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Excellence in Acting, Monday-Tuesday Dramas SBS Drama 2017 Awards

And the winner is ... Kwon Yool from "Whisper"!




Congratulations !

Kwon Yool said on the way to the award show, he told his stylist that he never gets nervous to these kinds of things. But, he admitted, he was wrong, he said, because he’s really nervous.

He thanked the directors of the show, and said the award is such an honor, and that the award is all thanks to the staff and his fellow actors on the show.

Lastly, he thanked his agency staff and directors for believing in him more than he does, and said he would do his best in 2018 as well. (credit jun2yng



And"Park Se Young"!Another win for the "Whisper" Team! Congratulations!!



Park Se Young wasn’t able to speak at first, being so overcome with emotion at winning the award.

She said more than being happy, she feels a lot of responsibility and fear from being given such a huge honor.

She said she’s really happy for being able to just be at the award ceremony, a time to look back on the year and celebrate each other.

“Whisper” was able to come to fruition because of all the staff and actors, and Park Se Young said she’d like to give the honor of the award to the “Whisper” team. She wasn’t able to name everyone that she’s thankful for because she really didn’t expect to win the award, and said she’d contact everyone personally afterward. (credit jun2yng


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Top Excellence in Acting, Monday-Tuesday Dramas


And for females the winner is Lee Bo Young from "Whisper"!




Lee Bo Young said that there were a lot of articles that were written about the awards, but she really didn’t expect to win. She felt that she wasn’t good enough while filming “Whisper,” and blamed herself a lot.

She said filming the drama was really hard, but thanks to the directors and her fellow actor Lee Sang Yoon, the set was always such a great working environment. She apologized to the writer for not being able to do better, and thanked everyone for the award.



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