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Zanilia Zhao Liying 赵丽颖 Official Thread

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Another pic from longines




2 hours ago, reiko53 said:

Just one more for the night <3 so much nice photos today.....



She looks soo gorgeous.. OMG!!  She yet again proves to be a true goddess.. 

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9 hours ago, minoku2209 said:

She's busier than the bee :tongue::wub:

Same here, I'm greedy too, i'm hoping there's another variety show too .

I'd remember Yingbao is one of permanent cast at 72 floor, i wonder if they make another season next year?

I am not so sure too haven't heard any news yet on the net. The thing is 72 floor is one of the very rare original variety shows created by China itself but seems like not many people know how to appreciate it. Usually if the demand is there for the variety show they will try and make the 2nd season as soon as possible. But right now it is really hard to say I can hope for the best of the news!! 

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Translate google:

The @ Longines the officer proclaims today, after Kate Winslet (Kate Winslet), Lin Chi-ling, Peng Yuyan, Simon Baker (Simon Baker), another Longines world graceful spokesman flower falls Zhao Liying!


Congratulates @ Zhao Liying, from Dior, Zhou Dafu to the Longines, fights steadily, the resources are expected to rise and blossom in all directions!




Another news~Yingbao as "Grace Image Ambassador" for Longines


Translate google

At the celebration of the 185 anniversary, the new Pathfinder series was unveiled.
This series of watches is added to the movement of mono-crystalline silicon, is the first of all the table of the instrument is awarded the Swiss Observatory Certification (COSC) series of watches.

Monocrystalline silicon Gossamer can improve the accuracy of the meter and prolong the life of the movement.


Grace Image Ambassado, Peng Yuyan and Zhao Li Ying respectively interpretation of the series of men and women styles, continuing watchmaking Longines 185 years of tradition and elegance.


@浪琴表 在庆祝185周年之际,推出全新开创者系列腕表。
优雅形象大使@彭于晏 与@赵丽颖 分别演绎该系列的男女款式,延续浪琴表185年以来的制表传统与优雅态度。








May more success be with Yingbao!

cr info: zlyfb

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High resolution image of her back, hope she wears more of such dresses suits her image a lot!! Also Longines has released a new video of Li Ying :D she looks so alluring in the video!!!! 




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She's so beautiful in that outfit and style, but she's still thin...hope she gained more fat..

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