell me about it.  I gave up on this drama a long time ago.  I think Writers and PD think that we are fools to sit and watch these without due punishment that needs to be handed out  for all the wrongs that happened.  I got sick of seeing HD character (is this for real?)  Anyway it is over.  The best of this drama was here on soompi with fellow watchers and conversations happenings instead of the actual show.  This was more enjoyable.  Thank you all for making this a tolerable place to come to, to vent about the drama and the character.  

See you all in another thread....

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So, I saw the last episode. Happy ending for Hae Dang and Hyung Joon..............that's all I cared for. Yoo Ji Na didn't pay for the richard simmons she pulled for freaking 47 episodes out of 50..............good riddance that this is over.


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On 28/08/2017 at 0:32 AM, sava2sava said:

Thanks @maribella  For the heads up I'll wait for the subs to come out..

Have not watched ending with subs.. goodness.. everyone turned goody goody !! After all the heartache and pains he caused everyone.. CEO became a waiter? 

Okay morally this ending should be ideal.. so don't understand why the title "you are too much"? Should have been "happily ever after".

However the last scene ws quite emotional.. KS watching HD and family walking away. Always felt from start its going to be a sad ending for KS.. Anyway, the casts wr all so wonderful.. fine performances from all :D


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How did the mother die? Was it suicide? Or CEO Park was sent to prison for attempted murder? I thought it was for embezzling.

Anyway the voiceover by YJN while she was leaving (not for Hollywood) suggested that she had cut off ties with CEO Park, I think. I was FF too much after HD's crying over KS becoming a priest and she was so sweet and popular with everyone, I could not take it. I could not understand what she was saying to the old woman's picture at the funeral, but I'll bet she was regretting and missing the scheming ,rude crude woman whom she converted. I was nauseous enough, I am not risking watching the subs.

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