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[Upcoming Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] Love Express 爱情也包邮

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Chinese title: 爱情也包邮 /Ai Qing Ye Bao You
English title: Love Express

Genre: Modern, Romance

Episodes: 30


Broadcast Period: 2018


Deng Jia Jia

Joo Won

Qiao Zhen Yu


Orphan Lin Xiao He married the president of Mei Lin Corporation, Zhan Feng. However soon after the marriage, Zhan Feng was derailed from his position and the family broke up. Lin Xiao He who was then already pregnant relied on her meagre income from the bakery to raise her son, Mo Mo. After she lost her job at the bakery, she met Chen Xi, a delivery guy, who gave her and herson family-like warmth. 
With support and encouragement from Chen Xi, Xiao He opened up an online sweets shop which gained high popularity. She managed to walk out of her misery and hence becoming everyone's inspirational model. 
Zhan Feng soon came back to ask Lin Xiao He for forgiveness after finding out the existence of Mo Mo and what happened in those years were due to Qian Ning Hui's conspiracy, however as she was no longer the same girl in the past, she choose to fight on with Chen Xi in both business and love.

Cr mydramalist


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