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[Current Taiwanese Drama 2016] Behind Your Smile 浮士德的微笑

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Haha, I had forgotten about the description of the drama. I think Viki could still do even better than what the description is now, but you're all right-- the drama has spoken for itself. I can see it had a loyal following, not just here in this thread, but on its other official platforms. For it to have all the outside circumstances surrounding it, but garner attention (from individuals who never expected it from themselves and individuals who returned to [Taiwanese] dramas because of it) and produce the insightful, in-depth discussions like it did here says a lot more about the quality of the drama. I hope the BYS team knows what a special thing they created.

Here is the Vidol link to the last BTS. Again, thank you for all the translation help you've been able to provide. I can remember the first day we had legitimate help. XD :heart:


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@ate@hennybird@songielove@IamMissBookie@beijinhos@quartz13@alex325 Well, I have just finished the last episode and after reading so many comments that it was a disappointing ending... I was afraid of watching it. Sure, it could have been better. I wished, we would have seen another kiss. But it wasn't such a bad ending because we know how the future of everybody looks like. 

Sure, the acting wasn't the best in the last episode (especially during the chasing), yet I liked how Tang's fate ends. Sure, he dies in a similar way of ZYT's father. Both were chased, one by the police and the other by the loan sharks. Both regretted something... Yet, there is a huge difference between Tang and ZYT's father. One was obsessed with money, while the other was taking care of his family. In the end, QI's fate is tragic: she ends up with nothing and nobody by her side. She lost Uncle Qing and now her father. Since she never had a friend, she is now on her own and has never learnt how to deal with people. With no money, she can't buy people's support. Since her father was so obsessed with money, we can conclude that QI's behaviour can be explained by her father's philosophy. She used money just like him and was upset that she could never be liked like LXN. Striking is that while ZYT acted like a coldhearted and greedy businessman, he has never been like that. Tang who thought that ZYT was similar to him due to his behaviour misunderstood him. He was the total opposite: he used money to punish people and make sure that they got what they deserve. It was entirely selfless... it was in the name of justice, whereas Tang was just a self-centered, greedy businessman with no conscience at all. ZYT had high standards, sure in order to make sure that his plan worked, he lied and manipulated people. However, he never did anything illegal. His ultime goal was to stop that idea of "comfort/thinking about ourselves" that LM mentioned.

As conclusion, BYS has become my favourite TW-drama I have ever watched.  

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Posted (edited)

Here bts of vidol, for people can't watch it

BTS 1-11 ep


Bts 1-18 ep


Compilation bts mix



Start 6:05 (eugenie,marcus,dhm(beedong)) awards douxi

Interview vidol cast

I hope you enjoy it.

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Find the plot of this Drama to be quite similar to Secret Love the one starring Hwang Jungeum and Jisung. Marcus seem to be new IT Taiwanese actor it seems. Not familiar with the lead girl but I just can't stand her character LoL. Overall the pair share a nice chemistry and despite it's predictable plot it's very watchable. 

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