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NCT (Neo Culture Technology) - NCT 127 Full Album Regular-Irregular

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NCT Billboard Weekly (190126) 

12 | Social 50 ↑
40 | Emerging Artists ↑

NCT 127 
11 | Social 50
11 | World Albums "Regular-Irregular" ↓
38 | Emerging Artist

WayV - Debut Week 
3 | World Digital Song Sales "Regular"
6 | World Digital Song Sales "Dream Launch"
7 | World Digital Song Sales "Come Back"
4 | Social 50
16 | Emerging Artists



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Q: How would I express myself in 5 words?
Jaehyun: 사랑둥이임 (A lovely and cute guy). My members tell me this too. I have a lot of love in me so I have a lot of love to share with you all. I love you 



Q: Who do I respect the most?
Jaehyun: My parents. I love you, mom and dad



Q: How many times do I search my name online?
Jaehyun: When there’s a special occasion like comeback showcase or after performances



Q: My childhood dream?
Jaehyun: You might think that this is surprising but I wrote down “designer of a theme park” when I was young



Q: Favourite movie character?
Jaehyun: Batman in “The Dark Knight”



About Jaehyun

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Q. What's your charm? 
Yuta. My charm is the healing smile



Q. Favorite animal?
Yuta. Puppy. The reason is because we have one at home. Very cute, and my stress is relieved everytime I see it so I like (puppies).

Q. Person you respected most?
Yuta. A lot, but I respect my dad the most. For our family, he works so hard. I think he's a great dad. I would consider it a success if I become a person like my dad. 

Q. Most fun thing of the week?
Yuta. I found a new game and kept on playing it 

Q. Most delicious food recently?
Yuta. There are many but every morning the breakfast that was made by the lady. She makes every meal so well.



Q. Favorite movie character?
Yuta. In the movie "The Pursuit of Happyness" the main character is really cool. You might know him already, he never gives up despite all the hardship. In the end, he reached his dreams. The last scene is so touching. I want to be that kind of person.



Q. Your childhood dream job?
Yuta. I wanted to be a soccer player. I played it since kindergarten until middle school, I played it everyday. I wanted to become a soccer player. If there's time, I should definitely play soccer together with my members.



Yuta “i search my name (on internat) a lot & i don’t feel embarrassed of myself at all. This is how I was seen & to receive such comments make me think I’ll grow from it more. That’s why I do it”



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doyoung’s failed surprise for ennana’s last live show 


source: dovounq

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