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Zanilia Zhao Liying 赵丽颖 Official Thread

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There maybe confusion happened because  of the change of schedule of airing. Supposed at 7.30 and changed to 8.15 and thereafter change to 8.37 pm. The 10th episode the rating pickup. Single platform. Still some viewers have no knowledge that the 10th episode was aired at dongfang at 9.30

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On 11/16/2018 at 2:31 AM, dr4malala said:

I have not watch yet. But surprised with the low rating, the first 2 ep TV Rating 0.666% on Dragon TV and 0.591% on Zhejiang TV




actually not really that low, I was expecting something like that with a slow climb to 1%. It is doing better than the previous drama on that time slot already. 

Dramas have not fared well in ratings this year. For this type of drama this is the norm plus this drama has had very little promotion, even by ZLY. 

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