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JTBC Presents 

Age of Youth 청춘시대





 Lee Tae-Gon

(My Love Eun Dong, Your Neighbor's Wife)


Park Yeon-Sun

(Wild Romance, White Christmas, Love So Divine, My Tutor Friend)

Episodes: 12 (TBC)

Broadcast Period

 July 22 - August 27, 2016 Fridays & Saturdays 20:30




About the Show

A cheerful, upbeat, youthful drama featuring five women roommates living in the same house, each with her own personality, dating style, taste in men, and area of expertise. It’ll deal with a variety of issues that modern women deal with, whether it’s dating or sex or interpersonal relationships.

Yoon Jin Myung (Han Ye Ri) is busy supporting herself financially and studying. She suffers from lack of sleep. Jung Ye Eun (Han Seung Yeon) is devoted to her boyfriend, she is clear about what she likes or not. Song Ji Won (Park Eun Bin) has a bright personality and likes to drink. Kang Yi Na (Ryu Hwa Young) is popular due to her beautiful appearance. Yoo Eun Jae (Park Hye Soo) is timid, but she has an unique taste for men.

Production Information

"Age of Youth" takes over the JTBC Fridays & Saturdays 20:30 time slot previously occupied by "Mirror of the Witch."


Cast of Characters


Main Cast

Han Ye-Ri as Yoon Jin-Myung

Han Seung-Yeon as Jung Ye-Eun 

Park Eun-Bin as Song Ji-Won

Ryu Hwa Young as Kang Yi-Na

Park Hye-Soo as Yoo Eun-Jae




Yoon Park as Park Jae Wan
Choi Duk Moon as Oh Jong Kyu
Ji Il Joo as Go Doo Young
Shin Hyun Soo as Yoon Jong Yul
Son Seung Won as Im Sung Min
Lee Chul Woo as Seo Dong Joo
Yoon Jin Sol as Jo Hyun Hee
Song Ji Ho


Source: Asianwiki | Dramawiki | Koreandrama








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Park Eun-bin, Park Hye-soo up for JTBC’s Age of Youth

by tineybeanie | June 9, 2016 | 

Park Eun-bin, Han Ye-ri
Park Hye-soo, Han Seung-yeon, Ryu Hwa-young

Casting offers are out for JTBC’s new youthful roommate drama Age of Youth. This drama features the amusing events that happen in the lives of five young college women, all with different appearances, quirks, majors, taste in men, and relationship styles, who happen to live under the same roof........................


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1st and 2nd Teaser:



Hwayoung reveals how she's preparing for her role in upcoming drama 'Youth Generation'



Hwayoung, who will be returning to the small-screen this July with new JTBC drama 'Youth Generation', shared her goals for the role of Kang Inah. 


According to the director of 'Youth Generation', Hwayoung and Kang Inah, the center, visual member of the 5 female college students, fall 99.9% in sync. But Hwayoung revealed, "I want to be a more perfect Kang Inah. If I'm going to be the real center, visual member, maintaining myself is very important. So I'm working out rigorously these days."
On her goals through her role in 'Youth Generation', Hwayoung said, "Through this piece, I want to improve a level as an actress. Because it's acting together with actresses my age, I'll do my best to show viewers the most natural acting possible, to the point where people will say, Hwayoung is Kang Inah." 
'Youth Generation' starring Hwayoung airs this July after 'Witch Exemplar'!
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Five-way roommate lineup assembles for JTBC’s Age of Youth

by tineybeanie | June 30, 2016 | 

Ryu Hwa-young, Park Hye-soo, Han Ye-ri, Han Seung-yeon, Park Eun-bin

New actor interviews, character backgrounds and first teasers for JTBC’s Age of Youthhave been released! And they’ve officially gotten me hooked. I’m super excited to watch this drama, and what’s got me hopping up and down with pre-drama jitters is mainly the actresses, who seem really committed to their characters....................







Park Eun Bin


Ryu Hwa Young

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LOL. First teaser and third teaser came next. Where is second teaser?

Poster (big size)


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1 hour ago, quockhanh45 said:

LOL. First teaser and third teaser came next. Where is second teaser?


If you check the first teaser, you will find that it contains two teasers. It seems that they combined the first two teasers as they are similar in concept.

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Lies, girlfriends, and growing pains in JTBC’s Age of Youth

by girlfriday | July 5, 2016 | 


I’m really hoping that this show will be the frank, realistic breath of fresh air that it seems to be. I’m optimistic about it—JTBC’s new Friday-Saturday drama Age of Youth is a short 12-episode series that centers around women, their friendships, and their relationships, complete with all the mortifying details. The slice-of-life comedy is about five college roommates who couldn’t be more different from one another, who connect over the growing pains of being in their youth.......


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Seungyeon, Hwayoung, Han Ye Ri, and more have a sleepover in making-of film for 'Youth Generation'



Seungyeon, Hwayoung, Han Ye Ri, Park Eun Bin, and Park Hye Soo had a fun sleepover in the poster making-of videos for their upcoming JTBC drama 'Youth Generation'! 

In 'Youth Generation', the 5 actresses play college students, who live together under one roof but have very different personalities. Viewers will get to see how they deal with their love interests, careers, and issues.  


Make sure to tune in for the premiere on July 22 to see which character you're the most similar to!  





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"Age of Youth" Han Seung-yeon and Ji Il-joo


Han Seung-yeon and Ji Il-joo took a selfie together.

They are starring in the new jTBC drama "Age of Youth". Han Seung-yeon plays the part of an elite from an American school and Ji Il-joo is a sexy and smart man who was part of Mensa at one point. They look happy on the outside but just like any other couple, they have issues.



Jeong Ye-eun (Han Seung-yeon) talks a lot but she is lovable. However, she pretends to be happy, satisfied and all that in front of her boyfriend Ko Doo-yeong (Ji Il-joo) of 2 years. Although Ye-eun is not all that happy with him, she can't stand anyone talking badly about him.

This is a realistic couple and in real life, they are close. They share a lot of stories in between the making of the drama and they are trying exceptionally hard to seem like a nice couple.

Amongst the five university girls in the share house, Jeong Ye-eun is the only one with a boyfriend. The chemistry between the two are upgrading day by day according to sources.

"Age of Youth" is the story of 5 university girls in a shared house. It is written by Park Yeon-seon and directed by Lee Tae-gon-I. The first episode will be released this month on the 22nd.

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I'm really looking forward to this women-centric drama. I really hope it isn't just about romance...

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New Poster




Rookie Song Ji-ho to star in "Age of Youth"


Rookie actor Song Ji-ho is starring in "Age of Youth".

He's starring in the new JTBC drama "Age of Youth".

"Age of Youth" is a youth drama about 5 university women living in share house with completely different aspects in looks, men and romance.

Song Ji-ho takes on the role of a guy who only has eyes for one girl and that girl is Kang I-na (Ryu Hwa-young).

Song Ji-ho was recently in the tvN drama "Memory" as Cheon Min-gyoo. He also starred in "D-Day" asKim Yeong-kwang's brother and firefighter Lee Woo-seong.

Song Ji-ho's "Age of Youth" is coming on the 22nd at 8:30PM.

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