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[Drama 2017] Tomorrow With You 내일 그대와

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32] It feels like Shin Minah's acting never improves because she always picks the same types of roles

7. [+310, -29] But did Shin Minah's acting get better?


well, knetz always talk without thinking and given prove :P

1. shin min ah did melodrama on a love to kill drama, played role as pitiful woman live with sadness :( 

2. In oh my venus she choose different role as tubby and lawyer woman.

3. In arang and magistrate, she played role as virgin ghost to solve her own death in joseon era

4. In my girlfriend is gumiho, she played role as fox woman with cute image :P 

5. In the devil, A librarian who possesses an ability for psychimetry and is knowledgeable about tarot cards. 

Waiting for her new drama with lee je hoon, this boy slowly steal my attention after watching few his project like architecture, signal, fashion king, phantom detective. Fantasy drama quiet famous for international viewers ! Good luck :)  


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Shin Min Ah, Lee Jae Hoon, and more attend 1st script reading for 'With You Tomorrow'

By beansss    4 hours ago    13,104    2,484    1


tvN's first drama of 2017, 'With You Tomorrow', held its 1st script reading this past August 29!

Lead actress Shin Min Ah, lead actor Lee Jae Hoon, as well as other actors and actresses including Kang Ki DoongPark Joo HeeBaek Hyun JinKim Ye WonOh Kwang Rok, and more took part in a fun, energetic table read, gearing up to begin filming this September! 

'With You Tomorrow' is a fantasy romance drama telling the story of a time-traveling man and his sweet wife. The drama will be completely pre-filmed, airing at the very beginning of 2017.



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Shin Mina, Lee Je-hoon practice their bickering skills for Tomorrow With You

by girlfriday | August 31, 2016 | 16 Comments


I still have no idea what Lee Je-hoon (Signal) in a rom-com is going to look like, but I sure can’t wait to find out. For his next project, he’ll be married to Shin Mina (Oh My Venus) for their new time-travel romance Tomorrow With You, headed to tvN this winter. The cast and crew gathered for their first script read in preparation for shoots beginning in September.

The lighthearted fantasy romance is the next project by PD Yoo Je-won, of tvN comediesOh My Ghostess and High School King of Savvy, and writer Heo Sung-hye of Full Sun andAll About My Wife. It’s about a time-traveler and his spirited wife, and their “sweet, bickering romance” as they get to know each other and fall in love after they’re already married.

Lee Je-hoon stars as a man with the ability to travel in time, via subway of all things, and he uses that gift to become a real estate mogul with a Midas touch. On one of his trips to the future he sees himself living unhappily, and so to prevent that future from coming true, he marries Shin Mina’s character even though he doesn’t love her.

She plays an unsuccessful photographer who feels that she peaked at age five, because she debuted as a child actress and her life has been on a downward slope ever since. She marries the enigmatic businessman not knowing that much about him, and over the course of the drama, the husband will start to worry about his wife and care for her in little ways, until he falls in love with her despite his selfish reasons for their marriage.

The supporting cast includes Kim Ye-won (Jealousy Incarnate) as Shin Mina’s competitive frenemy and Park Joo-hee (The Good Wife) as Lee Je-hoon’s friend, and also features regulars from the PD’s past dramas: Oh Gwang-rok (Healer, High School King of Savvy’s dad) as Park Joo-hee’s father, Lee Jung-eun (Oh My Ghostess’s ajumma shaman) as Shin Mina’s mom, and Jo Han-chul (High School King of Savvy’s Manager Kim) in an unspecified role. Perfect, all you need now is Kang Ki-young (and maybe Lee David as a package deal?) and we’re all set!

The series will be entirely pre-produced, and is scheduled to follow Friday-Saturday drama Goblin early next year.








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[Script reading] Goblin + Tomorrow With You




Sports Chosun - Naver: "Prettiest couple"... Shin Minah♥ Lee Je Hoon at script reading for 'Tomorrow With You'

1. [+4,664, -65] Je Hoon-jjing... gave me a heart attack with his bangs down

2. [+2,261, -112] What a pretty pair ㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷ

3. [+1,779, -88] So jealous of Shin Minah ㅠㅠ Looking forward to good acting~

4. [+1,563, -135] Lee Je Hoon, you match with GD~ I heard Shin Minah's pretty good at doing lifestyle acting. Looking forward to it

5. [+1,061, -108] Thank you Lee Min Ki  ㅠㅠㅠ

6. [+327, -18] I love the fact that Lee Je Hoon is the male lead

7. [+303, -15] This drama surely benefited from replacing Lee Min Ki with Lee Je Hoon




Shin Min Ah!!! I have such a huge girl crush on her. Here she is all effortlessly gorgeous in the first script reading of tvN’s Tomorrow With You, co-starring Lee Je Hoon. This is tipped to be melo/rom-com and this has to be Lee Je Hoon’s first role that is remotely light-hearted. It’s a rather unexpected pairing but I can see this working since Shin Min Ah is one actress who is able to coax chemistry out of most co-stars. Lee Je Hoon plays a time traveller who realises his future is rather bleak if he doesn’t do something about it in the present. Thus, he marries Shin Min Ah to secure minimal happiness – though he has no feelings for her. But then as drama fate dictates, even the toughest and most cynical fall in love. The drama is slated to air early 2017, which really just less than six months away.


Read more https://breathlesssurvival.wordpress.com/2016/09/01/tomorrow-with-you-holds-first-script-reading/

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@evie7 Thanks so much for the call chingu :D I am so out of sync with soompi nowadays...........

Wow! so Daegu Venus and our Signal profiler gonna be in a scifi romcom woohoo! I like it already.....plus marriage of convenience is one of my fave plot lines.....waiting for this.....I hope there will be a fab slow burn romance :w00t:

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Our couple at KAFA event. Don't know what they're talking about, but they look cute and comfortable w/ one another. ^_^


Some fan taken shots of LJH filming. Haven't seen any of Shin Mina yet...


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Plus side of being pre-produced is that they've found some really pretty locations to film at. 

Some Sevit (세빛섬), floating islands in the Han River.

Gyeonggi English Village

More pics


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