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[Drama 2016/2017] The Legend of The Blue Sea 푸른 바다의 전설

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My favorite pics from PD Note. I just love the way Joon Jae - Shim Chung look at each other. The look of love :heart:




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14 Best Moments From “The Legend Of The Blue Sea” So Far

link: http://www.soompi.com/2016/11/21/14-best-moments-legend-blue-sea-far/


Have you watched the first two episodes of SBS’s “The Legend of the Blue Sea?” If you haven’t, you’re one of the few. But hey, if you need a little bit of a push to start watching it, here are some of the best moments from the first two episodes.

1. Jun Ji Hyun’s jaw-dropping beauty as the mermaid Shim Cheong.

Could she be any more gorgeous?!

2. Heo Jun Jae being a bit of a bad boy.

3. This intense gaze from Lee Min Ho.

Excuse me, but why are you so handsome?

4. Shim Cheong struggling to be human.

5. When Jun Jae puts shoes on Shim Cheong.


6. Jun Ji Hyun eating spaghetti and cake like a lady.


7. When he comes back for her.

8. This song.



9. Shim Cheong getting sucked into the K-drama abyss.

Fan-girling over So Ji Sub? Join the club!

10. When Jun Jae lies about his “wife.”

11. The sparkle in Lee Min Ho’s eyes.

They really are sparkling…

12. When Shim Cheong says “I love you.”

13. … And then quickly realizes…


14. Finally, that underwater kiss.

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The Legend of the Blue Sea' Lee Min-Ho on working with Jun Ji-Hyun: 'She is just so charming'


Lee Min-Ho and Jun Ji-Hyun star in the SBS drama 'The Legend of the Blue Sea.'


Lee Min-Ho, 29, had the nicest things to say about his "The Legend of the Blue Sea" co-star Jun Ji-Hyun. The former recently shared his honest thoughts about what it is like to work with the latter.

On Nov. 17, Harper's Bazaar Korea released Lee's recent pictorial for its December issue. Displaying a manly aura, the Hallyu star sported a comfortable clothing in knitted sweaters and a pair of pants.

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In the accompanying interview with the magazine, as cited by The Kpop Herald, Lee talked about "The Legend of the Blue Sea" and delightedly shared his experience working with Jun. He said the SBS fantasy drama has a refreshing tone with surprising twists and turns that will surely bring fun and laughter to the viewers.

"The Heirs" actor then praised his co-star's personality, stating Jun is exactly the way she appears and that she does not hide anything. He added, "She is just so charming."

It comes after Lee admitted he was initially intimidated by the "My Sassy Girl" actress, revealing they started off awkwardly. Nonetheless, just like other on-screen couples, Lee and Jun slowly got comfortable with each other.

"After we got comfortable, our reactions toward each other got better and our chemistry became smoother," Antara News Agency quoted Lee as saying at the drama's press conference on Nov. 15, as cited by The Jakarta Post. "I hope this will have a good result."

Directed by Jin Hyuk and Park Seon-Ho, "The Legend of the Blue Sea" recounts the timeless love story between the last mermaid on Earth, Shim Chung (Jun) and Kim Dam-Lim/Heo Joon-Jae (Lee). It is based on a script penned by Park Ji-Eun.

The SBS drama, however, will be the last acting role for Lee before he fulfills his military obligation. The Hallyu star will reportedly fill in as a non-military service worker at some point in 2017 rather than enlisting in the army.


i could not agree more...they are a great otp in this drama ...

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My dears Lobsters, do we know if there are english subs that are available for the Director's Cut episodes? I am currently downloading the raw episodes off a Korean torrent site, and would love to watch it with subs. I can understand just about 50% of what is said on TV, but being a crazy KDrama fan, I would hate to miss even one word / line. :) Thank you! 


An extract from the article:


When special director's cuts of the two episodes were aired over the weekend, with a full 16 extra minutes of footage, viewers raised the editing problem.

"When I watched the director's cut, I learned that some important scenes had been cut out," commented a viewer online. "If the director's cut was aired the first time around, it may have been way better received."

Missing scenes in the first episode included people talking about the mermaid and scenes telling how a young Joseon nobleman sets the mermaid free. The deleted scenes explain how the nobleman is connected to the modern-day genius conman character later appearing in the episode, both played by Lee.

Also, some romantic scenes, such as Lee explaining the meaning of human words "love" and "I'm hungry" to the mermaid, have been trimmed down.

"Editing made it a whole different drama. It was a B-rated drama and when the director's cut came out, it became a drama worth watching," said a viewer named Kim Jung-mi on the program bulletin board. "Were the long chase scenes and reckless product placement scenes more important than making the story more relevant and building up characters?" "
I am very curious about the director's cut now! The article also went on to suggest that the previous roles of our favourite actor and actress could have overlapped their current roles.
What do you think? Is it the fault of the actors? Or is it just how the characters have been written?
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On ‎11‎/‎17‎/‎2016 at 4:16 PM, joongkyo said:

Things I liked

  • more progress between the lead pair with finally some conversation, I know it's only been one episode where the female lead hadn't spoken but it would have been a stretch if they ended this episode without her uttering any words. Also confirms that mermaids aren't just super strong but also super smart since she learns languages, other skill sets purely by observation. So we're further educated about the "powers" of a mermaid.
  • introduction to new characters who will be tied up to his past and present. Like the story about his mother, there is obviously something big that will be unraveled in later episodes.


Things that I could do without. 

  • the chase was so long! I realise that they wanted to end with the two of them falling off the cliff and they needed the chase to be there for that reason but there was just too much chasing and the bad guys apparently are really good at locating them but just not that good at the actual catching.


We get to move to Seoul in the next episode, so that's something to look forward too!. Goodbye to the gorgeous foreign shooting locations, they will be missed. 




I totally have the same thoughts as you, can't wait for the drama to be back to SK

On ‎11‎/‎19‎/‎2016 at 7:04 PM, i.am.bugz.funny said:

is this posted already?... It's so sad to see some haters doing this... why oh why? hope LOTBS will have a very good story and slam these haters on the face... 

'The Legend Of The Blue Sea' Criticized For Plagiarizing Scenes From 'Sherlock'; Writer In Hot Water

First Posted: Nov 18, 2016 12:50 AM EST



When I saw it at first I thought "OMO Sherlock" but dismissed it after, never thought of plagiarizing, I see a lot of shows copying others or have little similarities, hope this won't affect the show

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2016/11/23 Wednesday (KST) :

12:30  Director's cut ep1
13:45  Director's cut ep2

22:00  ep3


cr  韩剧蓝色大海的传说官博 (LOTBS official Weibo account)

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WHY whyyyyyy are so many crucial scenes edited out? chopstick scene skinship has her all gooey coy and he is already affected by her! WOW I'm so looking forward to how these ttwo eventually come to be in love.

I'm waiting dying for someone to translate those cut scenes. ChungJae are so hilariously adorable!:blush:

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two scenes from director`s cut with Eng subs, you can also watch other scenes in HQ on this channel



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I love how Jun jae treat her as lady, even she look weird person to him. At church he even let her sleep on bed and he sleep on the floor. junjae indeed good husband material :wub:

I love how Junjae never says NO for everything she asked like when he said "dont says i love you and im hungry to someone you love" but she said it all to him, in the end he made ramyun for her without any complaint. It was feel like he is okay if she love him.. 

i love how writer create junjae character without being jerk, like other male lead in kdramaland.. he was never even once ignore simchung, no matter how bad his situation. We saw it when he let himself alone being captured by gangster, he also insist to let simchung go first at the cliff before they jump :) 

he also dont let his friend take simchung from him :D jealous detected ! 

 i guess junjae character so loveable, and it was the thing that made him looks so charming and shining in this drama :D meanwhile simchung has cuteness side but still manage to look pretty, lovely, charming. 

On long preview, seems like simchung searching for junjae. (It seems she already erased his memories about something) but she still want to meet him in seoul. Also there is someone who hold simchung hand.. i hope it was junjae :D

im so excited for tomorrow :D because all scenes on teaser already out ! I hope we will get alot otp moment ! 

looks how comfortable our OTP when they are together. Lots of skinskip, smile, caring, sweet talk and sweet stare :D


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27 minutes ago, bebe1989 said:


On long preview, seems like simchung searching for junjae. (It seems she already erased his memories about something) but she still want to meet him in seoul. Also there is someone who hold simchung hand.. i hope it was junjae :D



Hope its not her holding his hand on the beach before she left :(

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