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[Upcoming Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] The Fated General 霍去病

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photo 6cf03c75jw1f71odaizdaj20et0m841x.jpg


Title: The Fated General

Chinese title: 霍去病

Genre: Historical

Episodes: 70

Broadcast Date: TBA

Producer: Zhang Jian

Screenwriter: Wen Haojie













张若昀 Zhang Ruoyun

霍去病 Huo Qu Bing



徐悦 Xu Yue

刘陵 Liu Ling

Victor Huang

汉武帝 Emperor Wu of Han



Karina Hai Ling

留定儿 Liu Ding Er

潘泰 Pan Taiming

卫青 Wei Qing



陈紫函 Chen Zihan

卫子夫 Empress Wei Zifu

于朦 Alan YuMenglong

李敢 Li Gan



晓彤 Rachel Mao Xiaotong

蓁娥 Zhen E

白宇 Johnny Bai Yu

伯力 Bo Li



张玉洁 Zhang Yujie

平阳公主 Pingyan Gongzhu

李宏毅 Li Hongyi

赵破奴 Zhao Po Nu



赵子惠 Loutus Zhao Zihui



杜玉明 Du Yuming

留柱 Liu Zhu



王妍兮 Jessica Wang Yanxi



张晨光 Morni Zhang Chenguang

刘安 Liu An



梅莉那 Mei Lina



修庆 Xiu Qing

郭解 Guo Jie



柴蔚 Chai Wei

芳姑 Fang Gu

唐文龙 Michael Tang Wenlong

Zhang Jing







钟雷 Zhong Lei

伊稚斜 Yi Zhi Zie







康杰 Kang Jie









Hu Jun









吴秀波 Wu Xiubo









刘广楠 Liu Guangnan

商浩 Shang Hao







刘金承 Liu Jincheng









叶静 Ye Jing









张艺泷 Zhang Yilong









吴承 Wu Chengxuan

高不识 Gao Bushi







徐杰 Xu Jie









魏一宁 Wei Yining









夏天 Xia Tian

孙贺 Gongsun He







和龙 He Long









刘天 Liu Tianyao

Yao Dong







张桐 Zhang Tong

阿卜 A Bo







任思扬 Ren Siyang

茅盖 Mao Gai







姜震昊 Jiang Zhenhao









门光伟 Men Guangwei

贤王 Yu Xian Wang







杨子骅 Yang Zihua









刘小磊 Liu Xiaolei











[First post currently a work in progress]

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Booting Ceremony 8.22.16

photo 006qeSb5jw1f726ffxy1bj30rs0kuq93.jpg

photo a2c2e0d5jw1f729ftl3bcj20rs0kutdj.jpg

photo 7020c524gw1f7bgski5uqj20qo0xoth1.jpg

left: Karina Hai Ling, Xu Yue, Pan Taiming, Victor Huang, Zhang Ruoyun

photo 6a8b8a85gw1f72dkbxym9j21e011inpe.jpg

photo 6a8b8a85gw1f72dknt19uj21e00uvhdu.jpg

left: Du Yuming, Kang Jie, Wu Chengxuan


photo 6a8b8a85gw1f72dl1x27qj21e011o7wj.jpg

left: Wu Chengxuan, Pan Taiming, Chai Wei, Xu Yue, Zhong Lei

photo ac4cdbfagw1f72qj7453pj21do19itrc.jpg  photo ac4cdbfagw1f72qj7y8drj21f01w0tza.jpg

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Nooooooooooooooooooo omg why is the cast so bad. Huo Qubing is one of my favourite historical figures of the Han Dynasty, a war genius with unmatched courage and ambition, who ended up dying too young. Why is it played by some lanky boy midget. Eddie Peng played a perfect General Wei in 风中奇缘, whose character was based on Huo Qubing. 

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Found this one photo, was put on weibo, but I think it got eventually removed (I believe the production team is attempting to keep things under wraps, because even a pic that Ruoyun posted, where it looks like he's wearing the same outfit in the below photo, on his weibo for the Mid-Autumn Festival, he photoshopped/smudged everything)

photo 14333216_1109815519112663_494603943882162433_n.jpg

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Looking forward to this series!! Zhang Ruoyun is an awesome actor! Can't wait to see him as the lead in this historical drama :)

Does anyone know when the series will finish filming and when the estimated air date will be? 

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Will watch it for the historical character. Huo Qu Bing had such a life. Accomplished so much, so young. Pity if this shows his entire life, it'll be a tragedy. 

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from actor Ryan Wang Xinran's  王信然 weibo. I believe in one of the posts, he mentions his role is 秦朔 Qin Shuo.

photo 48a9187djw1f8f6ar01hsj20s61e0x6p.jpgphoto 48a9187djw1f8f6asilhej20s61e0tmc.jpgphoto 48a9187djw1f8f6alhbt1j20s61e07i6.jpgphoto 48a9187djw1f8f6axjzjvj20s61e0qv5.jpg

photo 48a9187djw1f8irmc1mezj20s50s34qp.jpgphoto 48a9187djw1f8irmgfw37j20s61e0u0x.jpgphoto 48a9187djw1f8m79v86qvj21e00s67f2.jpgphoto 48a9187djw1f8irm93abnj20k00zk4qp.jpg

with actor Michael Tong

photo 48a9187djw1f8kgrtmuzbj20s60s64a1.jpgphoto 48a9187djw1f8kgrwnlqaj20k00zk4qp.jpg


from actor Ren Siyang's weibo:

photo 88b7eb1agw1f8gcte691zj20qo0zjgvf.jpg


And of the crew...lots of mention of having to "eat" dust

photo 006qeSb5jw1f8m4umduthj30zk0k0jt1.jpgphoto 006qeSb5jw1f8m4umn710j30zk0k0gnm.jpgphoto 006qeSb5jw1f8m4umtu1dj30zk0k0ac8.jpg

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from lcey王梦娜's weibo, she mention her younger brother is participating in the drama and therefore these photos, including of Mao Xiaotong in costume!!

photo 0069N5v7jw1f8od6aswfnj30zk0qowiv.jpgphoto 0069N5v7jw1f8od6923y2j30qo0zkjvm.jpg

photo 0069N5v7jw1f8od6ein1mj30qo0zkn3g.jpgphoto 0069N5v7jw1f8od6ifm9hj30qo0zkq8n.jpgphoto 0069N5v7jw1f8od6gbperj30qo0zk443.jpg

And from actor Wu Chengxuan's weibo (he's the same year as Ruoyun from Beijing Film Academy, and the two have worked together on several dramas)...still don't know what role he plays:

photo 9c06477dgw1f8o8mysrvtj20qo0zkjyy.jpg 

photo 6a8b8a85jw1f8o6z00svxj21e00xc1kz.jpg

photo 6a8b8a85jw1f8o6zcb860j21e00xc7wj.jpg

Also, today on Zhang Ruoyun's weibo, the gist of his post, he mentions he got a scare due to an actor getting injured, but turns out to be not as serious as it seems? From booting ceremony to the present, several injuries have occurred--a martial artist got his mouth broken full of blood, horse trainers also hurt, Zhang Ruoyun himself fell off his horse yesterday, the horse stopped or who knows what could have happened further, but more seriously, a veteran was kicked in the head by a horse, but luckily the person was wearing a helmet. Filming has become more difficult with everyone suffering injuries--from the professionals (martial artists and horse trainers) to actors themselves. Zhang Ruoyun is amazed and wonders how soldiers back then were able to be so skillful.

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From actor Liu Tianyou's weibo:

photo 4e48dea8jw1f8oo8pld93j20qo0zk11u.jpg

From actor Kang Jie's weibo:

photo 6bb2ecd6jw1f8knrxlhy3j20ku0rsgs6.jpg

and from WhiteCloud0824-张若昀图博's weibo:

photo a6146526jw1f8nzesb2hlj20rs1foe81.jpg

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