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Timmy commented on his post after he posted the picture:

timmyxu 肉松青团~ (meat what? brooks meat? google translate lol) 

cos fans was curious what he ate i guess XD

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Hehehe. Thanks for the correction. @bearology @ryokise  

Seeing ZZ doing push ups, makes me think of JY doing the same thing. I can see them being an exercise partner. Doing push-ups and sit ups together. And among other things. 

ZZ telling me to exercise. I should start heading out to gym then. >_< And him commenting about the food, it  doesn't look like meat. Time to research it. 


Im not sure if this was posted but I found this. The guys was spot on most of it and even mentioned the universe too. He hasn't done any palm reading with ZZ. Someone should request for ZZ.




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Hello Soompiers/everyone,

We all know that JY and ZZ love travelling. However, not only because they have been very busy but also it's not likely that they can rock up at an airport and go for holiday together. We would like to do a project called "Huang Whale and Zhou Meow travelling the world with fans".

What is this project about?

The aim of this project is to take the fictional JY and ZZ characters to travel the world with us. Or let them have a chance to experience our cultures/food/festivals/lifestyles around the world.  

There will be 2 projects:

  1. We will pick and combine photos/clips you send to us to make a video "Huang Whale and Zhou Meow travelling around the world with fans". The aim of this video is to include as many cities and countries as possible! Due date to send us your photo/clip: 30 May 2017.
  2. This is a long term project. Please follow us! We created:

Instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/huangwhaleandzhoumeow/

Facebook account: https://www.facebook.com/HuangWhaleZhouMeow/

Twitter account: https://twitter.com/Whale_n_Meow

We will pick and post 1 photo/clip per day along with your message about your photo/clip. If you would like to post it at your personal account, feel free to hashtag us #huangwhaleandzhoumeow or #yuzhoutraveltheworld. We will pick and repost it too.

For the second project, we will try to post all of your photos/clips and there's no limit of how many photos or times you can send so please send as many as you would like to.

What you need?

Very easy, just 2 things!

  • Your phone or camera or anything that can take digital photos or film short clips.
  • Something relates to YZ:
    • Huhu's Huang Whale and Zhou Meow fans or plushies, Sally's postcards or slippers, anything YZ related things that you have.
    • If you don't have anything, don't worry! Our lovely artists have been very kind to draw for us Huang Whale and Zhou Meow with travelling theme so you can print it out and use them. You can locate all the drawings here
    • If one day you go out and forget to bring those above? YuZhou have got us covered. Just use 2 and 6 hand sign! See, very easy!

What kind of photos or short clips should I take or film?

We prefer outdoor photos or clips just so we can see your beautiful city or the place you visit but it can be anything really. From a recognisable scenery of where you live like the Opera House for Sydney to a train station that you take everyday or a cinema/theme park/festival/concert/zoo that you are going to.

Pretty much if you think you would like to share this special place/experience with JY, ZZ and all of us, take a photo or film a short clip (less than 1 minute) when you are there with YZ related things listed above.

How to join?

Please send through your photos or clips to this email address huangwhaleandzhoumeow@gmail.com

If your photo or clip is too big, you can WeTransfer (WeTransfer.com) to us, drag and drop your file to the page, enter your email address and our email address with you message and hit send. Max: 2GB (please don't send anything that's more than 50mb haha)Don't forget to include a short message about your photo or clip. For example introducing what/where this place is. Where are you from or what you enjoy about this festival. We won't be able to include this in the video but we will definitely share it in our social media accounts.

A few things to note:

  • Please do not take photos at places which you are not allowed to photograph.
  • Please do not take photos at other people's resident properties if you don't have permission.
  • For privacy purposes since we are going to share your photo publicly, please do not send through selfies.
  • No offensive photos and languages.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to pm me or email us and I'll make sure I get back to you ASAP.

Last but not least, spread the word and let's show the power of YuZhou love. I hope we can fill up the world map with all lovely memories together with YuZhou!





Some examples






:heart: :heart: :heart:

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On 01/04/2017 at 1:16 PM, bearology said:

OMG how much I want to spam now but can only copy this here. ZZ is on TV!!!! CCTV15 Channel. Is that the channel that edited him out for that Avenue of Stars?? Anyway, looks like the ban for both JY and ZZ to appear on TV has been lifted! YAY!!!!!! Congrats YZ!!! You two have worked very hard for it!!!! 

But ZZ ahhh! What are you wearing lmao. I can't!!! He looks like a real kitten being asked to appear on TV hahaha! His top, warning adults only LOL

ZZ will perform later



Oh heavens singing for our boys lol... How 'thrilled' they can be on TV now! Hey, we should make it an 'international YuZhoufans' holiday' for this lol.. for the celebration of 'bans lifted' from our boys.. it's something 'definitely' worth celebrating for!  But, do we know if all the bans lifted/just with the TV one? (excited anyway!).   Awwh, when they can 'appear together' again, it's a 'global' celebration!! Soon soon, everyone!lol.. happyyyyy..;)))...good day soompi family~..

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JY's studio weibo update

@Johnny黄景瑜 一起只为更好的自己,谢谢每一位用步数投票的护鲸团们[爱你]一起动起来吧@微博运动 

Translated by 北辰星拱008: Being with HJY to bring out the best in you, thanks every voter, let's do sport together.



Not long ago, ZZ also won the same award B)


Cr 瑜洲的胃药





ZZ weibo update



This lucky fan received JY's hat from that charity event


Cr 影子 20160226





JY - Red Sea Operation. So handsome ahhh!!!


Cr kylinny




Cr 小喵鲸


Fanart by mhmp135



Fanart by 沫色惜年



Fanart by 呼呼花-. Omo so cute! I die!



Fanart by Hako缺魚粥



Fanart by Addikted



YZ manip


Cr YuZhouStudio19520



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BTS Heroin Korea 1 by LA Ballena & EI Gato MaoFille.He/She shares all the BTS  on his/her YT Channel for us.I am really so much happy now.



BTS Heroin Korea 2



BTS Heroin Korea 3



BTS Heroin Korea 4



BTS Heroin Korea 5



BTS Heroin Korea 6



BTS Heroin Korea 7



BTS Heroin Korea 8



BTS Heroin Korea 9




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FIC TIME!! Part 2 - Ready for a rollercoaster? I'm warning you now! But it's a fun ride...if I do say so myself.

In case anyone doesn't know, I have my own rating system for the fics I write: NR - plain sugary sweetness, 16+ - some innuendo, kissing, mainly sugary sweetness, 18+ - kissing, petting, smut lite, 18++ - oral and a bit more graphic descriptions, 18+++ - smut, pure smut, and more smut

18+ (the final part will be 18+++...promise)




<Call me when you can. Whatever time.>


JingYu took a couple of deep breaths. And then a couple more. WeiZhou was awake. He could call him, talk to him. A giddy excitement welled up in JingYu’s chest at the thought, but he didn’t move. It was still the middle of the night back home. WeiZhou had been busy lately - flying here and there, performing, interviews, appearances - if he was awake right now, JingYu couldn’t help but think that something wasn’t right. That small tinge of worry creeped among his happiness, but JingYu chose to ignore it. If there was something wrong with WeiZhou, that was all the more reason for them to talk. JingYu was glad for any reason to hear WeiZhou’s voice right now. Sitting up, a grin spread wider and wider on JingYu’s lips with each number he tapped on his phone.


<I miss you>


WeiZhou grimaced the moment he hit ‘send’ and the message flew through the ethers to JingYu. It wasn’t as though he had lied. He did miss JingYu. It wasn’t that he felt weak in admitting it either. It was just, in his current state of mind, it somehow seemed almost dangerous to send that message to JingYu. It was unlike him to send a message like that so blatantly. WeiZhou would rather say things like ‘I miss you’, ‘I want to see you’, ‘I love you’ with his own voice and not by text. JingYu knew this, and that second message would certainly make him wonder. If JingYu were to call him, before he could calm his inner spoiled brat child, WeiZhou was afraid of what he might say. Again staring at the clock on the screen of his phone, WeiZhou felt a small relief in the fact that it should be at least an hour or so before JingYu would call.


WeiZhou yelped, his phone flopping between his hands, when the ringtone shrilled through the silence. His head popped off of the pillow and he sat up. JingYu was calling him already? WeiZhou cleared his throat and tried to calm his breathing. He wasn’t ready yet, but he wasn’t about to ignore the call either. He quickly swiped his finger across the face of his phone.


“Hey, Zhou.”

A momentary pause of silence allowed the other’s voice to sink into each of their ears, and wiggle around into their hearts.

“You surprised me. It’s too early for you to be up, isn’t it?”

WeiZhou could hear JingYu trying to hide the concern in his voice.

“Just a little trouble sleeping tonight. Not a big deal,” WeiZhou said, trying his best to keep his voice even and calm. “What about you? Are you already done for the day?”

“Yeah. Filming went pretty smooth today. We got done earlier than expected, so I just came back to the hotel to chill for the evening.”

“Have you eaten?”

JingYu felt himself relaxing with the normalcy of the conversation. This felt so good to him.

“Not yet,” he admitted. He quickly continued as he heard WeiZhou click his tongue in protest. “I just got out of the shower, was going to order a sandwich or something from room service in a little bit. Don’t scold me.”

JingYu shivered at the tickle of WeiZhou’s chuckle.

“I’m not going to scold you. Like it would do any good even if I did,” WeiZhou laughed. He had felt himself calming down the moment he had heard JingYu’s voice. He felt better than he had in days. This moment, this connection, was more perfect than he could have imagined and hoped. “So what did you film today? Anything exciting?”

“Hmm, it’ll probably be exciting for the five minutes it’s on screen. Rolling around in the desert for eight hours filming it, not so much. Hey, did you know there’s a difference between desert sand and beach sand?”

“Really? How?”

JingYu could hear rustling in the background. His mind painted a picture of WeiZhou propping pillows against the wall behind the bed before leaning into them, a relaxed pose that invited JingYu to join him. So many evenings when they could be together were spent like this, just sitting in bed reading, watching a movie, or just talking. Thinking of this, JingYu followed suit and was soon reclining on one side of the bed.

“Desert sand is sharper,” he finally answered. “I had never thought about it before, but I guess it makes sense. Beach sand, even though it’s sand, has been in the water and is smoother. Desert sand is just rough. And let me tell you, when you get desert sand in certain places, you KNOW there’s sand in those places.”

WeiZhou laughed. He could imagine JingYu’s face screwed up in mock pain, his lips set in a firm line of disgust.

“That does sound pretty irritating.”

The emphasis WeiZhou put on the last word caused him to snicker, and JingYu to groan.

“Really, Zhou? Really?”

“Sorry. It was too good to pass up.”

“You’re so mean to me,” JingYu whined with a sigh, the contentment in his heart overtaking him. This playful banter was like medicine for him. “What about you, Zhou? I know you had a photo shoot yesterday. How’d that go?”

“It was okay, I guess. At least I didn’t hear any complaints.”

“Of course you didn’t hear any complaints. You fit yourself so well to any concept with hardly any effort.” JingYu knew WeiZhou’s unease with modelling, but he also knew what a hidden talent WeiZhou had for it. “What was it this time? Cute and sweet idol boy? Hard and sassy rock god? Don’t tell me it was a ‘hot and sexy, dear God I should be the only one able to see you like that’ concept.”

WeiZhou couldn’t stop the grin that came with the fake panic in JingYu’s voice. The small hints of jealousy JingYu expressed only registered as pure devotion to WeiZhou. Any other night, he might play with JingYu and poke at that jealousy, but he simply didn’t want to this night.

‘No, no,” WeiZhou said with a laugh, “nothing like that. It was a little different really. Cute and sweet rock god, maybe. Or hard and sassy idol boy, something along those lines. Kind of a mixed concept.”

“Hmm, interesting. If anybody could pull it off it would be you, Zhou. I can’t wait to see it.”

A comfortable silence settled between the two men. The urgency each felt before they heard the other’s voice had quieted in them, and just knowing the other was listening to the silence with him was enough for each. A soft groan from JingYu finally broke the stillness.

“You okay, JingYu? What are you doing?”

“I’m just going to the fridge to get something to drink. It was too comfortable on the bed, I didn’t want to get up.”

WeiZhou wiggled into the comfort of his pillows, and then realized he was thirsty as well.

“That sounds good, actually. Your fridge is in the same room with you at least. I have to go into the kitchen.”

“Turn on the lights so you don’t run into anything.”

“Yes, yes. You’re as fussy as a mother hen,” WeiZhou teased, even has he held his phone near the light switch so JingYu could hear it click when he turned it on.

“No, I’m as fussy as a man who doesn’t want to hear his boyfriend crashing into walls or furniture when I’m not there to tend to his bruises...AAH, YES!”

WeiZhou froze, the refrigerator door half open, when JingYu exclaimed loudly.

“What the hell was that?”

“Oh, sorry I yelled in your ear. I had forgotten I had some leftovers in the refrigerator. I don’t have to worry about ordering room service now.”

WeiZhou grabbed a bottle of water and slowly made his way back to his bed as he listened to JingYu talk about the delicacy he had found in the refrigerator. Snuggling back down into his pillows, WeiZhou knew that it did not matter what JingYu talked about. Whether it was food or sand, demonic possession or UFO’s, as long as the words kept coming. Those words, any words, in JingYu’s voice were a cooling balm against the rash of anxiety that had covered WeiZhou only minutes before. If JingYu just kept talking, WeiZhou would be fine. He would get past this bout of melancholy and be able to keep his sanity for the coming weeks.

“Everybody went crazy for it,” JingYu was saying. “One of the sound crew made it his personal mission to get the recipe from the old lady. He went back every day for a week, but it finally paid off. Turns out, it’s so simple even I should be able to make it, no problem. I can’t wait to fix it for you when I get home. I know you’ll really like it, too.”

WeiZhou repeated, “when you get home,” his lips moving as his chest tightened slightly. The seconds of quiet between them made him wonder if JingYu had heard him, even though he had used no voice, no air, and his chest tightened even more.

“Zhou?” JingYu’s voice was suddenly soft, and much too gentle, in WeiZhou’s ear. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” WeiZhou chirped, forcing his voice through his throat. Damn it. He was just finally beginning to feel somewhat normal again.

“Zhou,” JingYu sighed, “talk to me.”

The imploring tone in JingYu’s voice nudged at WeiZhou’s conscience.

“Nothing’s wrong, JingYu. I’m listening. I like hearing about what you’ve been doing.”


The use of his full name made WeiZhou shudder. The only time JingYu called him WeiZhou was when he was in a super, incredibly serious mood. The last time had been when he explained about filming in Morocco.

“It’s barely 4 a.m. in Beijing, but you’re wide awake, even though your schedule has been packed the last couple of weeks and you’re exhausted. You send me a message, asking me to call, but you’re saying hardly anything.”

Damn it again. WeiZhou felt his control starting to slip. JingYu really did know him too well.

“What is it, Zhou? I can’t know if you don’t tell me.”

WeiZhou tightly pursed his lips over his teeth gnashing into the bottom one. He couldn’t say anything. He couldn’t. If he started now, he had no idea where it might end.

JingYu waited in the silence, his mind whirling with possibilities. He had originally thought there was something causing WeiZhou to have a sleepless night, but he had hoped he was just overreacting. Especially when their conversation had been so normal at first. The fact that WeiZhou now refused to utter a sound to him confirmed his initial thoughts, but WeiZhou was not the type to be reluctant to vent. Issues with work, fans, rumors, and attacks were easily expressed between them.

“Or is it,” JingYu began, thinking aloud, “is there something you want to say, but you think I’ll get upset if you say it, so you’re trying not to say anything at all?”

Unable to hold back anymore, WeiZhou responded with a simple and quick “Mmm.”

“Does it have to do with the second message you sent me?”

“Mmm,” WeiZhou grunted again. He mentally kicked himself for answering JingYu like this, but he didn’t trust his voice to try to deny it. He wished there was a way for him to quickly end this conversation, but he knew it was too late for that.

“I really want to be able to reach you right now. Though whether to hold you because you’re hurting, or to smack you a couple of times for being so stubborn, I’m not sure which.”

“Both,” WeiZhou finally found the courage to say. “I’d take either.”

JingYu half smiled, half grimaced. Normally an open book, WeiZhou could be difficult when he was emotionally conflicted. And he was more apt to take it out on himself than others. Taking a deep breath, JingYu pushed at his boyfriend one more time.

“ZhouZhou...I miss you, baobei.”

WeiZhou really did not like it when JingYu called him ‘baobei’. It was much too Gu Hai-ish, and brought up memories of a time when Xu WeiZhou and Huang JingYu were two confused, scared, and uncertain individuals. But this night, this long and draining night for WeiZhou, JingYu calling him baobei, in his warm and gentle voice, was the perfect key to unlock the floodgates of WeiZhou’s heart and mind.

“I miss you! I miss you so much I think I’m going crazy. I want you to come home. I really want you to just pack up and come home right now. But I can’t say that. I can’t be so pathetic as to tell you to walk away in the middle of filming. I can’t be that big of an *ss, or that much of a coward. But I still want to do it.”

As he had feared, once he started WeiZhou couldn’t stop. The words kept spilling on their own as his voice rose in pitch and volume.

“There’s times I hate you for being there. I hate that you left me to go so far away. Then I hate myself for thinking that because I love you so much. I love you so much that I would happily tell you to go to the moon if that’s what you wanted to do. And I’m so proud of you, JingYu. I really am. To see you getting the recognition for your talent, I’m so happy for you. But why in the hell did you have to go to Morocco to get it?! Why couldn’t it have been closer to home?!”

WeiZhou was so worked up that he banged his head on the wall without noticing. JingYu had heard a loud thump amid WeiZhou’s raging, but was unable to ask about it. Both of them gripped their phones tightly, their free hands balled into fists, mirroring each other from across continents.

“We hardly get to see each other as it is, but then for you to be so far away for three months! Three months!!! I can’t even come visit you like last time. I feel like I’m dying without you. I can’t even get myself off properly. I thought I could do it. I thought that since we can’t be with each other every day, or even every week, I thought that three months wouldn’t be a big deal. But it is. It really is, JingYu. But how am I supposed to tell you that? How can I tell you that I’m sad and lonely, that I miss you and want you to come home? How can I say anything like that without being an absolute jerk and making you feel guilty? Because I know you’d feel guilty about it, I know you would. But I also know that this wasn’t something you could pass up, or that I could ask you to pass up. But even if you think I’m the biggest selfish idiot on the face of the planet…”

WeiZhou paused. Short huffing breaths filled JingYu’s ear, his own breath stuck in his chest, waiting.

“I want you to come home.”

This last trickle of WeiZhou’s thoughts were whispered on fleeting breath. It was out. He had said it. Now WeiZhou waited for JingYu’s response, his stomach churning with guilt and indignation for his own selfishness.

“I want to come home.”

Ever the more emotional of the two, JingYu’s voice cracked. His vision had become blurred and he thumped his chest with his fist to dislodge the breath stuck between his lungs and his throat. He knew WeiZhou missed him, just as much as he missed WeiZhou. That was not a surprise in the least, and it actually made JingYu a bit excited to hear it from WeiZhou’s own lips. It was the self-loathing and deprecation that was more than JingYu could handle.

“I’ve wanted to come home since the day I got here. Being away from you, so far away from you, is torture. It’s not only the distance that kills me, Zhou, but the fact that our times are so off. Do you have any idea how excited I was when you messaged me? Even though I knew you should be sleeping, and I worried about that, I was more excited at the idea that we could talk. And not just for a few minutes. Just to hear your voice, and listen to you tell me about your day, and be able to tell you about my day. Just being able to share ourselves with each other, just like we do when you’re in Beijing and I’m in Shanghai. Even when we can’t see each other for days or weeks at a time, we can tell each other “goodnight” at the same time, and “good morning, work hard, have a good day today” at the same time. Hearing you tell me to sleep well when I’m telling you to have a good day just makes the distance even bigger.”

JingYu scrubbed a hand over his face. He wanted to be careful with what he said, but he didn’t want to hide anything either.

“If you’re pathetic for wanting to tell me to come home, then what am I? Every day I’ve thought about quitting and coming home. I’ve even packed my bags a few times. You know what stopped me? The thought of how disappointed you would be in me. After everything we’ve been through, Zhou, even just thinking about walking away from this film makes me a selfish jerk. No matter how hard it is, no matter how much I miss you…”

WeiZhou wasn’t sure when he had started shaking, but his phone was bouncing against his ear. He gripped it with both hands to steady himself, not wanting to miss a single word JingYu said.

“I’ll be damned if I knowingly and willingly give you a reason to be disappointed in me.”

JingYu’s statement hovered in the silence between them. A sudden snort, then gale of laughter from WeiZhou made JingYu widen his eyes in shock.

“What the…?”

“We’re both selfish pathetic jerks,” WeiZhou nearly shouted gleefully.

Realizing what WeiZhou meant, JingYu laughed as well.

“Yeah, we are. We totally deserve each other.” JingYu settled back into the nest of pillows, his body relaxing in the same manner as the conversation. “Ahh, Zhou. I could never hate you, you know. To be honest, I kind of like it when you get childish and clingy and all that.”

“I know you do. That’s why I try not to do it too often.” WeiZhou hoped JingYu could hear his smile in his voice. “JingYu? Tell me honestly. If I had asked you to turn down your role and stay home, what would you have said?”


“Really? No discussion, no questions? Just right away ‘okay’?”

“Yeah. Because I know the very next thing you would say would be that I had to take it, and if I didn’t you’d beat me. It’s the same reason why I didn’t ask you to tell me not to take the role. As hard as it is, we both have our goals, our own ways of making our lives, and us, work. The fact that at the end of it all, I know you’ll be there waiting for me, well, I can live with that.”

WeiZhou sighed. The faith and trust JingYu had in him was sometimes overwhelming, but it certainly felt good as well.

“Me too. I’ve realized, there’s a difference between being lonely and being alone. I used to think that I could only be lonely if there was no one around, but that’s not true. I feel lonely when I’m with a lot of people. And I get lonely when I’m by myself. But I never feel alone, because I know I have you. I know you’re lonely too, but you’re not alone, JingYu. You have me, so you’re not alone.”

“Lonely, but not alone...I like that. I love you, Zhou.”

“I love you, too.”

The quiet between them returned. A short time of nothing but the surety that they were in the same moment together. Everything was right in the world again, because they were together.

“Zhou? There is something you said earlier that’s still kind of bothering me, though.”

WeiZhou felt his stomach clench again, a shred of anxiety lingering over his outpouring of emotion.

“What was that about not being able to get yourself off?”

The gasp in JingYu’s ear made him chuckle. He knew WeiZhou’s mind was racing to try to remember what he had said in the heat of the moment.

“I...I never said that,” WeiZhou sputtered. Had he really mentioned that? He couldn’t be sure.

“Oh, you most certainly did,” JingYu was trying not to sound like he was teasing WeiZhou, but he didn’t want to sound as worried as he was. “Is everything okay? Do you need to see a doctor or something?”

WeiZhou groaned knowing there was no way out of this new direction of conversation.

“It’s not like that, JingYu. There’s nothing wrong exactly, it’s just kind of annoying, is all.”

“But, Zhou…”

“It’s not that I can’t, JingYu. I can, just fine as always. Everything’s working okay.”

“Then…?” JingYu was getting a bit frustrated with WeiZhou’s short answers. Answers that really didn’t tell him anything at all. “You can’t expect me not to worry when you say something like that.”

Resigning himself to the need to reassure JingYu over a minor slip of his tongue, WeiZhou drew upon every ounce of masculinity he possessed to ignore his own embarrassment of actually talking about the subject.

“It’s not that I can’t do it. It’s just that even when I do, it’s no good.  It’s like, ‘Oh, I came. Yay.’ It’s just, I don’t know, blah.”

“So...you get relief, but not satisfaction?”

WeiZhou thought about that for a moment. “That’s a good way to put it, I guess.”

“Are you thinking about me?”

WeiZhou didn’t know if he should laugh or cry. “No, I’m thinking about Pikachu. Of course I’m thinking about you, you dork!”

JingYu only ‘hmph’-ed at WeiZhou’s attempted joke. WeiZhou really was uncomfortable with this conversation, but only because he knew JingYu was fretting over him.

“It’s just mental, I think. You spoiled me too much. I’m used to you. How you kiss me, how you touch me, how you push me to my limits. It’s not the same doing it to myself. There’s nothing in this world that satisfies any part of me the way you do.”

JingYu knew WeiZhou was trying to placate him, but his chest still swelled with pride. That one simple statement made JingYu feel powerful, when a moment before he had been worried he wasn’t good enough for his boyfriend. It gave him an idea.

“I understand, Zhou. There’s times when I get the same way. When physically it’s all good, but there’s just something missing that you know would make it better.”

“Exactly! I don’t know if it’s because it’s been so long since we could be together, or what. I just know that something important is missing.”

“You know, we haven’t even...talked...about it...since I’ve been gone.”

WeiZhou shuddered. The sudden low and husky change in JingYu’s voice glided along his nerves effortlessly.

“JingYu...” WeiZhou groaned with uncertainty. He knew exactly what JingYu was aiming for.

“Maybe some ‘auditory stimulation’ might help you out, hmm? What you think, baobei?”

“JingYu…” WeiZhou moaned, already anticipating.

“So sexy...what ya’ wearing?”


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13 hours ago, jingyuzhou said:
  Reveal hidden contents



Timmy commented on his post after he posted the picture:

timmyxu 肉松青团~ (meat what? brooks meat? google translate lol) 

cos fans was curious what he ate i guess XD


Meat floss is basically meat jerky but flayed, so that it becomes very thin, light and 'floss like' lol. It's usually salty and slightly sweet(?) (might have different seasonings i guess) and tastes pretty good. It can be used as a topping or filling for other foods. I think cantonese style its more used in savoury foods. I've never had 青团 before but it looks kind of like a mochi like dessert, which chinese people also have. And red bean and sesame/black (?) paste fillings are used too. It's a little bit weird to me that he is eating the 'meat floss' type and not a sweet type but that's just me lol.


7 hours ago, bearology said:

There will be 2 projects:

  1. We will pick and combine photos/clips you send to us to make a video "Huang Whale and Zhou Meow travelling around the world with fans". The aim of this video is to include as many cities and countries as possible! Due date to send us your photo/clip: 30 May 2017.
  2. This is a long term project. Please follow us! We created:

Instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/huangwhaleandzhoumeow/

Facebook account: https://www.facebook.com/HuangWhaleZhouMeow/

Twitter account: https://twitter.com/Whale_n_Meow


Yay project. :) For the video clip should we have the artwork showing the whole time, part of the time, or does it not have to be shown in the clip? Maybe i should be less creepy and tell you guys that i'm actually ritsuka_kitty on ig lol.. Considering i have commented on @bearology's posts before already lol. :ph34r::lol:


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auntie auntie auntieeeee @sohocomo :(:(:(:( Less than a month to go ZZ ah!!!! Fighting!!!!! I wish you can visit JY in Morocco :( Timezones really suck! It pains my heart seeing you online so late sometimes too! Today I'm reading this chapter in bed but I am sure when its 18+++, it will be up when I'm using public transport again :lol:

@crystalclear18 Hahaha, it doesn't need to be showing the whole time, part of the time is good enough. Again if you don't have the artwork with you, even just 2 and 6 signs or anything that relates to YZ (writing "YZ" on your hand for example) should work too! We already have people sending us photos. So sweet!! and Please participate guys :tongue:

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Omo, My Octo friend just shared with me these 2 videos. Check out 永不放倒瑜洲大旗 Youtube account, this account uploaded the 2 BTS CDs Korean Version. I haven't watched it yet, but 5 hours worth of footage :blink:








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@bearology I think @psychology92's links are pretty similar in content to the disc 3 & 4 videos, except @psychology92's links contain mostly new bits with some old interspersed. Disc 3 & 4 videos probably mix more of the old footage. Although i think the good YZ candy moments have already been leaked. Are there any more discs of the BTS? 

I feel like i need to go watch the old BTS to balance me out YZ-wise lol. Need more candy.. Anyone know anything about the pic on ig where we see ZZ holding the dinosaur onesie in bed while JY is still sleeping? Lol that seems pretty meaningful considering the importance of the dinosaur onsie.

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From the new BTS: there's something so very, very precious when JY gets this look on his face. He looks so kind, loving and... mild. It looks like he's carefully studying ZZ's face. If JY was an anime character, he'd have hearts in his eyes. That little smile, it's so sweet. I love it so much.



@crystalclear18 - I think the bts in the Korean edition is 313 mins. So that's just over 5 hours. So all should be included in those two YT posts. 

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Huang Whale and Zhou Meow travelling the world

As promised, we will let YuZhou travel to one city/country a day

Day 1 (yesterday)



Day 2 (today)




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Congrats ZZ! Another award to you!


I was browsing some pictures of JY in google image and found this pic. Made me look at it intensely because it's clearly JY, but I can see ZZ here. 

Edit: because I thought I placed a picture  eb951417cf75f5ce9e70a1cb861c282a.jpg


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Hi guys, this is a continuation of my previous attempts at translating ZZ's CCTV15 Top Global Chinese Music episode. For the sake of ZZ's official TV appearance on a show i'm going to hopefully finish this eventually, even though better translators are probably going to be doing the translation later on (ryokise?? etc). It's like death for me every 10 mins of this show lol. When the thing they're all talking about is the thing you don't understand the translation is very full of holes lol.. Take it easy on me please!

Please let me know if there's anything wrong with my translation. If there is something i don't understand i'll mention i'm not sure with dashes/hyphens - -. The stuff in parenthesis () is me. The asterisks * are for actions.

Part 3:



Starting from 29:39

Host: Thank you, thank you LJL for bringing us the classic __song name__. As we were listening to him sing, BB was saying -'chunyui le, chunyui le'- (i'm really not sure what that is lol..)

BB: Yes there's this kind of.. Today after listening to his song and seeing his overall style, i had this feeling of -'chunyui'-, going back and listening to those kinds of songs. 

Host: Yes, his attire today -has a bit of a retro style(??)-.*Turns to ZZ

ZZ: Yes, his attire today -along with his song/singing, accommodates both modern and traditional styles very well.- I feel that it was especially good.

DY: There's a feeling of returning to childhood.

Host: Returning to your childhood? No way. 

DY: To everyone's childhood. (He's kind of implying that the clothes remind him of when he was a kid, kind of dated.)

Host: You're joking right, definitely not. Alright, the song after this is also a classic in the industry, -green light?- originally sung by __somebody__. I believe you guys also know how to sing this song. Let me tell you guys that you will hear a very sweet version of it today and back when this song first came out it was also very -popular/had a lot of votes?-. It previously received the most popular song award on the -8th global chinese music show-.Please welcome -Tian Han Li??- for bringing us -green light-.

*THL sings

Host: Thank you, thank you THL for bringing us a -green light- that carries a very sweet kind of feeling. While she was singing i was thinking that if it was BB who was singing -green light- it definitely wouldn't have such a sweet feeling.

BB: Right, if it was me singing -green light-, it might have become rock and called -laser-(?).

Host: A rock style -laser- version of -green light-?

BB: Yes.

Host: *Turns to ZZ. XWZ after listening to that song, what are your thoughts?

ZZ: After listening i feel like i am full of -passion(?).

Host: Ah..

ZZ: Full of energy(?),- I want get up and dance.  

Host: You want to get up and dance? I guarantee after you listen to the next song you might want to dance even more.

ZZ: Oh really?

Host: -Something about how the song was chosen- The song is called __something__. It is one song but you can also say its many songs, because inside this song you will hear lyrics from a lot of other songs. In the next part we will test the hearing of everyone (ZZ and guests) here, after listening to this song you guys have to tell me how many songs you identified the lyrics of, the names of the songs  and also sing the songs. How's that sound?

BB: Wah..

Host: We welcome everyone (audience) to participate in our activity, you can leave us a message at __something__, if you guess correctly there will be prizes waiting for you. Ok, next let us welcome -Shi Zi Ming- for bringing us __something__.

*SZM sings

Host: Thank you, thank you SZM. Just now SZM brought us __something__, now here's our question, for this song how many songs did it include lyrics from in total?

BB: Wah..

DY: I actually did count just now, I counted 21 songs. 

Host: 21 songs? BB?

BB: Then i will say something different from him, 20 songs.

Host: You are just randomly guessing?

BB: Yes.

DY: -something can't hear-

Host: XWZ? *Turns to ZZ

ZZ: I counted many, many songs.

Host: Many, many songs? It was just many, many songs?

ZZ: Many, many songs.

BB: -something can't hear-

Host: *Calls girl sitting next to ZZ, can't hear her name properly -Yiu Je???-

YJ: 20 songs, about 20 songs. -If you count there being 40 lines of lyrics(?)-. He changes songs every 2 lines.

Host: Is that how you are calculating it? 

YJ: Yeah that's how i'm calculating it. -7 minutes, that's about how many lines there are.-

BB: That's smart.

ZZ: You are much smarter than me.

Host: And now for the second question. Since you guys are able to count the number of different songs he sang, can you guys sing a couple of lines from the ones he sang?

BB: Eh, let me go first for this one ok?

DY: You go first.

Host: *Something can't hear

BB: Right, right, i'm going to take the ones i can sing first.

Host: Ok, you first.

BB: There's -something- Jay Chou's (*sings*) "give me two more minutes". There's also __something__, but i forgot how to sing it.

Host: *Prompts -something-

BB: *Sings -something- *Turns to DY. Alright, come on.

Host: I know you -can- only sing half a line. Right? DY?

BB: This song is quite -something-.

DY: I'm not only going to sing, i'm going to imitate the original singer's voice. How about it?

BB & host: Yes, do it.

DY: *Sings *everyone ooh and aww lol

Host: Very similar!

DY: *Sings

BB: Goodness..

(ZZ going whooo in the background? lol)

BB: Impressive, impressive, impressive.

ZZ: Impressive.

DY: In the song there is this line.

BB: No, DY-teacher (laoshi), is there really such a song? Or are you just thinking it..

YJ: Yeah, i didn't hear it.

Host: Very -confusing-.

ZZ: This, are we counting songs or are we competing?

Host: Right, are you feeling very nervous?

ZZ: I feel so much pressure. Just now i heard 'onion'. *Sings onion :)

BB: Aiyowei (LOL)

ZZ: *Makes a heart with hands. For you guys.

DY: Impressive.

Host:-Something about how he knows how to sweet talk ppl? LOL-

YJ: I heard -red bean-. *Sings. It's this line.

BB: Very beautiful.

Host: Very beautiful

DY: Sounds very good.

Host: Has it occurred to you guys that it's already really hard to guess the number of songs in this song, what about if you actually had to sing the song, with so many songs lyrics from different songs one after the other, wouldn't you get mixed up? What about if it was you guys?

BB: I would definitely already be lost.

Host: You wouldn't be able to continue with the next line right?

BB: Right, i would definitely -keep singing the song from the lyrics in the first part-.

DY: That's right, that's right, -something- compared to this -other song- this song is even more difficult.

BB: Right, -it's hard to change the flavour/style of the song-.

DY: There's some parts where its one line and other parts where it's two lines together. 

Host: Right.

DY: So it's very hard.

Host: Yes, just listening -i would think it's this song and then in the next part it's already changed to another song-.*Turns to ZZ. And -this person, this person (she forgot his name lol)-

ZZ: This person, this person (teasing her).

Host: This person, this person. *laugh

ZZ: -Don't worry, i'll wait for you.(? joke part 2 lol)- The difficulty of this song is especially high. -Something about if he were composing this(?) song, he wouldn't be able to keep the lyrics straight.-

Host: Ah, it really can be like that.

YJ: -Something about knowing SZM-. I am his (SZM's) elder sister/senpai/upper classman, he is my younger brother/under classman. (I don't think there is a direct translation. Basically both the guy who just performed and YJ are taught by the same singing teacher, it's kind of like they are both under an apprenticeship to the teacher. The two students can be referred to as siblings within the same school (teacher). She is the 'elder/older' sibling probably because she learned from the teacher earlier. It is not related to age, but related to when you have entered the tutelage of someone. The interesting thing is this system goes back to ancient times and can be applied to other types of learning including martial arts). So i feel that his performance today definitely has not reflected poorly on our musical standards. -Something- was especially good.

ZZ: *Says something and gives thumbs up

YJ: Because it is really very hard to sing. -Comparing this song with other types- It is not easy to sing, -something- it's especially hard for one person to sing the whole thing.

Host: You see, including XWZ (she remembered this time LOL) and BB, we all think that this song is especially hard to sing. What do our three judges/critics think? 

Judge 2: Just now there was a feeling of 'chunyui' and a feeling of first love. A lot of songs sung together. I especially like how its almost like a game to compose this song because originally music brings us happiness. Finding happiness within music is especially important. The advantage of this type of song is there is definitely a line (of the lyrics?) that you would like. You can advertise/make a commercial out of it that no matter what there will be a song for you. SZM is a singer who.. -is a strong singer?- I have heard him sing -other songs-, many songs of different styles. This song itself already presents quite a few challenges, this shows that he -has a strong singing ability.- It's very good. Now for the first two songs, i feel that because they are a bit too classic if you want to -sing them especially well?- it is quite hard. -(It gets more technical now, but i think the gist of it is it's easier to detect flaws in singing when the song is so well known and classic?)- I hope that in the future, when he's singing these classic songs and if for some reason it's not sung optimally that he can try to make it his own song by singing in his own style. That would be the best.

Host: Thank you, thank you for our judge/critic's comments. Actually, SZM is being live streamed right now on our cellphone live stream if anyone has any questions you can ask SZM. Of course SZM will reveal the answer to us, telling us how many different songs were included in his song.

BB: Yes.

Host: Everyone please hurry to participate in our activity because wonderful prizes are awaiting you. Ok after this we will have a commercial break, after the break our show will have even more exciting events and we will announce our next -voting/billboard results(?).-

Finally got to the part where ZZ sings onion! :)

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雨甜Wang weibo update. The caption "The last training"

So JY will be back soon????? OPENING CHAMPAGNE FOR MEOWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!

But thats not the most important thing right now! LOOK AT JY HAND SIGNSSSSSS

Is this normal to pose like this people?????




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2 hours ago, bearology said:

雨甜Wang weibo update. The caption "The last training"

So JY will be back soon????? OPENING CHAMPAGNE FOR MEOWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!

But thats not the most important thing right now! LOOK AT JY HAND SIGNSSSSSS

Is this normal to pose like this people?????



Waaaaaaaaaahhhhh.. Caaaaannnndyy! :cookie::heart::cookie::heart: Thanks to JY! lol


19 hours ago, charlie10 said:


@crystalclear18 - I think the bts in the Korean edition is 313 mins. So that's just over 5 hours. So all should be included in those two YT posts. 


Maybe i need to watch those ones too then.. X_____X 

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JY you sneaky thing! I didn't even realise what he was doing at first, it's so discreet. Is there any other way to interpret those signs together than as related to YZ? One or the other would have been normal, but together...? And since he's doing it almot secretly, it's like he doesn't want the people in the room to notice, but is only for those seeing the photo. Yay for JY, he is indeed the captain of this ship!

I've watched more of those five hours worth of BTS and it inspired some gifs. Particularly the more 'racy' scenes are quite inspirational. Heh. So, behind the spoiler cuts, slightly racy gifs...

I can from this scene conclude that JY really loves to have his hands on ZZ, regardless if they're filming or not. I can also conclude that even when they're visibly embarrassed by the situation, they're also having fun and are into it a 100 %. 

JY is ever so casually stroking ZZ's side, while ZZ is a little bothered by how his bathrobe is in disarray. I just love how JY is pretending (I think he is, at least) to be unaware of what he's doing, he just happens to have his hand there.



And then he keeps his hand on ZZ's stomach (feeling his six pack?) for the longest time. Completely normal. They're not filming...



I get the feeling JY has a thing for ZZ's stomach and chest... His hand is strong and sure and without hesitation on ZZ's chest.



I'd swear JY is looking at ZZ's nipple here and so is deliberately stroking it. JY, you cad!



Their entagled legs... Need I say more? JY's smooth ones together with ZZ's hairy ones (JY loves that leg hair. Had to say it bearo). I love that mix of embarrassement and joy on their faces. 



Lastly, this proves to me that they had fun with this. That they could laugh at the absurd situation, that they're willing to do what it takes. That they love doing this together. And that they're quite naughty boys! So here's a  naughty gif. :tongue:




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