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[Drama 2017] Chief Kim 김과장

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wah really enjoyed the after party thanks for putting it up. Missing the bromance couple, hope they won Couple of the year!!!!!!!!!!:dissapointed_relieved::dissapointed_relieved::dissapointed_relieved:

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From the after-party clip, Nam Sang Mi said it was 'our' suggestion to the Director not to include romance in the drama? Lol!! I was laughing because the writer got blamed but it was the cast's idea? I wonder who joined Nam Sang Mi in the suggestion - Nam Gong Min? Possibly Junho too?? Actually, I was one of those who did not mind the lack of romance in this drama, as the bromances more than made up for it.... It is really nice to see all of them gather together one more time to celebrate the drama's success and their teamwork!

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although there is no romance, the bromance was way better, hilarious and entertaining to me. I'm really glad that they turn the villain to a good man in the end suggesting to the new generation people change, not all bad people bad to the bone. Missing chief kim and seo yul!!!!! 

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INTERVIEW translat3d by fan

Quite an interesting conversion about how the Foody Seo Yul came about to be.


Now that delightful Chief Kim is finished, there were some interviews of the casts from the show. One was with Lee Jun-ho (27) who received praise playing a villain? character. Playing the finance chief Seo Yul Jun-ho succeeded in building the unique character ‘MukSo’/gluttonous sociopath. He had Q and A session.
Q:How do you feel now that the show is finished?
JH:Scripts never came out early ever since I started 3 months ago. We almost did live-shoots from episode 5 or 6.
There were times I felt difficulties and wondered when the show would finish. But once it finished and I don’t do shoots anymore, I feel awkward feeling like I should keep filming. It is bittersweet feeling.

Q:You played a new character in Chief Kim.
JH: Since I started acting 4 years ago I’ve done 4 projects. I was worried because of long break between projects but I wanted to do a good project and my goal was to widen the spectrum. While I was thinking I wanted to play a different role, I happened to see the scripts for CK and wondered how they would unwind Seo Yul’s story because there were only 2 episodes of scripts. I took the role because I heard my character was villain and I thought it would be a refreshing challenge.

Q: You were well received by the viewers for your acting. Was there any secret in improvement in your acting skill?
JH:I try to be possessed by the character. I am a type worrying about how the character has lived. I think the character has to be penetrated in real life to be reflected in filming. Since I don’t have much experience, I didn’t go out of the house and lived isolated to achieve that. Since Seo Yul was a character who didn’t have anyone around him and lived self-centered, I tried my best to fit into that character. In my previous project ‘Memory’, I was a nice lawyer who assisted Lee Sung-min sunbae-nim, so I tried to get stress to change to Seo Yul character. I had so much stress.

Q: What do you think about your nick ‘MukSo’?
JH: I love it. When I talked to director-nim, the original set up for my character was diabetic. In the first script, there was a scene he took insulin shot. And director-nim said he wanted to have a non-hateful villain. I said “How about skipping that[diabetic parts]? I think this guy can be a person who eats the most delicious way as he can, and eats like he is really hungry and just loves to eat” and SY character was built.

yeah long interview continues…

  • Q:There were many eating scenes.
    JH:I found I chew and eat that way for the first time- fervently like chewing the steel. I am similar with Seo Yul in that when I was a trainee, because there was not enough practice rooms, I had to hurry eat and claim the place. So I think I developed the habit of eating fast. There were even times I chewed on my tongue and bled while eating. There are occasions people don’t eat the food placed in front of them in dramas, but I ate because we decided we would just do freely. In the meeting scene with chairman Park and manager Jo in a Japanese restaurant, I kept eating not thinking and had really hard time. I ate for 5 hours. It was delicious at first, but I had hard time later on. I couldn’t spit out because it was expensive food. That was when I was eating 1 meal a day, so I took that opportunity and ate without care.

    Q: I assume you got some offer for commercials?
    JH: I heard I received an offer, but it went out the window when I threatened manager Jo in episode 14. My company said “Villain role can’t get a commercial offer.”
    Q: Seo Yul was not completely villain.
    JH:I started drama dreaming a real villain. But what I thought and what director-nim wanted was different. He said Seo Yul was not complete villain, and had a possibility for change. I wondered if I should act like a one-dimensional crazy bastard or man-child who had a reborn prospect. Anyway he seemed like a villain who didn’t cross the line. He didn’t like to hurt others and tried to trouble people within his capability. I acted with sense of justice at minimum because I thought that way it would be convincing when he transformed.

    Q:Didn’t you want to make NamGoong Min suffer more in the show?
    JH: I usually think about and design what to do before shooting. But practice doesn’t do any good on the set. While filming with Min-yi hyung everything went out of place. I acted with the intent I had to make Kim Sung-ryong character having no way out with my systematic way of thinking.

    Q: You had kiss(peck, rather) scene with NamGooing Min.
    JH:I think it was the best skinship. It is honor being able to do the skipship which I expected male and female lead would do. It was 100% ad-lib. As we play jokes, Min-yi hyung said “Should we kiss?” and director-nim said ok. I had doubts but it turned out fine. In the broadcast, NamGoong Min [after kiss scene] left with shocked expression, but actually he tried sticking out his tongue and throwing wink. I thought it was fun “Our drama can do this!”. In a way CK had different tone from other dramas. I tried to do different things, like as I say lines I turned to the camera.”

    • Q: Was there any scene you liked?
      JH:I liked the scene where I kidnapped the manager Jo and threatened him. I couldn’t even imagine speaking in banmal and yelling in front of sunbae-nim, but I had to do it without care, which showed Seo Yul’s spoiled and different side. I had fun. I didn’t know when I shoot, but he really looked like a psycho when I watched in TV. The beauty of a man-child who is strong in front of strong people, and is childlike in front of people he likes seemed to be shown as multi-dimensional.

      Q: How was the scene you mentioned about the acting awards with NGM?
      JH:It was very cheesy at first, but writer-nim changed expression to certain degree. Two men kept bickering but we thought we couldn’t become too close, so we decided to act like children. I laughed due to its absurdity at first. We filmed saying “This wouldn’t make it[awards] because it is early in the year” but it was funny. The scenes we received good response were amazingly kiss and ad-lib scenes.

      Q: What if you receive the Best Couple award with NGM?
      JH:I think I will accept in gratitude, but I would feel weird. It would be strange man-man couple receives the couple award. But we did kiss a few times so I think I will take it happily, still I wonder because this is early in the year.
      Q: You had a little loveline with Nam Sang-Mi.
      JH:I wanted to do a drama which is not about romance, and I think Yul had an open ending with Ha-kyung. In the final episode, Yul has a date with Ha-Kyung in a pizza place looking like they have met a few times by then. Usually Ha-kyung gives portion of her dish to Yul, or he takes food from others, but that time Yul gave piece of pizza to Ha-kyung, and I think it showed how Seo Yul has changed during one year. Since people want cider/feel-good plot in office comedy genre, more weights were on cider parts, and everyone thought loveline was not important. I think it was better leaving lingering feelings. I felt like we shoot a new drama that time. That was my last scene and I had trouble because we felt so awkward. Doing such acting at the end, I had fun feeling tickled.

      Q:What do you think about the prejudice on ‘Acting Dol'(Idol who does acting)?
      JH:I think that all we have to do is acting well. It seems that if we do good, we get complements. But it also looks that I get complements because I am idol. I think we have to accept knowing if it means “He is doing better than expected” or “He is doing well as an actor” first. Anyway my conclusion is that all I need to do is acting well. I’d like to be proud to myself whatever I do.

      • Q:How were your 2PM members (He is a member of 2PM since 2008)? Did they monitor the show for you? Tack yeon is soon to do the army duty, how about you?
        JH:Chan-sung monitored since the first airing of the show. Group members said “Shouldn’t Seo Yul have to be more evil?” and I studied how I could do that. They kept cheering him on. Agency president was very happy for me and gave me a call everyday.
        People mention Taek Yeon hyung about the army duty because he will go soon. But it hasn’t been long since I started to work on individual level so I don’t think anything other than working hard.


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The cast went to give coffee in Seoul today


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Namgoong Min, Nam Sang-mi, Jung Hye-seong and Junho, "Chief Kim" is now over but promise is kept


The cast of "Chief Kim" kept their promise regarding the viewing percentage at Samsung Station in Seoul on the 17th.

Namgoong Min, Nam Sang-mi, Jung Hye-seong and Junho promised to hand out 1,000 coffees to those going to work if their drama passed 15% in viewing percentage.


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