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[Drama 2017] While You Were Sleeping 당신이 잠든 사이에

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Once again LJS has proved it to be one of best actors in picking his projects , so once again he did not disappoint me in this drama .. and sure his performance was fabulous ! The best moment I know that would not forget so easily and remember it for long time , is the scene when he was crying while mr choi was dying in his arm , it looked so sincere, real and heartbreaking ... another thing to mention that almost all of his dramas have best and most satisfying ending .. now I am waiting patiently for his next work and wish to be a longer series than those 16-20 episode range ... 

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I really loved the drama but I was disappointed by one thing:

The fact that Suzy's character was sidelined and less present in the second half of the drama, and seemed more as a supporting character than a lead one!... Story line became all focus on JC court fight/justice, nothing wrong with that, but I would have liked to see a drama who is both male & female lead centered drama, not just male centric... This drama was definitely male centric, like most of K-dramas, and it's a little disappointing, especially from Park Hye Ryun... Suzy's character deserved better, imo! But anyway, I loved the drama, it was really a good drama!


And to those who say that Suzy was overshadowed by the others, I think it's more her character who was too sidelined and less & less impactful/interesting over the episodes. (Even in the very last episode aka Ep16, she didn't appear much, and for a lead and a last episode, it's disappointing. Is she really the lead of the drama? lol)...

But her acting in the first few episodes was really good (and her character was way more interesting in these first few episodes),... So ok, I can agree for the second half of the drama but it's because her character was less interesting & less present, Suzy can't do anything with that, but she wasn't overshadowed at all in the first half of the drama, on the contrary, I even think she was even better than LJS in the first few episodes...  So please give her more credit! Her 'reporter' scenes were good as well, but compared to LJS who had a lot of scenes as a 'prosecutor', Suzy didn't have so many scenes as a 'reporter', and most of her scenes in the second half of the drama were just 'love interest & support' more than other things (even her quirkiness level dropped :(), so less interesting than the other main characters....


Anyway, all the cast in this drama was good, including Suzy! :)



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On 11/15/2017 at 10:07 PM, nonski said:




outside WT is on the hallway then HJ came out and told him on what to do

then told him to just go for he might reveal his color blindness

WT stopped her and then his cap fell down and he hugged HJ

flashback to when they were at the bus stop, HJ waiting for JC

WT looked back and saw their shadows as if HJ is leaning on him

he took out his phone and secretly took a picture of their shadow

him smiling after that. then the still... of two shadows standing together




Why do I feel that this scene was kind of like a consolation for Wootak? Like, "I may not have her but I had a special moment(s?) with her".. but I think this ending for a second lead is much better


On 11/15/2017 at 10:15 PM, nonski said:



and of course my all time favorite, the gangster and the gay doppelganger in Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, Kim Won Hae who is our very good Mr. Choi!



Aside for Prosecutor Lee who's I've seen in Pinocchio (actually it was late when I realized ), Mr. Choi is my next favorite! I've only seen him on Strong Girl and was amazed he did a double role while all the while I didn't know until I was told. And now here WYWS, his character's twist made me love him! Although I'm a bit picky in watching an ongoing drama, I am looking forward for his works! 

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