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[Movie 2017] Ordinary Person 보통사람 - starring Son Hyun-joo, Jang Hyuk

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Son Hyun Joo, Jang Hyuk “Ordinary People” started filming, to be released next year

The movie starring Son Hyun Joo and Jang Hyuk, “Ordinary People” (directed by Kim Bong Han, produced by Trinity Entertainment) has begun filming on 24th August.

“Ordinary People” is set in the 1980s, with the new military dictatorship as the background. It tells the story of a family which fell into danger due to a fabricated event, and how a police officer fight against the country’s National Security Planning chief in order to save his family. Filming began on 24 August in Namsan, Seoul.

Son Hyun Joo, whose previous movies “Hide and Seek (2013, directed by Huh Jung)”, “The Chronicles of Evil (2015, directed by Baek Woon Hak)” and “The Phone (2015, directed by Kim Bong Ju)” have received good box office results in Korea, and is referred to as the ‘King of thriller movies’. In “Ordinary People” he will play the role of Kang Sun Jin, as a father who fights a lone war to protect his family. Son Hyun Joo is well known for his sensitive acting, and it is expected that he will bring out the touching humanity of a father in this movie.

Jang Hyuk recently starred in KBS2’s drama “Beautiful Mind” as a zero-empathy doctor who does not show his feelings easily to others. In “Ordinary People” he will challenge the role as the antagonist, playing the National Security Planning chief Gyu Nam who is single minded in his pursuit for success. Although Jang Hyuk previously played a murderer in the movie “The Client (2011, directed by Sohn Young-sung)”, this will be the first time he will be playing a villain. It is highly anticipated to see how he goes against Son Hyun Joo who tries to save his family.

 Other cast for this movie includes Kim Sang Ho, Jo Dal Hwan, Ra Mi Ran and Jeong Man Sik etc. It will be directed by Kim Bong Han, and filming will take place for 3 months in Seoul and Busan before beginning post-production work. The movie is expected to be released in South Korea next year in 2017.


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3 hours ago, TRAN said:

Is he still filming, what about his new drama? 


Yes JH is still filming this movie currently. I think it will be ending soon in end Nov. He will probably start the new drama immediately after this wraps up. 

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