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[OFFICIAL] Park Shin Hye & Kim Rae Won (Doctors Couple)

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14 hours ago, itsmechris said:

Hi guys!


Just new here and lurking only. Im just happy to see shin hye and rae won thread. Im avid fan and follower. Love them in Doctors. I just have one question. Why is it raewon deleted the photos from his IG, specifically the one with t-shirts same with shin hye and the one with an oil bottle from maldives (not sure if it is an oil whatnot)?


Just curious about it. I just recently checked Raewon photos in IG and somethings were deleted lol. I know youve already noticed it before but Im a lazy person back reading the 1500 pages woooohh. Hope you guys could enlighten my heart ❤ please thanka in advance.

Welcome @itsmechris :D

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